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  1. Nice Bill, I'd take rough ones any day. Didn't take long for you to get back in the groove. John
  2. That's great Fred I knew more would come after that one I saw you find. I only found one more after that and it was in Franks small wash, sorry Frank I'm sure you hit that wash hard, it just seems there's always another one out there. John
  3. Well I think everyone agrees that this was a great outing, thanks to Bunk and Frank and the others that made it success. Also thanks to Fred for the chili verdi and the others that contributed food on Friday, great meal. I also heard the coin shoot was a lot of fun and there were many prizes, I choose to hunt gold instead. The gold gods were with me this outing finding 14 nuggets with a total weight of 3/4 of an ounce, the largest weighing .35 oz. Also found 5 small meteorites while detecting for gold. John
  4. Frank, Buy a small house your wife is happy with and use the rest of the money for a toy hauler with heating, air condition, and a good generator then a good atv, then you can spend your spare time in the mtns and desert detecting. Good luck on your move, hope to see you out there sometime. John
  5. I'm in Buenos Aires, Argentina right now but I'll be there. Count me as one. John
  6. Fred, If I get there the chili sounds great, I had some of your chili and rice at the AZO outing last year, didn't thing I would get any this year. Looking forward to it. John
  7. Met Billy at the If I Can outing, he has my vote.
  8. Thanks for the update Gene I've been thinking about Bob every day and wandering how he was doing. Sorry to hear its going to take that long to heal, but glad to hear he's doing ok. John
  9. Thanks for pitching in Gene,see you at Gold Basin if all goes well. John
  10. Don't feel bad Mike, I went yesterday and spent 6 hrs. on 8# I think the 8# stands for bullets, nails, shoe tacks and small pieces metal, not gold. Also they blocked the road with rocks again so had to walk from the windmill to the claim I don't need the the extra walking. Anyone know who blocking the road? John
  11. I'm planing on being there March 25 for a week if all goes well on my trip to Argentina Feb. 28 to March 18 (not detecting, spending time with my wife). I've never been to Gold Basin before so let me know where to camp and anything else I need to know. Looking forward to to the outing and hope everyone finds goodies. John
  12. Have a good one Herb 62'S not bad. Looking forward to seeing you at the next outing. John
  13. Glad to see you back Bob maybe the cramps are from PT. Eat a few bananas and maybe they will go away. Hope you have a fast recovery and get back out there soon. John
  14. Dakota Slim, Yes I did hit the weather right, there's 8" of snow here in Prescott AZ this mourning and more coming. After looking at the claim map all the nuggets came off the Broken Knee claim. Where are you now, maybe we can get together some time. I can't make the Tucson outing but I will be at the Tucson gem and mineral show from Feb. 2 to Feb. 5 with my wife. John
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