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  1. I've known,been a dealer and wrote reviews for TESORO and RUSTY rocks-he'll get ya the goodies ya need. QUALITY ARIZONA products guaranteed forever--well as long as ya live anyhow-John
  2. Go get it but NO CHEMICALS as your ag/farming area-John
  3. My only problem is that after a lifetime of learning I'm too darn old to do a thing about it. It is amazing how much smarter we are to our children when they finally grow up. John
  4. :*&$*(: F"M" and I ain't jus' a talkn' radio--oops political post-sorry--but after seeing that jus' had'to,throw them political bumbs out along with the illegals too-John
  5. Is it just me or does that look like a jaw fulla broken gold teeth??? :unsure: kudos on the work Steve, scopework and the manual dexterity to do things at a micro movement scale is ungodly tedious. No major scars showing,even under magnification :zapped: make ya blind staring that hard. John
  6. no--not yet but I am definately looking into this as for service providers and real hands on field capabilities. Fantastic tool and I absolutely am going to pursue this unit. Talk about a miners dream video with locations in real time :wub: John
  7. They don't call it the Killer Kern for nothing. Extremely cold and swift because of the darn dam releases. Any river with a dam is extremely dangerous as natural flows are gone and insane releases wash away equipment and feed ya to the crawdads but hay they gotta eat too-John
  8. fine work as always but??????? makes no sense to me not to HF that piece??but not my gold-John
  9. :*&$*(: And the carnage continues-TRINITY RIVER IN CA IS SWIFT AND DANGEROUS. Two idjets tried to cross the river ,now get this, by climbing on a log and paddling across yesterday. A few bits a clothes were found and them crawdads jus' a munching on the rest. Please tell tourists(newbies too) to make sure brain is in gear before entering the water this year as here in N.Calif they are high High HIGH!!!!tons a au 2 u 2 -John
  10. :*&$*(: MEXAZONA :angry-smiley-010[1]: is my problem and many thanx to you for the info--sorry to mystify but soooooooooooooooooo mad after reading it I couldn't type a single bloody darn word-John
  11. :*&$*(: I just read that Mexazonia has been formed?? 4 counties closed by the gubberment to all white folks??? :*&$*(: The state of AZ is under seige and being attacked from within and without. I will buy anything and everything I possibly can from AZ and my next vacation is to AZ to show my admiration and support-oops sorry politics verboten BUT delete if ya must but I will ALWAYS support the just cause-Dear moderators how about a AZ products forum???John
  12. Myth vs fact. Yes 999 is mallable in thin portions but even thick as a coin(which is what gold coins are)you have 1 LL of a time bending it with your hands. Exageration to sell books that create old wives tales. The old boyz did bite BUT your teeth have ungodly leverage can tear the LL outta lotza stuff. 0.001% copper is ZIP-NATHA-NOTHING-John
  13. :*&$*(: death of the american dream of self enjoyment and employment going---going---gone John
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