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  1. Mike, how did you like the Shrub Oak up there? It has done a number on me in the past.
  2. SGTFDA - It show you as still being validated. Try again manna. Bunk, I don't see anything wrong with you.
  3. This is the forum address:http://wspa.invisionzone.com/index.php?/index Sign on with your own username and password. Register, then you will be approved and then you will be able to sign on it. The password is goldrock once you hear from Roger.
  4. Harry, I saw it there this morning and it's still there now.
  5. Tell wife to bring food! Everyone is on their own.
  6. Jim, Bunk will be posting signs as you get closer. Here are the original directions from a couple of years ago. Directions; Depending on the location you are coming from to get there you want to head towards Kingman , AZ. . If from Nevada and heading south on 93 you want the Pearce Ferry Rd and the coordinates for that intersection is (NAD27) 35 32' 2.8" , 114 21' 16.1" Greggs Hideout Rd. is approx. 22 miles to the east through Dolan Springs. If coming across 68 from Laughlin Nv. goto 93 and head north to that same coordinates or the Dolan Springs turn off on Pearce Ferry Rd. . If coming acro
  7. Our new forum address is http://wspa.invisionzone.com/index.php?/index . You may mark that as a favorite for future use. Sign on with your own username and password. Register, then you will be approved and then you will be able to sign on it. The password is goldrock and will work for the forum as well as the web site. The old forum will continue to be available for the time being so that old posts can be viewed. At some point, the old forum will go away. An email was sent to all memebers. They are starting to bounce, so we may have a problem with your address if you did not receive an
  8. I like the ability to see who has voted. I can then figure who hasn't voted, and that has more meaning to me than who has. For some reason, we have had a decline in participating members. I can only remember one occasion where there was even discussion about not accepting a member and that member was accepted after all.
  9. Welcome Billy Gonzales to the WSPA. We hope to see you again at the Gold Basin outing later this month.
  10. At this time we have had 20 folks view the post and only six or eight votes????? I can not believe that we have that many members who can not decide on yes or no.
  11. O.K. Now you can vote. We almost had more votes before we started voting than we had for last several new members.
  12. Simply amazing. I thought we would not see you for days. Great news, Roger Gene
  13. Billy's application was submitted by TB with mimimal info. Maybe TB can elaborate, but his app did state that he liked fishing, hiking, sports, detecting/prospecting, ATVs & video games.
  14. Paul, I have no idea. Call him on his cell phone.
  15. Bob called me this AM. He is in a rehab center. Suppossed to stay there for eight weeks. The Dr. has told him that he should plan on eight months of healing at least. But if you know Bob, then you know that he is already planning on what he can do when.... His back in pretty much a single unit from top to bottom. Can get to the bathroom with a walker and can go for a walk, not to exceed 100 feet... He is already bored, but will get his laptop next week, so we may hear from him.
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