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  1. BB, You got screwed and I know you got screwed. I never said you didn't get screwed. I would have banned the crybaby for running to Daddy. richs, I don't even know where you are coming from. I was here too and know what happened. Again, I would have banned the crybaby for running to Daddy. I think you guys are reading a lot into what I wrote that is not there or my intent. It is obvious that Bill doesn't want to deal with any of this and I see 4 options. 1. Just continue to ignore the new surge of off topic stuff with no rules being enforced. 2. Crack down with the rules again and 86 a bunch
  2. Whatever...I don't waste my time with obvious agitators who can't keep their facts straight, "racially profiling in a prospecting way" that is absolutely moronic.
  3. I did not call John Oates a liar or Terry Soloman who actually started the 4 page thread a liar. I don't know if they promised to follow the new rules. I do know that I promised that I would follow the new rules and I have. I also know that several others promised to follow the new rules and have not. I did not state any names you did by twisting what I wrote for whatever reason. I really don't have time for obvious agitators like you that can't even keep their facts straight. You made some good points and stated you did in your post just before mine so I suggested the "Open Forum". There topi
  4. It wasn't that long ago the Political Forum was shut down, everyone warned not to talk politics again unless it was directly related to a prospecting or mining topic, new rules. Off topic politics has popped up several times and the last one is up to 4 pages now and on the main forum. Nothing has been done to uphold the new rules. Rules are only as good as their enforcement and there isn't any. All that has been proved since the big crackdown and new rules is that a lot of the ones that said they would follow the new rules are liars. Best thing to do is start an Open Forum and let it be a free
  5. Not sure what you meant BG, but is this it? ...........Welcome To BUYcott Arizona - Supporting Arizona's LeadTo Defend Our Borders It's a online petition to support the new Arizona Immigration Law and Arizonans. - So click the above big link to add your name if you want to.
  6. I hear that! Crocs are like Great Whites with legs that keep chasing you right out of the water!
  7. That's funny Unc. Reminds me of liver and onions night when I was kid and I hated liver. Dad would always ask, "how's the liver", and I would always answer, "great it tastes like onions and ketchup". He always got a little smirk on his face from my answer. I always ate the liver and onions and he always let me have the ketchup, lots of it too.
  8. Meteorite Bros, glad it turned out as a bad experience for you and you didn't find anything. You got what you deserved! Here read some of the crap you wrote you whiny punk. "My grumpy brother" "My old man snores like a chainsaw..." "So this sucks... All the usual lies and misdirection...No one wants to tell the truth and act like a bunch of 3rd graders protecting their favorite kickball from the younger kids on recess..." "Then you have the "Pros" going around paying hush money..." "All in all Id say this (my first official hunt) has really turned me off to this whole thing. Lots of misinforma
  9. Welcome KC, how do you like Pahrump? In the mid and late 1980s I lived in Vegas and use to go out to Pahrump for a weekend every now and then. Pahrump was a great little town back then and a good close by break from Vegas.
  10. Jim, this new Invision format is not very stable. Like just about everything in this day and age New and Improved usually means it isn't as good as what it replaced.
  11. We are wishing the very best for him and family.
  12. Meteorite Bros, this might interest you. In the first video's start there was this just before the news guy came on. I wondered how many wind turbines were in the Livingston area. They wouldn't have shown them if they weren't near where they shot the video, so I did a little Googling. There is only one place, at least in March 2005 on Google maps. It is not southeast of Livingston, but northeast about 5.5 miles. That's via CO-RD-E east then north on CO-RD-Xx. In the above picture there is a road running across the middle left to right and the black blur is a car on the far left. There are
  13. VegasRocker, "I bet that 20 vehicle convoy was all the pro's heading to a BIG discovery. The direction they were headed correlates with the primary area I plotted to be most productive." That pretty much says it all don't it. You probably just got the best tip your going to get on this event from VegasRocker, go southeast. Latest news. News Video, Arizona Hunter Finds Meteorite.Video link at start of story on the left. The player pops up after clicking the link. Meteorite Hunters Flock To Wisconsin
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