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  1. I see. Just remember, carbonaceous are quite rare. :ph34r2: Try a density test. If its density is near 19g/cm^3, or reletively close, you may have yourself a small fortune. Additionally, Gold along with a few other metals, are extremely malleable. However, I am sure you know that already.
  2. Well, it appears not to have a smooth, or torn surface. In fact, it looks a bit rough. Additionally, you mentioned it doesnt attract a magnet. Now, if it does not attract a magnet, even the slightest bit, this combined with appearance points towards your object not being a meteorite. However my conclusion is not definitive. Perhaps you can cut it open, and polish it? It is very interesting nonetheless. Thanks for the post. :whoopie:
  3. Over the past year and a half, meteorites from the Gibeon stewnfield seem to have almost entirely disappeared from Ebay auctions. Additionally, prices per gram have climbed gramatically on websites, and local rockshops. -For ebay, it is difficult to spot whole specimens over 15 grams. That is quite small. -On dozens of meteorite websites, prices as high as 3$/gram appear. Anyone know the reasons for this? It is understood that it is illegal to export meteorites from the country now. However, I do not see how this could double a meteorite's pricetag. Perhaps collectors such as ourselves h
  4. Ah yes, my favorite site. In fact, two meteorites have hit local farms in my area. One was 7km away, the other 8km I do believe. The only reason I havent gone out and asked for permission to scour the farm lands, is that the falls were individual meteorites. Then again, I acknowledge I could get lucky and find another individual. Unfortunately, I havn't a metal detector yet. :coffeetime:
  5. Thanks for the response. I did ask a large number of questions, yes. Honestly, I would enjoy being a helping hand for somebody experienced. Anything I find, goes to the person teaching me. Just the field knowledge is what I am aiming for right now. I am optimistic that people are generous. :icon_mrgreen:
  6. I apologise for taking your time on this matter, but perhaps a few individuals may help me out. Currently I live in Washington state, and collecting meteorites is a passion of mine. Currently, I am having significant troubles finding serious locations where I may find meteorites. I have observed the growth of this forum for near a month now, and have scoured the internet for endless hours every day. I have concluded there are NO strewnfields near or in Washington. There are plenty of falls, but no strewnfields. I understand the importance of keeping locations secret, and the possible consequ
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