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  1. After busting the Rear Suspension Airbag on my wifes Pontiac Aztec 2WD SUV while nugget hunting she finally gave me the OK to get a 4x4. I ended up with a Toyota 1985 FJ60 Landcruiser. I have done a few mods to it and built the inside with cabinets for camping and metal detecting. It is no speedster on the highway as it was only made for the 55MPH world but it WILL get you into the back country that is where is shines !!! It is not hard to find one if the '60 or '62 series for sale these days for not too much $2.5K to $5K depending on the condition. They are easy to fix and will take a heck of beating before they give up. I got mine with just 130K on the clock and I have had less trouble with it than the newer cars I own. By the way that is a roof top tent on the top, a very comfy way to sleep. For more on my build you can see my website http://web.mac.com/mrlocksmith/iWeb/Site/1...OTA%20FJ60.html Mark
  2. Try This; http://www.geocities.com/fletcher1/rye-patch.html Mark
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