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  1. I have and it was in large pockets underground some of the best looking gold I have ever seen

    We would drill and blast the quartz and look for the calcite seams once one was found we would follow it in the quartz vain as soon as it tuched the wall rock it would make gold.

    What a easy time we had following the ore shoot in that mine I wish all mines were that easy

    As for it being more common than gold in quartz. I don't think so.

  2. Yesterday my wife asked why

    I didn't do something useful with my time.

    She suggested I go down to the senior center

    And hang out with the guys.

    I did this and when I got home last night

    I told her that I had Re-joined a Parachute Club.

    She said "Are you nuts? You're 65 years old

    And you're going to start

    Jumping out of airplanes again?"

    I proudly showed her

    That I even got a membership card!

    She said to me, "You idiot!

    Where are your glasses?

    This is a membership to a Prostitute Club,

    Not a Parachute Club!"

    I'm in trouble again and don't know what to do!

    I signed up for five jumps a week!

    Life as a senior citizen

    Is not getting any easier!

  3. One problem with the 2200 is that it comes with a mono coil.If you are in hot ground you are going to have a hard time running it with that coil.

    Were I hunted with mine it was a DD or forget it I know there are places that a mono will work or that is what I have herd on the forums.

    The 2200 will need a good battery and a booster to get the most out of it.

    I have had a 2200d and I still own and will never get rid of my GMT!!

    If I were to put them side by side the 2200 will find you deeper gold. but the ease of use and the discrimanator on the GMT is top of the line.

    GMT and $300.00 not a good trade IMHO

    But I see Mike C. has a used GMT up for sale for $500.00 and a used 2200 is worth $800.00 to 1500.00 depinding what comes with it.

    Good luck,Matt

  4. Here is my Detector shaft extension.I like a 40" upper shaft and I haven't been able to find one so I made this extension. Being 6'3" a standard shaft is to short for me and with a large coil I feel like I'm going to step on it.I got the idea from the two piece shaft off of my old 2200. As you can see I used part of it.I also like it for getting under the brush just a little further.It is also nice to have if you need to secure your box while you are away.



  5. Garimpo you are quick I had it all typed up like you and almost got it posted but you beat me to the punch :wubu:

    But I'm going to answer it anyway :eee:

    When my detector starts acking up and NOT being a Minelab tech.I do the following-

    Frist and formost check your settings I hate were the DD/MONO/Cancel switch is it is so easy to bump :scare: (Sometimes I fell like cutting the switches off a little shorter with a dremel)

    Then run the auto track again to make sure that no new EMI has showed up :zapped:

    Then check the coil conection and battery conection to see if they are loose.Be sure to check the plug at the box if it is loose send it to Minelab :cry2:

    Then check the coil cover to see if there is any dirt or junk your friends might of put in it as a joke :rasberry:

    If none of this has worked about all you can do is try different parts :*&$*(:

    You can try different coils,battery,power cord,headphones,quick track button

    You can check your Quick track button with a Ohm meter it should have resistance one way and not the other.

    I'm not sure but I think you can run with out the quick track button just by switching the detector form tracking to fixed on the fround end cap like we had to do on the 2200 :eee:

    If none of this works you might have to send it to Minelab :grr01: :wah2:

    For me I just call up my buddy Flak and have him send me his detector :wub: he never uses it anway :head:

  6. Back in the mid 80's I was running a Gold bug and one day it started acting up it would give me nice signals and I would dig and nothing would be there.Then the signal would just disapear and I could run it for awhile.

    I took the detector to Fisher 3 times and none of the techs could figure it out.I went home and was a little ruff taking it apart to put it back in it's box.As I removed the lower shaft out came this little cresent moon shaped piece of gold colored anodized aluminum that had broke off of one of the holes in the uper shaft.

    I guess it was in the bottom of the lower shaft and it would move every once in a while and give me a good signal.

    Well problem solved!!

    So now anytime I get a new detector shaft I run a gun cleaning brush back and forth though it a few times and sometimes I'm surprised at what comes out of it.

  7. The holes are just from the pour casting job. most of the old mines made there own parts.

    They would take the used up parts and recast them.

    Think about it how much iron was there in the western U.S in the 18oo's and in the early 1850's and 60's if you didn't bring it with you it was a long wait to get it.

    I'm sure a lot of wagon parts were made into digging tools.


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