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  1. Hay fred,... are you from Chino Valley, or did you just liver there for a while???   Gary

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    2. LowPoint


      I was curious, ..while you where living around this area then ( I live in Prescott Valley), did you ever have much luck finding any good gold spots in the northern Bradshaw's, around Lynx lake, or down around the Bumble Bee / Cleator areas???  I hunt mainly those areas, but most of my spots have either dried up lately and/ or there is so much new development now that the spots are now on private property.   So, I thought I'd see if you had any old spots you might want to share, considering that you may not ever be coming back over this way.  If not, no big deal,..just thought I'd ask.  Gary 

    3. fredmason


      I would share, but, I never found any gold when I lived there. I think I had a curse on me...

      My first nugget came after I moved and was found near Yuma.



    4. LowPoint


      Wow, maybe you did have a curse clinging to ya????  I will admit that it took me well over a year of hard, and vigorous detecting down in southern Arizona (without success) to finally find my first nugget after I moved up here.  And it was mainly due to the help from a very successful nugget finder from this area by the name of Bob Danize (spelling???) who's forum name was: "montana".  He used to co-detect with Chris Gholson.  Gary

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