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  1. Sorry, that should be Wet Sand And give it a go
  2. Craig the gm probably will not work in the sand....however, the dry sand is a different matter. Just go a give it a go! fred
  3. Excellent kind of like sniping without the water fred
  4. I like the medium size Hermit Pick....light, strong and does the job! However your just as well ask what is the best ice cream flavor or which truck is best. fred
  5. Have a great time, Bill and Co. wish I could play but I can not.... I hope the big ones rise up and shine on you fred
  6. Tom, that was before they started using glossy paper...😇😇
  7. You better hook up a hair dryer, too! fred
  8. Bill I sent you a private message....in case you haven’t seen it. fred
  9. Try a different coil...you may have a short at the. Connector.....or in the control box. I don’t remember if you have a faceplate....nothing to lose by looking fred
  10. Happy birthday, man of many talents! fred
  11. Totally cool, an excellent looking meteorite! very nice iron too fred
  12. a Cupal would not be made of metal.... however, my Dad gold plated a coffee can trying to burn off the mercury...very pretty! fred
  13. If you search for Buck Mountain Dense Collection Area there are several sites to read. You may also search for Yucca DCA.... have fun
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