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  1. I don't know, it looks like slag to me...……………… just kidding, patience and perseverance! fred
  2. fredmason

    Prospectors Soap

    Well, my Mother's cure for smoking may have something to do with my extreme dislike of tobacco. Back when I was about 6 and my brother was 8 we were caught with cigarettes...my Mom took us in the house and gave us a cigarette to punish us...that was nothing. So, she gave us a pinch of Copenhagen and the cig...she let us spit once-I was no fool I spit that crap out... She gave me a bigger pinch and the cig and made me swallow the pinch.... Then she got worried , as I was turning some odd color...stuck my finger down my throat to make me puke... I never wanted to smoke again!!! It did not work for my brother... fred
  3. fredmason

    Prospectors Soap

    Humans are funny, strange things...you love cigars and tobacco... I will almost puke if I smell most cigars! nasty, disgusting stuff.... enjoy fred
  4. fredmason


    Yes, Rick...someone told me other people have to spend a lot of money to get drunk enough to walk like me...there is always a sunny side! fred
  5. fredmason

    Prospectors Soap

    Yes, tender little goats are very tasty, so is the ice cream.... fred
  6. fredmason


    I found many nice nuggets raking tailing piles...before I got too lazy for the work...good luck fred
  7. a small bit of San Bernardino wash...I found this after I sold about 1200 grams...I was happy to have this for a rememberance...
  8. fredmason


    good luck, Rick; remember it is the hunter not the gun... fred
  9. fredmason

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Since you mentioned being out of shape: I, as some know, have been not-so-well, Jeff B and I went to Yuma on Wednesday...I was playing with my 800 and 6 inch coil. I learned a few things... 1. I cannot get down and back up very well. 2. I passed on lots of signals because of #1 3. I would rather suffer with the GPZ than mess around with a six inch coil. 4. I have a long way to go...never give up! fred
  10. fredmason

    Possible Meteorite?

    probably not! fred
  11. Rocky, could you please use a little more punctuation ...just a little would allow me to more fully cherish your statements.... Anyway, if you are lucky enough to have an expert that will classify your stone, wonderful! Of course, many people are "often wrong, but never in doubt" about their "meteorites." with respect and definitely not trying to pick a fight fred
  12. fredmason

    Lunar Meteorite Up For Bid.

    No Cheese...why bother?
  13. fredmason


    Now, Bob; it ain't always easy to know where sarcasm starts and meaningful inquiry begins-or maybe the other way around... anyway.... once I was in the Dale District with Bob Verish. I was looking toward the south or west when a fireball travelled from left to right for a few seconds. VERY FAST! My guess is it is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean....I don't recall the date and never seen any reports that I recall. The most interesting thing was that it was moving pretty much parallel with the horizon... fred
  14. fredmason

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Nice gold, Martin...which part of the world were you in...generally-of course! fred
  15. Yes, I was pretty sure when I found it, took it back to camp and filed a window and was certain....never could find the other piece....thanks. fred