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  1. ddog: I've seen the youtube vid's ur talking about....basically a refinement of the drop riffle sluice made by Ca. sluice co. and angus McKirk. I have used the 14" wide drop riffle box for a couple of seasons set up as a highbanker and it does get most of the fine>very fine gold... you have to run the water flow at a reasonable rate and keep the slope flatter than you would with a typical raised riffle box. It's nice because no carpet to clean... values are in the drop riffles so a good shake into a cleanout tub does the job. HJ and AuS thot you were asking about the multi-layer classifica
  2. Semper Fi to a brother-in-arms! USMC 59-65.. Thank you for being there for us.. ausome
  3. Hey all: 30+ years of dredging in Kalif. (when we were legal!) and I agree with El Dorado... I used that combo (moss over carpet) in my 8" subsurface (known for losing fines) and could average 7 dwt/day of 40- in good gravel. Thanks to all for the great input you provide on the forum. El D. has the Omega sold yet, I haven't heard from M,M or P recently. Ausome (allen w.)
  4. charles: you need to consider the rear weight/balance when it's full of water/material... while the two 35g barrels may be fine dry, when you are running it will at least double/or/more the rear wt. load.. I once built a vw powered 8" with a 24"x8' box (wt of 1000#+) and used 8 35g barrels for flotation. Ck the bouancy rating for the 35 and 55 gal barrels are go from there. You definately don't want the discharge to be neutral or high when pumping!! Nice looking outfit you've got there, too bad you can't bring it to Cali. and use it... Keep a close eye on regulators in your state!! ausome/alle
  5. Mariposa: I've posted you a couple of PM's, but you appear to be BLOCKED???? ausome
  6. I bought one of the black magic fine gold recovery sluices...the mat material is very specific to this box, but Harbor Freight sells a similiar material as tool box drawer liner...cheaper price, and should work fine for you. Won't stand up to heavy abrasion, yet the mega-fine colors should stay while the white/black sands wash off...water flow rate should be very slow (more like a 'sheen' on the carpet)..slow but effective.. USE 'JET DRY' liquid on the mat and in the water to let the fines break water tension and not be suspended (swept off the mat). let me know how it goes. ausome (allen)
  7. 7oz

    I'll take it. PM sent,

  8. I would look forward to having some new sites to check out.. thanks in advance... I'll return the favor and provide a few Sierra County sites in return. May your beeps be ausome! Ausome :headphones:
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