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  1. I've known,been a dealer and wrote reviews for TESORO and RUSTY rocks-he'll get ya the goodies ya need. QUALITY ARIZONA products guaranteed forever--well as long as ya live anyhow-John
  2. Go get it but NO CHEMICALS as your ag/farming area-John
  3. My only problem is that after a lifetime of learning I'm too darn old to do a thing about it. It is amazing how much smarter we are to our children when they finally grow up. John
  4. :*&$*(: F"M" and I ain't jus' a talkn' radio--oops political post-sorry--but after seeing that jus' had'to,throw them political bumbs out along with the illegals too-John
  5. Is it just me or does that look like a jaw fulla broken gold teeth??? :unsure: kudos on the work Steve, scopework and the manual dexterity to do things at a micro movement scale is ungodly tedious. No major scars showing,even under magnification :zapped: make ya blind staring that hard. John
  6. no--not yet but I am definately looking into this as for service providers and real hands on field capabilities. Fantastic tool and I absolutely am going to pursue this unit. Talk about a miners dream video with locations in real time :wub: John
  7. fine work as always but??????? makes no sense to me not to HF that piece??but not my gold-John
  8. :*&$*(: I just read that Mexazonia has been formed?? 4 counties closed by the gubberment to all white folks??? :*&$*(: The state of AZ is under seige and being attacked from within and without. I will buy anything and everything I possibly can from AZ and my next vacation is to AZ to show my admiration and support-oops sorry politics verboten BUT delete if ya must but I will ALWAYS support the just cause-Dear moderators how about a AZ products forum???John
  9. I believe I still have the Vietnamese cookbook in storage with 1,001 ways to cook dog??John
  10. :*&$*(: thank god your wrong-term limitations have also booted Arnold here in kalif-he's been TERMINATED as in asta la vista baby :yuk-yuk: John
  11. Sounds like he's already found the gold to be at the alter with a good woman who puts up with our mining antics!! Tried 3 marriages and rejected'm,lookn' fer #4--please send pix of your dredge-John
  12. :*&$*(: me too El D--and the cancer spreads further more :angry-smiley-010[1]: John
  13. :baaasmiley: flying lessons to commence immediately-good joke,needed a laugh today after bad CDFG news-thanx much-John :yuk-yuk:
  14. :( We are greatly diminished by the loss of any good mining men and a vet too. My sympathy to the widow and relatives-bummer-John
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