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  1. an excellent package, an excellent price and the older tech will still find the goodies! fred
  2. True, ask any of my children... in my defense cigars of any kind turn me green....of 7 kids, two parents and lots of guests...I never smoked. love beer- and tequila and really love tacos! I am sorry but I am what.... and if I kicked up my heals...you would be picking me up! anyway, my first Oz of gold had more than 500 bits and the biggest was over half Oz... I think we would both be in the race. xoxo fred
  3. You mean well, Bob! I don’t usually enter, contests, give aways, or free meals for listening. so, for those reasons I am out.... anyway, trusting is a good thing....why not a picture on a grain scale... save the postage and the drama fred
  4. I expect it came from the illegal transport of silver way back when Spain owned all the silver... could have a been a butt load of gold or diamonds, or emeralds...but never a set amount because some butts will carry much more than others... words, they can really make you think weird thoughts... fred
  5. No worries and no disagreement, Bob...the trouble with being a little/lot bored is I have to stir the pot-even when I am - nope-I can't use that nasty word... I just gave my old balance beam powder scale to the SA...I doubt they will have a clue what it is for... they are very accurate scales and I found Gold Bug 2 bits that would not weigh even a 1/10 grain... I could not see a speck that small now...only the big ones for me! fred
  6. digital scales are pretty accurate and will even weigh in carets and points which are even "smaller" than grains which of course are smaller than grams which are smaller than troy Oz...and so on more or less for you picky engineers.... I have two d-scales one for the small stuff and one for the multi-oz stuff that I have never found. It is good for meteorite weights.... fred
  7. Bob beyond doubt, your bestest and truest post Ever! thank you fred
  8. Excellent audio and visual on the Video, Bill. You show the reality of nuggets hunting with the trash versus nuggies….you did not show the many hotrocks you had to kick out of the way...that would have made for a long show...I bet! thanks fred
  9. it is your fault, Bob...you just had to ask about him! love stones fred
  10. You drove through or are in Gold Country...many areas around the Q.... fred
  11. I will take two, PLease! beautiful gold fred
  12. and some gopher snakes are as grumpy as some these Prospectors and will strike and bite... BTW if any reptile bites you, disinfect right away...they have all kinds of bad bugs to convey. fred
  13. See Bob, I knew you could not repent...Be careful! fred
  14. Bob...are you sure you can repent and sin no more...It ain't as easy as it sounds.. .just teasing and meandering the topic along!
  15. Tom you can’t herd cats and you can’t keep some from wandering... Cooper, overcoming your fear of snakes is possible...start slow, read some books, go to zoo and watch...then find someone with a Rosy Boa and have them hold it while you touch the skin. After a while you can hold it yourself. I cured my mother of her fear...you can do it. fred
  16. It is just numbers on paper. Until you sell!
  17. here I thought trump was just a word for doing well in cards....BTW, jibber jabber is not what I do....it is not my fault you read a bad thing into a simple sentence... w/d does make himself an easy target. I am not a jibber or a jabber... fred
  18. don't be depending on a rattle for a warning... fred
  19. Tolerance and civility, guys...he hasn’t harmed anyone. you don’t have to trump him fred
  20. Nice gold, Chris! wish I had the ….. to come help... fred
  21. That is what friends are for....party time at your house fred
  22. It is always nice when the tip becomes a iceberg...very nice fred
  23. There are occurrences of fossil meteorites...that would be a very rare and totally cool find, Dude! I am sure there is a better term than "fossil" but this was easy.... fred
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