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  1. To All

    I observed this event from the back yard of my residence at the aforementioned time and date.

    It was captured on my AllSky cam, see image and hopefully video. I reported the event to the

    Lunar Meteorite Hunter bulletin shortly after witnessing it,but they have yet to post.

    Richard AKA kgmrg


  2. Congratulations to all that made finds!! Richard thank you for taking time to teach an old dog. I had a great time and hope to meet up with you again, Gold Basin sounds like a plan.

    Thank to all for a great time,



    It was a pleasure meeting you and hope we get the chance to hunt again.

    I hope you made it in time for your daughter's event and all went well.


  3. Franconia, AZ. 10TH Anniversary

    With temperatures in the mid-nineties, but feeling like the triple digits, there was a good showing of experienced and newbie meteorite hunters arriving at Franconia to celebrate its 10TH Anniversary. As many of you know, John Wolfe is given credit for making the first meteorite find on October 31,2002. There are many that helped put this strewn field on the map with their discoveries, Lee Graylock, Sonny Clary, Ruben Garcia, Rob Ward, Bob Verish, Geoff Notkin, Richard Norton, but none more than Jim Smaller. Stan Santiago introduced me to Jim Smaller in 2007, while I was learning the Franconia strewn field. I’m truly sorry that I never got to know him. Jim Smaller’s pain-staking efforts to map the Franconia Strewn field made it possible for others to make there first finds. Jim Wooddell eventually picked up the torch. Unfortunately I’m unable to list all and I apologize for that. Their actions have brought so many together who share a childhood dream of finding their first space rock or those who seek the adventure of treasure hunting. What ever the reason for coming to Franconia or any other strewn field for that matter the good that comes out of the friendships that are formed can not be measured. I give thanks to all involved that made it happen. You also have to give thanks to Bill Southern, Jim Wooddell and Geoff Notkin for their websites that keep us all in touch with each other. All that showed up seemed to have a great time whether they found a space rock, a chunk of gold (Congrats to Mitchell) or only the experience of the hunt. The best of the event was all the stories shared around the campfire of the meteorite hunting legions like Jim Kriegh told by Twink Monrad, Frank Campagnano, and Dennis Miller. To me that was worth the entire trip, but the bonus was watching guys like (Dolan) Dave Libuszowski or Mike Mulgrew help the newbie’s Jim Mettler and Vinnie Laurente make their first meteorite finds.

    On a side note: Vinnie Laurente, who is in the U.S. Navy stationed in San Diego, will be deployed for 8 months starting October 9th leaving his wife Michelle behind. Michelle has a fascination of all things astronomy related, especially meteorites. Vinnie and Michelle were celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary the same weekend of the Franconia hunt. Vinnie decided to surprise Michelle by bringing her to the event. Congrats to the happy couple on their wedding anniversary and first meteorite find.

    Thanks to all that came out, and sorry for those that could not.

    See photos attached,

    Richard AKA kgmrg


    Stan and Jason you guys were missed.

    http://s1189.photobu...TH Anniversary/

  4. A lot has been said regarding this issue. On October 5TH a meteorite hunt in Franconia is scheduled to take place. What is the Forums opinion regarding this get together?

    We could all meet to toast the 10Th anniversary of the first meteorite found at Franconia, or cancel the event and stay home.

    Richard aka kgmrg


    I will be camping-out at Franconia on the date mentioned. Who will join a very proud American,who has earned the right to walk this land.

  5. On October 5-6TH a group of us will gather at the Franconia, Az strewn field for a meteorite hunt to honor the 10TH Anniversary of it's discovery, October 31,2002, and celebrate those who share a birthday in the month of October. On Friday, October 5TH we will set up camp at the south end within BLM land. The camping area is surrounded by a Wilderness Preserve which means no vehicles of any kind are allowed in those areas. Bring your own personal camping comforts drinks, food, and sleeping accommodations, as nothing will be provided. I do not recommend motor homes due to road conditions. Remember this is a desert so be prepared as there are dangerous snakes and other wild life. :WOW: The hunt will take place on Saturday, October 6TH at sunrise and end one hour before dusk, I hope to have awards for the best finds. We had a good showing last year, so I hope to see old faces along with new. Additional info will follow as we get closer to the date.



    Driving from Kingman,AZ or Needles,CA. Travel the Interstate 40 and take exit 13 east of the Lake Havasu,AZ exit. Drive south from the asphalt roadway onto the dirt road extension up a dirt grade until you reach the posted camp site which is less than a mile from the freeyway

    post-3321-0-42196400-1344454609_thumb.jp post-3321-0-94530900-1344454650_thumb.jp

  6. A group of dedicated meteorite hunts join up in the field for the 100th anniversary of the Holbrook fall. The fall occurred on July 19,1912 at approx. 7:15 P.M.; a group of 16 meteorite hunters stood for a photo in the strewn-field at the moment of the event 100 years later. In the middle of the group photo is noted Gold Basin hunter Twink ( sorry if the spelling is wrong). Also is a photo of noted meteorite hunter Dolan Dave with his first Holbrook find a 9.5g beauty. I was lucky enough to make a small 1.3g Holbrook meteorite find, along with the infamous Holbrook marble (glass ball), which Ruben Garcia has a great story about it . Many others made some nice finds including Jim and Wendy Wooddell, Ben and Eric Fisler, Jason Snyder,and Bob Verish, but I will let them post their stories. Anyway, hope you like the photos and sorry if you didn't make it out.


    post-3321-0-19451100-1343065909_thumb.jp post-3321-0-18882100-1343066289_thumb.jp post-3321-0-88735500-1343066404_thumb.jp post-3321-0-02751600-1343066359_thumb.jp post-3321-0-95238500-1343066644_thumb.jp post-3321-0-37889000-1343066548_thumb.jp

  7. What do meteorite hunters do when they're not hunting? They follow their other interests like visiting observatories.

    In the last few months, I have had the honor of giving tours at Palomar Observatory to some of the best and most gracious meteorite hunters.

    The only down side to giving these tours, was that they were not willing to give up their secret hunting grounds.

    Honored guests:

    Bob Verish, Moni Waiblinger, Troy & Cathy Ball, (Dolan) Dave & Pam Libuszowski, Geoff Notkin, Libby and Palomar staff

    post-3321-0-40350400-1342385272_thumb.jp post-3321-0-81229700-1342384314_thumb.jp post-3321-0-59537000-1342384380_thumb.jppost-3321-0-86138000-1342385099_thumb.jppost-3321-0-90384200-1342385155_thumb.jppost-3321-0-62969800-1342387545_thumb.jp

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