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  1. Holy smokes look at that pick!!! How deep of holes you guys diggin??
  2. I have and it was in large pockets underground some of the best looking gold I have ever seen We would drill and blast the quartz and look for the calcite seams once one was found we would follow it in the quartz vain as soon as it tuched the wall rock it would make gold. What a easy time we had following the ore shoot in that mine I wish all mines were that easy As for it being more common than gold in quartz. I don't think so.
  3. Yesterday my wife asked why I didn't do something useful with my time. She suggested I go down to the senior center And hang out with the guys. I did this and when I got home last night I told her that I had Re-joined a Parachute Club. She said "Are you nuts? You're 65 years old And you're going to start Jumping out of airplanes again?" I proudly showed her That I even got a membership card! She said to me, "You idiot! Where are your glasses? This is a membership to a Prostitute Club, Not a Parachute Club!" I'm in trouble again and don't know what to do! I signed up for five jumps a week! Life as a senior citizen Is not getting any easier!
  4. One problem with the 2200 is that it comes with a mono coil.If you are in hot ground you are going to have a hard time running it with that coil. Were I hunted with mine it was a DD or forget it I know there are places that a mono will work or that is what I have herd on the forums. The 2200 will need a good battery and a booster to get the most out of it. I have had a 2200d and I still own and will never get rid of my GMT!! If I were to put them side by side the 2200 will find you deeper gold. but the ease of use and the discrimanator on the GMT is top of the line. GMT and $300.00 not a good trade IMHO But I see Mike C. has a used GMT up for sale for $500.00 and a used 2200 is worth $800.00 to 1500.00 depinding what comes with it. Good luck,Matt
  5. The holes are just from the pour casting job. most of the old mines made there own parts. They would take the used up parts and recast them. Think about it how much iron was there in the western U.S in the 18oo's and in the early 1850's and 60's if you didn't bring it with you it was a long wait to get it. I'm sure a lot of wagon parts were made into digging tools. Later,Matt
  6. Cool find It is eather a shoe or a die out of a stamp mill . The shoe went in the bottom of the battery box and the die went in the boss head on the stamp stem as time went on they would wear out thus needing to be replaced.You can find a lot of them at my place in the old tailing piles. Some have gold on them also but I have never seen one with that much on it. I have a old stampmill that I need to get running someday. Might be fun
  7. That is good news!! When are you coming up to try it out? Later,Matt
  8. Most pockets found above ground are the result of the vain matter eroding upon it's self and enriching the ground in that spot. This takes millions of years to happen and usually thousands of tons of rock have to erode to have a large pocket forum. I my opinion the three pocket theory is a bunch of B.S. I have never herd of or found any pockets in threes other that in Verne H. Ballantynes book and in one mine up Nourth. Most experiences I have had go something like this. We would find a pocket on the surface and take out some money. Then we would take are money and invest it in the hole only to spend it on digging up ore that barely paid to mill or looking for a pay shoot that wasn't there. In the right geologic structure there have been mines that make pockets in threes. One of these mines is in N. California It has three cutter vains that bump into a large vain and they produce pockets on all three cutter vains at the same levels in the mine. There is also a mine in Downeyville CA.called the Triple Pocket. Have fun out there,Matt
  9. Send me a picture of the head. i'll find you one :icon_mrgreen:
  10. There are three different handle styles.Orchard supply in Sonora has two of the styles :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen:
  11. Here is a picture of my Gibson mill you had the Pocket Hunter.Don't know why the picture won't get any bigger.I will talk more with Kuger later. I'm sure we can find something in your budget. Or we can get Vini to pull a arrstra stone around for you guys :innocent0009:
  12. I just love my little Gibson.Was yours a prospector's friend (5ton) or a pocket hunter?Don't try to talk me out of it (Family heirloom) :Huh_anim]: That Keene rc-46 is a good mill but the roller scraper is junk on it.You also have to make sure that the bolts stay tight on the mill. As for a sample mill I would recommend a small Jaw crusher 4x6 that has a adjustable jaw. You can use it without water and crush down to 14 mesh with the right jaw. If you what to actually mill it down to 40 mesh or what ever A small Gibson would be the ticket.But as I'm sure you are aware they are hard to find. I have had to build my own elliptical roll twice for mine.Miners Foundry in Navada city made a nice ball mill also. For poor boying it I have used cement mixers with a large steel pipe welded in or a big roll of rubber ball mill lining bolted to the inside of the cement mixer and ball mill balls or hard creek stones added for crushing medium. As I'm sure you know it all depends on how much money you what to invest.If you are looking for a little mill let me know I can track one down. Good luck out there,Matt
  13. Redneck rock crusher :Huh_anim]: Never happen. Unless the rock was very soft or the cylinder moved very fast like one of those old steam powered stamp mills.
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