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    Grew up exploring mines and ghost towns. Later got interested in digging through the old mining dumps. In the last 20 some odd years, have been prospecting for gold, gems and minerals.

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  1. Hi Gary! You have been holding out on this!
  2. Thank you Scott for sending me this website. I am having fun with it and wish that this site was published every once in awhile on this forum for the 'newbies'. Any other websites out there that we should be looking at? Thanks, Charlene
  3. In reading the reasons for the forum 'slow down' someone mentioned the BOUSE strewnfield, where is this one located? Thanks, Charlene
  4. THANK YOU Scott! Something new to learn. Educating oneself during the "hot" months is the best! Charlene
  5. I would suggest searching the MetBull and mapping out all of the finds on GoogleEarth which will show you where they have been found in the past, at least the classified meteorites. Hopefully someone else can provide you with a better and more thorough answer. Take care guys, Scott Scott - What are you talking about when you say "MetBull"? Is this a website or....? I love playing with GoogleEarth, I track all of our neat finds on it, gold, ruins, mines, rocks, etc. Pretty impressive when you can see how much ground you can cover in one year! Charlene
  6. This is not in NV. but just outside the state line by Tecopa. When I lived in Pahrump, way back when, there was to have been a meteor that hit the "SADDLE PEAK HILLS" area. This is on the other side of Hwy. 127 from Dumont Dunes. This area will still be hot at this time of year so this doesn't really help you at this time. Charlene
  7. Okay - Now I am interested....... where is the Bouse Strewnfield? Charlene
  8. What a GREAT find! What part of NV.? Lower, middle or upper part? That must have been some excitement with this find! Thanks for sharing - Charlene
  9. Stan and Del - It was a pleasure to meet you. And to all the others, Thank You for your advice on what to expect and how to set the detectors. Treasure Seekers of San Diego had 23 members out there during the weekend. I believe everyone found something. Now only to figure out where they are! And yes, one of our members did find a nice size gold nugget. Blake for some reason can ALWAYS find gold no matter where he goes. He just has the luck. We have another member of the club that is the same way. Must be nice! In talking with the people that did show up - we are going to plan anothe
  10. Will do Stan! We should be pulling into Needles around 3 pm on Friday. Bill and I will be driving a 2004 Ford Escape - very light green in color. Looking forward to meeting you! Charlene Oceanside, CA.
  11. Well the weekend is fast approaching that some of our club members (Treasure Seekers of San Diego) will be out in the strewnfield. Would like to say THANK YOU to all who gave excellent information. It does not look like we will be camping out in the strewnfield, as it is just way too hot for us 'coastal' people. BUT we will be hitting the strewnfield around 6 - 6:30 AM on Saturday morning and hanging out until it just gets too hot. And then maybe going back out in the late afternoon, early evening time. Then again on Sunday morning before the trip back home. I believe that there will be
  12. Erik (aka Basaltgooro) gave me very good information on how to set up the Minelab Explorer II for out in the strewnfields. Any other suggestions for the other type of detectors? Thanks!
  13. The information given on Wayne's Video is well worth it! A job well done! Thank you - Charlene :whoopie:
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