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  1. Ain't you goin' with the guys meteorite huntin'? Stan, Dave, ......

    Your friend!

  2. What's up? Happy Easter brother!

  3. Hey Dad, Hope that Hangtown's luck is still with him. Let us know how he does. Doug
  4. Hangtown, You found a great Pendant, and stole a 2100. Life is good. If I were you , I would get back out as soon as I could. Way to go. Doug
  5. Allen, too bad that you didn't get in on that one. May be next time it will be you. Doug
  6. Dale, You have every prospector's dream. Gold in your own back yard. Take your time and enjoy what you have. Silver Dog
  7. John, I sure wish that I could. Its fun trying. May be you will find them. . Doug
  8. In Greaterville by 5 am and out by 1 pm. Started out with 53 degrees and 83 when I left. Happy hunting everyone. Doug
  9. Bob, I don't know what the problem is with you and Steve, and I don't care. I only know that you are both my friend, and that you and Steve have been very good to me. In answer to your question. I would love to hunt with you again. I had a blast even though the rain got in the way. Hope that your finding loads of Gold and Meteorites. Happy hunting. Doug
  10. It was a beautiful day in Greaterville, 75 for a high. I could have sit under the oak tree all day, but you don't find very many nuggets doing that. I did find one 3.1 dwter, and that made it a great day. Just thought tha I would share. Happy hunting. Silver Dog
  11. When I was in Greaterville the other day, I spotted a 6 ft. Gohper about 3ft. from me. It made me feel safe, and I didn't expect to see any Rattlesnakes near by.. Doug
  12. I will be going to Greaterville next week, I might have more news for you. :*&$*(: Doug
  13. Grubstake, I used Cut nails in construction until 6 yrs. ago, when I retired. I still have a mason jar full of them, in case you can't find any. What a stupid F-R this guy must be. May be he is just taking to much Viagra. :hahaha: :hahaha: Doug
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