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  1. Hi Ron, was my son able to help you?


    1. Uncle Ron

      Uncle Ron

      Fred, I haven't had a chance to call him yet...We've been wrestling with a downed AC unit in 112 degree+ heat...I will however ... I think we may have our AC problem under control this morning ... Thank  you again for your donation to this little girl's future treatment ... I did do more research on Shriners and CarterQuinn's problems are exactly what that organization specializes in-- problems with limbs ... They will even provide transportation to the nearest hospital in Los Angeles and help cover many of the expenses, though not all.... Thank you for putting me on track with them, I never even thought about Shriners even though their ads run constantly on Fox News!   Cheers, Ron

    2. fredmason


      Ron, just another thought if you are not aware. Mc Donalds charity provides lodging for family and children at their Ronald Mcdonald Houses...

      When one of my grandchildren stupidly set himself on fire they gave lodgings to his parents and me while he was in the hospital...


    3. Uncle Ron

      Uncle Ron

      That's good info, Fred... We've shared contact info with CarterQuinn's mom on the Shriners and she said she'll follow through on it ... I'll share this new info with her too! ... Thanks... We had CQ and her mom at the house yesterday and it is so heartbreaking to see her little left arm just hanging like meat off her shoulder ... Thanks, Fred... Ron


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