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  1. Not my brother, but he could have been...even your drawing resembles him. He camped in a purple van on the Quincy/la Porte rd. oddly his first name was Clair. Everyone not related called him Mace...short for our last name. A brilliant mind and a wasted life...I hope your friend fared better. fred
  2. Mitchel if you would do your share of watching the little guy grow....she could find lots of goodies! Happpy New Year just teasing. , fred
  3. Now I know why you dance around the fire at night!,,,
  4. Frank the noise you hear from tinnitus isn't real like the wind or talking...it is an artifact of your mind and body...aspirin makes my ears ring so I take the minimal dose....probably way worse for many people.... try a lower tone to determine if you can ignore the delusion and hear the reality... fred
  5. Bill and BOD are reorganizing....Patience.... at one time wspa had claims near Rye Patch, Gold Lake in N California, the Dales near 29 Palms and down near Greaterville...and John B property in Gold Basin. thats all I I know fred
  6. Sonny remember there is a full range of tone adjustment on most detectors....run through the whole range for the most hear-able for you. fred
  7. It’s a wonderful surprise when that lead turns to Gold! very nice fred
  8. That was a long dry-spell.... but you kept at it and success followed. get some more fred
  9. True and life can get pretty darn poopy to...but never give up!!! fred
  10. NOPE, they are too young, too strong and beyond determined!!!!! even if they don't find gold they have tomorrow! fred
  11. Doc, I think that immunity thing is a myth....I find no mention in the info I read...they do eat other snakes and rattlers are just another snake to them... Sadly, many are mistaken for rattlesnakes and are killed... freshly shed they are quite beautiful! fred
  12. you can wear all the protectors you want, BUT, do not step over rocks or logs or clumps of grass, etc...never reach up on a ledge when climbing and be aware that snakes can and will get up in bushes or low limbs..... you are way to big to eat so don't kill them just go around! fred
  13. way to go, Holly! Yes, it is a water cooled sunbaker... fre
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