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  1. Jim I know you probably didn't want me to mention this yet, but I so excited I just can't keep it a secret. The image you are about to see is amazing. Stan and Jim may have made one of the largest finds in Franconia's history. You decided ;)
  2. Jason It was a pleasure to meet you and to see your great finds. I look forward seeing your next video on Franconia and hope to meet again. Richard
  3. Jim Wow! what a great group of finds. I have to find a way to make it back out there during the middle of the week. kgmrg aka Richard
  4. Congrats on your find. It is a great feeling to finally make the first find and hopefully just the start of many more. kgmrg aka Richard
  5. Well it finally happened,after numerous trips and hours of swinging my GMT,I found my first meteorite at Franconia. I owe a great deal of thanks to Stan, along with the encouragement from the team of Jim and Wendy. You Guys were great. It is people like you that make this forum one of the great ones. It was also a pleasure to meet Jason and share in all his finds, wow! what a collection. My meteorite was nowhere near the size of the others found, but it meant more to me than the combined finds made that weekend. I can't wait for the next trip. Thanks Guys, kgmrg aka Richard :D
  6. Thanks for the info. Clear Skies, kgmrg AKA Richard
  7. Frank When do you plan to get there? If not a problem for you I'd like to hook-up. Richard
  8. Is anyone up for a hunting trip to Franconia B/T the 14TH and 19TH of March ? kgmrg aka Richard
  9. Well, here I sit in my hotel room in Needles feeling BUSTED! Oh well, till next time. :( For those who might be interested, I'll be back out on Saturday the 19TH of March. Clear skies, kgmrg aka Richard
  10. Ok, I'm in. I'm loading the jeep and heading to Needles to find a room for the night. see you in the morning at the truck stop. kgmrg aka Richard
  11. To all I'm thinking of heading out tonight from Riverside and getting a room in Needles, in hopes the rain will hold till Sunday. Anyone else willing to chance it? Any suggestions? Kgmrg( Richard):shrug:
  12. That's Great! I look forward to meeting up with you again. Richard aka kgmrg
  13. Greetings to all especially Stan A few years ago Stan was kind enough to meet me at Franconia, unfortunately my find was a small ( less than a gram) fragment. I plan to be at Franconia on Saturday the 19TH of February. Does anyone plan to be there on that date and would be willing to hook-up with me? I have little experience, but own a GMT and a strong willingness to learn. Thanks in Advance, Richard
  14. To all This is the image of my Goldbasin Chondrite. As you see I cut it in-half. The metal specks seen in the Goldbasin Meteorite are also seen in the Franconia specimen that I filed on. Sorry about the resolution of the image :tisc-tisc: The Franconia specimen has a darker shell, but in all other details appears to be the same. I guess the only other thing I can do is slice it open . I do have concerns that it might be a Meteor-wrong. Your opinions are appreciated. Richard
  15. Stan and All Thanks I appreciate the comments, though I am concerned that I might be wrong :outtahere: I'm adding a second image from another view. Richard
  16. Well, after some great tips and direction from Kaimi AKA Stan, I believe I may have my first Franconia find. :confused0013: The .33 gram iron flake I found, while roaming the Franconia strew field on Feb. 16 with stan, doesn't add up to a real find. Del, while filling his bucket with Chondrites, pointed out that the next find could be just feet away. On Saturday March 8, I was back out at Franconia in hopes of finding that Meteorite . I decided to start my search where Del had made one of his chondrite finds on Feb. 16. Go figure, this find was just feet away. Now, I'm not as experenced a
  17. Stan The following week-end for sure (Sat March 8th) KGMRG
  18. Del Congrats on your finds. It was a great pleasure to meet you and be present for one of your big finds. I give a BIG THANK YOU to Kaimi for inviting me out. :whoopie: Richard AKA kgmrg
  19. I have never had the honor to meet either one of you, but do find it to be a privilege to congratulate the recipiens of such a rare honor. KGMRG
  20. Stan Thanks, I appreciate that. Hope to see you at Franconia. Richard AKA kgmrg :icon_mrgreen:
  21. Stan My luck, I plan to be at Franconia on the 16TH in hopes of finding my first. Due to my life schedule I have not been able to make it out there since last April. I found out later I was out of the search zone. Good luck at Gold Basin KGMRG
  22. Moni Thanks, I can also pay through PAYPAL, If you want. My e-mail address is kgmrg@yahoo.com :icon_mrgreen:
  23. Stan(Kaimi) That would be great if we could hook-up for hunting or at least exchange info for a bribe of lunch or dinner. I will be out at Franconia bright and early with a friend ( walt) on Saturday. We don't know if we are taking my motor home or staying near-by in a motel. We both don't have a lot of time for getting ready, packing equipment plus the travel time/ distance etc... limits us on a short week-end. I will be driving a Maroon Chevy 4x4 S10, so keep your eyes open for us. :icon_mrgreen:
  24. Moni I would appreciate if could make (3) three for Me. My e-mail address is kgmrg@yahoo.com Thanks, kgmrg (Richard)
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