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  1. Yes beware the klumps. I have had run ins with them most my life. They are tuff and NUTTS. They will shoot and have shot. Even the Law would rather they just stay on there land and others stay off. If you park in site of them you will not be able to drive out in your truck. It will not be drivable.
  2. The fed Will play it in there favor every time because they can. A dog licks him self because he can. That does not mean it should. I have guys i know that have been busted by the feds. The funny thing is it always seems to be a mixture of the same areas. The four corners and the bigest of the area seems to be the Navajo nation. I have delt with the Navajo all my life as well. we even raised a couple with our family. I have an uncle that is was raised by my grandmother and grandfather that is Navajo. I have been taken to some of there most prized mule deer country to hunt and am recognized by
  3. Randy worked for Kevin Hogland in the Black Horse Mining shop. He was a good guy and helped me out many times.
  4. OK Ron are you trying to bate me into a snake fight. I will come take care of them for you. You are setting on another kind of gold mine. You need to locate a jewler that makes jewlery out of snake ribs and bones. Kill the snakes and then dig up next to an ant hill and bury the snakes come back in a week or so and dig up your fortune in snake bones. We used to build a small fire in the hole and smoke them out. Border collies can dig some great caves. We used them to work cattle growing up and they all lived down in the tunnels. It made it hard to fight ticks and fleas.
  5. Heck even if you had been having o rough time at it then it is still no one elses matter to talk about. I lost my Bathroom renovation company in this whole mess. The worst part is nothing is moving so i can not even sale my equipment to pull my Butt out. So i understand hard times and i would hate to be the butt end of a bad rumor on top of it. This is when we all need to stay together and suport each other through the hard times.
  6. Glad to see you can help her out Bill. I always think of this saying when family troubls come up. This does not quit fit your situation but sure is funny. ( family members are like butt cheeks crap always comes between them but they always seem to come back together in the end). :innocent0009:
  7. How deep was it. I am thinking about getting that same detector for my VLF.
  8. I have been stung twice by the small painfull scorpians they can sting for sure. I did get sick with the first sting It was on my shoulder. Not a good place by the way. The other was on the foot it was not as bad other than the sting.
  9. We saw six of them this last saturday. Some were to cold to move much but one was pissed off.
  10. I was in the yard when she rolled the UTV. She was not going very fast on flat ground in the back yard. she made a turn and the wheels grabed the ground bad somehow. But once the weight had distributed the way it did it rolled hard. Snaping her arm and breaking it so bad they thought they would have to amputate it. It will never be the same. She is a mother of seven children and not a crazy maniac on a toy. I will agree that there are those that deserve what they get and those that get what they do not deserve. They did not sue Yamaha and will not sue them either. Infact she even says that yo
  11. My sister in law almost lost an Arm to a roll over on theres. Many people are getting hurt very bad on them. The roll over is very hard on them because of the weigh distribution the way it is on them.
  12. I have my Cats down to a three day circle. I can drive a wash and wipe out all tracks with my ATV tires and come back every day and not see the tracks. then on that third day i am driving back over the tracks again. They are one of my favorite animals in the world. I am working on a project right now to get a Black cat on trail camera. I have seen him once in the area and my mother in law almost hit it on the highway a few weeks ago with a bus she drives to a mine here in Arizona. I have seen three Black cats here in Arizona in my 35 years of life. I have also seen male cats kill each other in
  13. I know the DPS officer holding the cat in the photos. He said you should see the scars on this cats head from fighting. So that tells me there is another big one closeby to fight that beast. Maybe the one that used to visit your camp Bob..
  14. You are right John. For years it has been against the law for bow hunters to cary a firearm while hunting with a bow. Not any longer. you can cary a side arm with a barel under 6 inches and open sites (no scopes). They said they can no longer be sure you are safe and do not have the ability to protect us any longer in the southern hunting units. Then with all the drug crops they are finding in the mountains of our northern AZ parts they can not be sure you will not end up in a shootout with care takers over the crops.
  15. I just got my wife a pentax k10d She does weding photos and family photos for people. She loves this camera. They are haveing a great deal on them at ritts camera. this is a close up of a yucca pod i took.
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