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  1. Erik That's a great idea, for setting scale. Where did you get it? Oh yeah, I only remember it was a black hatch-back. Thanks for your response. KGMRG ( Richard)
  2. :confused0013: To all What is with the lettered cube, I see pictured in the meteorite finds? Well, I took my first trip to Franconia, and found out at the end of the second day I was not within the strewn field; I was too close to the road. I discovered this by talking with (wish I could remember his name) a gentleman from Pasedena, CA setting up camp for a week-end hunt. Well, I'm already planning a second trip for May 4-6. I hope to run into more experienced hunters to gain some helpful advice. KGMRG :icon_mrgreen: (Richard)
  3. Kaimi (Stan) Thanks, I appreciate your help. kgmrg(Richard)
  4. :icon_mrgreen: I plan to be out at Franconia along with family and friends Thursday April 12 for one or two days ( hopefully two). This will be my first visit and would like to take my Motor home into the area. I assume there are no restrictions for camping. If there are I would appreciate any suggestions or helpful advise. Also If any of you feel like coming out, I would really enjoy meeting you and getting some direction on where I should look . kgmrg ( Richard)
  5. Paleface (Jim) Thanks for your input. I really appreciate the responce I am recieving from everyone. I plan to be in the Kingman area on the 12-13th of April in hopes of finding my first Meteorite. My cell # is (951) 334-5419. Thanks again, Richard Garcia ( kgmrg) :icon_mrgreen:
  6. Hello to All I'm new to the forum, so I apologize for stepping into the conversation, but can you guys give me some direction in picking the right metal detector. I currently own a Whites IDX w/ PRO BlackMax 950 coil. When I purchased it, they said it was a good all around detector that could be used for meteorite hunting( yea right). Can I purchase a different coil to improve it's ability to find meteorites or should I just buy a GMT or what??? kgmrg (Richard Garcia) :confused0013:
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