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  1. El Dorado, Absolutely AWESOME. You say you are still on cloud nine, I can believe that. I bet your knees are still weak and you are jumping like a supper expresso. Man, what a find. Good on you Rick, you sure know how to treat a guy on his birthday. (PS, the poison oak thing works great, thanks.) Keep on posting guys, they all look great. Micheal
  2. Hope your 60th. is working out good for you. Micheal
  3. I will have to go with the 2- 1ozer's. I am still trying to get into the 1 oz club and become a gold slut! Micheal
  4. A LADY Educates U.S. Senators On The 2nd Amendment Even if you usually don't watch video clips, be sure to PLAY this one! Watch their faces as she speaks. She understands the 2nd Amendment in a way that they never will. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4...p;p%20r=goog-sl
  5. Have not done any tests yet. One of my partners found it yesterday. He is still un-responsive. If not for his wife, I would not have a picture. Micheal
  6. That's AWESOME Garimpo. Get well soon Grubstake, maybe this pic will brighten you up a bit. Micheal
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