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  1. Mike my version of Chili Verde May not satisfy the purists.... a small batch: three pounds bbq pork ribs- boneless one large can of chopped green chili several garlic cloves one or two tablespoons of ground Red Pepper Two chopped serrano peppers and 3 to 5 whole, how hot do you want it? chop the meat, dump the rest in, cover with a beer and water, bring to a boil, simmer to your hearts delight! I like to thicken with cornstarch . I won,t be there...have fun! fred salt to taste
  2. If they sell to dealers the price has to be less to cover overhead and profit. silver and gold are worth bullion value...unless they are collector value. A private buyer might pay more...becareful!!! fred
  3. What happened to the other one? Did you talk to Ray?
  4. I would choose Reno Nevada. You can get to many great areas... but, I am married to a fine women that loves San Diego... Nevada or parts of Az would be better than here for me...
  5. Budgie take a look at the top of this forum to get an idea about wrongs and rites... generally you will get opinions whether you have a possible meteorite or not...telling you what it is , is usually not what happens...there is mineral forum that might help... it almost looks like well worn fossil to me...probably not! fred
  6. The rye patch area is high desert with stubby sage, fairly easy walking. I like that. Gold basin is similar without the sage, I like that, too. I love the Sierras but the altitude is too high for me now. i don’t care for cactus covered gold fields. You didn’t ask but... Western Australia is my favorite place. fred
  7. Apparently some meteorites rust much more than others...assuming you can get the water out, wax may work... there are articles regarding rust...maybe the Meteorite Magazine, Rocks from Space or The Encyclopedia of Meteorite. the last two by O. Richard Norton fred
  8. Will, there are many better things to do with your life than babbling on with this pretend science! At 30 years old you should be doing something productive, not sitting at home waiting for Mommy to feed you. autism or not go do something with your Life! I am done, again fred
  9. Thanks if Ray is still there I don’t think he would want a third just to look at it. if you want it classified with a name and all that tech stuff...you may need to give the coordinates... Billpeters May then become a good resource ...it should be some type of Ordinary Chrondrite....a very common type. Meteorite are not always worth a fortune. Having a classification will give it more value. I was at the WA/ NT side of Oz. please ask Ray to see it if you go there. fred
  10. Morlock; the one I found in Oz was all alone, trust me I looked for more.... It may be that no one has really searched for more, or, someone else already picked up the easy ones... If that is not a meteorite I will certainly be amazed... I have posted this before...but, this is my Oz stone fred
  11. just how many people are you...another post with a different name... I am done fred
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