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  1. It was truly a great hunt at yellend sad to say that that was my last trip there as I think I already have enough yellend 952g in 45 fragments ranging form 0.5g to 99.7g so on to greener hunting grounds. Wish I could make the birthday trip mines the 15th but the wife is having surgey on the 26th and I have to be around the house to look after her so maybe another hunt. And Richard thanks again for the scale cube your the man.



    You are welcome. Sorry you can't make the hunt in October, but there will be others and I hope we hook up again.

    We need to exchange info for future outings. :)

    Richard aka kgmrg

  2. Aloha Richard,

    Thanks for the compliment, I think?:whaaaa: :whaaaa: Last minute plans by someone I have been seeing for a couple of years got me on a plane back to Hawaii for a week. I had a great time and so did she visiting with my family and old friends. Never knew a nice Jewish girl would like sashimi so much. My friends were impressed when she decided to eat some of the raw fish and other Hawaiian delites that even I dont eat.

    Got to visit a few of my old geocaches and left some Las Vegas goodies at them and even had one day where we took in a four hour hike up to some waterfalls behind my old home.

    I would have loved to get to hunt Holbrook with everyone but I figure I can always do it later on this year when the weather gets cooler. In the meantime go ahead and enjoy your marvelous find and dont wear off any of that fusion crust too much. Truly awesome find my friend and yes I am a little envious.

    See you in a couple of months once the heatwave leaves.

    Aloha and stay safe.

    Stan aka Ka'imi


    Yes, it was a compliment. You and Jason were missed, but I'm still glad you weren't there as it might have been you finding my 47g LL6.

    I had no concerns with Jim and Wendy as they were too busy helping out with the event. I can't wait for the weather to cool down and hopefully

    hook-up with you and the Hershey gang at Franconia or any other hunting grounds.

    Stay cool,

    Richard aka kgmrg

  3. Richard you find is sooooo nice, If I had $1k laying around I would buy it off you for sure! Let me know if you wanna trade some Franconia for it or sumfin! [^ .. ^]



    Thanks for the compliment, but it's not for sale or trade. Anyway you had a huge find that will be added to the record books.thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

    Richard aka kgmrg

  4. Richard, It was great to meet you! Now how long are you going to rub that beauty in my face;)mad0229[1].gifconfused0067[1].gif

    ABE Enochs


    It was great to meet so many that have the urge/passion to hunt for meteorites. My 15 minutes of fame will soon be over.

    I can't wait for fall to hunt Franconia. Some of the guys at Holbrook were talking about getting together in October.

    Richard AKA kgmrg

  5. On July 15-16, 2011 I attended the 99th year Anniversary of the Holbrook Meteorite Fall, organized by Ruben Garcia ( Mr. Meteorite) with help from my hunting partners Jim and Wendy Wooddell.

    I would Like to thank Ruben, Jim and Wendy for putting on a great event,but most of all to Jason Snyder (Jayray) and Stan Santiago ( Kaimi) for not showing up. :rasberry: If they had I don't think I would have

    made the following finds.

    July 15, 1.2g LL6

    July 16, 47g LL6 post-3321-0-98856300-1311111737_thumb.jp

    Thanks to all who made this happen, :whoope:

    Richard AKA kgmrg

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