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  1. The brief closeup view of the surface of the rock in the video does not look at all promising: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/story/804260.html Also, I would think a 170-pound chondrite hitting the ground at several hundred mph would leave at least a small impact pit. I don't see one in the video, nor is one mentioned in the article. I noticed they spelled Eric's last name wrong in the article, but Eric appears to be on the same page as me: doubtful. --Rob
  2. Hi All, Can't remember the last time I posted, but as I'm driving out to Franconia very early tomorrow morning, I thought I'd check-in to see who I might expect out there this weekend. Looks like Erik and his dad will be there -- will finally get to meet the two of you! The weather looks to be unseasonably pleasant, so I have a feeling it might be busy out there! I plan to stay through Monday -- Erik: Greg S. gave me your cell phone # so I may give you a jingle in the afternoon if I haven't run into you by then. --California Rob
  3. Congratulations: 0 for 2 in the spelling department. Hopefully you do better when you're out in the field! ;-)
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