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  1. fredmason

    IMCA recommendation

    Have you contacted Johno...I believe he is a member....he once was active here but...? I think it is absurd to require more than one...snoty ?)(*&. fred
  2. fredmason

    Gold detector!

    3 to 12 feet more or less....they better be huge nuggets!!! I don't think what you need exists... fred
  3. fredmason

    Magnetic Speci

    Very nice, Bill; it pays to check your magnet, sometimes! fred
  4. I believe Rocks from Space discusses this issue...some meteorites never rust and some will always rust... fred
  5. fredmason

    Boom booms

    Jack, aside from a friendly talk, I doubt there is much to be done. Assuming the shooting was in a legal place... If they don't know you are there and are not wise shooters you could have problems. I rarely go nugget hunting during deer season because of the" idgits" that have little or no sense. be careful fred
  6. fredmason

    Making arrows

    And Handy too! fred
  7. Nice gold Mike....just hook up your detector, turn it on and let it fully drain the battery....then hook the battery to charge on 110v...it may come back. Happy New Year fred
  8. fredmason

    Last nuggets from 2018

    That gold certainly improves the appearance of Mr Washington....wtg! fred
  9. fredmason

    First GM1000 Nugget -- A Nice One

    Beginners luck, almost...very nice! fred
  10. fredmason

    Saved from extinction

    that tin appears to be a pill container...I can't read the printing... fred
  11. Thanks, Doc; Once I am satisfied with the set-up I will shorten the Velcro...function before beauty, ya'know! fred
  12. fredmason

    carbonaceous chondrite?

    I am surprised they are not at least a little bit attracted to a magnet....however, I have never found a cc....just gold basin, Franconia and sbw… and one in Oz... I think you are correct-take it to an expert! Good Luck fred
  13. Yes, Doc has very neatly wrapped his and may have modified the length of the Velcro... I will attach my Pic's that show the Velcro better-but, not as neat...
  14. fredmason

    carbonaceous chondrite?

    Gee, Jack; it is a good thing you know what to look for, I would think those were magnetite.... I don't see any flow lines, but, I may see a secondary fusion... fred
  15. Yes, Rick,Doc's brilliant design will work on any detector and any size person...his best yet! fred