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  1. Drillerdave

    Stupid is As Stupid Does

    Great story Martin.
  2. Drillerdave

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    Happy Birthday Skip.
  3. Thank you to the men and women that help protect our Borders. Be safe.
  4. Drillerdave

    I Found Gold with My 800!

    Great job Mitchel..... Dave
  5. Drillerdave

    Landed a BIG one !!

    Great looking nugget and great story Luke, congratulations. Dave
  6. Drillerdave

    My Daughter Graduating College

    Congratulations to you and your daughter Skip. A great accomplishment. Dave
  7. Drillerdave

    DOME-TOP Battery Question???

    Hi Gary, I have a top that you can have. Just PM me your address and I will get it in the mail to you. Dave
  8. Drillerdave

    First Nugget!

    Congratulations on your first nugget. It's a big milestone. As mentioned above, persistence always pas off. Dave
  9. Drillerdave

    Lu Got Two!

    Congratulations Lu. You two make a great combination. Dave
  10. Drillerdave

    I Found a Nugget in Downieville

    Way to go Mitchell. Your dedication and perseverance pays off again. See ya around somewhere. Dave
  11. I'll go with #56. Thanks for the contest Doc. Dave
  12. Drillerdave

    It's Bill Southern's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Bill- thanks for all these years of your great forum.
  13. Drillerdave

    Wishing Joe Merrill Happy Birthday Sir!

    Happy Birthday Joe. Dave
  14. Drillerdave

    Q Skunk Broken!

    Way to go Mitchell. Next trip will be Lu's first Q gold. Perseverance pays off again. Dave