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  1. Congrats to all of you. It seems it was a very successful hunt for all. Who said Gold Basin meteorites are rare and hard to find. :hmmmmm: You could have fooled me. I hope the October Franconia hunt turns out as well. Richard aka kgmrg
  2. Bryan You are welcome. Sorry you can't make the hunt in October, but there will be others and I hope we hook up again. We need to exchange info for future outings. Richard aka kgmrg
  3. Terry If you wouldn't get bored with a local hunt, we are planning a Franconia hunt with the gang on Columbus Day weekend, October 8-9,2011 Richard aka kgmrg
  4. Jason Wow! That piece came out great. I haven't had a chance to work on mine,but when I do, I hope it comes out as well as yours did . Richard aka kgmrg
  5. Mike No one got skunked and even with the minor problems everyone had a great time. No offense,but I'm a Jeep guy. Richard aka kgmrg
  6. Stan It was a long drive home, but I made it. Thanks for asking I'm just glad I didn't run into the same problem you and Dennis had with two flat tires. :o With that said, I can't wait for the next Team Hershey Hunt. Stay cool my friend, Richard aka kgmrg :cigar:
  7. I made the journey to Yelland Dy Lake with the Hershey Gang, Dennis Miller and Bryan Couch. What a great three day hunt in a beautiful location of northern Nevada that was a bit hot,but worth the trip. Here are a couple of photos showing my H4 finds. Richard aka kgmrg 24 .0g 20.7 g
  8. Jim Thanks for posting. It's great to have a watch dog to look out for those of us that are still learning. Richard aka kgmrg
  9. Fred It was a question not a conclusion. After reading the story behind your find I again send my congrats on a great find and my best to you. Richard aka kgmrg
  10. Fred Congrats, it 's a beautiful find. Based on what I read this is not a cold find, but is associated with a previously reported find? Richard aka kgmrg
  11. Jason This is awesome stuff. I think I had an Outer Limits moment. Keep sharing, Richard aka kgmrg
  12. Frank WOW! Congrats on a find of a life time. Richard aka kgmrg
  13. Jason Great video ,but there is one problem.Your hunting partner only made it into a couple of frames as you slewed the camera. Is he camera shy? Richard aka kgmrg
  14. Congrats! It is always a great feeling to come home with something to show for your efforts. Nice finds, Richard aka kgmrg
  15. Jayray It seems it was a win win situation Time with your Family and favorite passion Richard aka kgmrg
  16. Great job Jim Very easy to understand,even for me. Richard aka kgmrg
  17. Stan Yes, it was a compliment. You and Jason were missed, but I'm still glad you weren't there as it might have been you finding my 47g LL6. I had no concerns with Jim and Wendy as they were too busy helping out with the event. I can't wait for the weather to cool down and hopefully hook-up with you and the Hershey gang at Franconia or any other hunting grounds. Stay cool, Richard aka kgmrg
  18. Erik Thanks for the compliment, but it's not for sale or trade. Anyway you had a huge find that will be added to the record books. Richard aka kgmrg
  19. Abe It was great to meet so many that have the urge/passion to hunt for meteorites. My 15 minutes of fame will soon be over. I can't wait for fall to hunt Franconia. Some of the guys at Holbrook were talking about getting together in October. Richard AKA kgmrg
  20. On July 15-16, 2011 I attended the 99th year Anniversary of the Holbrook Meteorite Fall, organized by Ruben Garcia ( Mr. Meteorite) with help from my hunting partners Jim and Wendy Wooddell. I would Like to thank Ruben, Jim and Wendy for putting on a great event,but most of all to Jason Snyder (Jayray) and Stan Santiago ( Kaimi) for not showing up. If they had I don't think I would have made the following finds. July 15, 1.2g LL6 July 16, 47g LL6 Thanks to all who made this happen, :whoope: Richard AKA kgmrg
  21. Ben Thanks for your response. Richard AKA kgmrg
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