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  1. That thing is a honker! Looks good cleaned up. Chris
  2. Freakin NICE! Lucky bas&%^d ! Chris
  3. NICE!!!! I hope to find one someday!! Cooter
  4. Thats like a "Hot Wheel" for John! Kinda small, Im sure he has a plan... Cooter
  5. Nice crusher Dave! Dont hurt your back carrying that thing around!
  6. Yea..........I would have crapped myself! You are a lucky man!
  7. I have used the 4x6 alot in a patch I have. It does a good job on very small and sneaky gold. What it doesnt do well is cover ground..It also doesnt get the greatest depth but Im very happy with it. Does well around hot rocks and in a hydraulic area,it does real well.... :twocents: Cooter
  8. That was a fun read. Thanks Jason. Cooter
  9. The small coil comes in handy in bad ground. It has no depth though! I have used it to pick up super small pieces in a patch that was "clean". Have all coils possible to get the gold...Good luck! Cooter
  10. Steve, that would make one hell of a ring! Good job.. Cooter
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