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  1. Is there a strewn field map for the Holbrook,Az. meteorite fall of 1912, and if so where could I find it? Thanks in advance, Richard AKA kgmrg
  2. Jim Congrats on the finds. Did you find them by sight/ mag stick or did you use a metal detector? Richard aka kgmrg
  3. Glad you guys liked the story My finds aren't much,but it's better than a skunk. Richard aka kgmrg
  4. Well here I was spending quality time with Jim Wooddell hunting for meteorites. As Jim said in his previous post it was HOT! Jim did well, but I only found a very small iron, which did not register on my gram scale. I guess it's better than a skunk. Anyway, Jim and I called it a day with him heading home and I to Laughlin for some R & R. I was just pulling into the parking lot of my hotel when I received a call from Jim asking if I was still in the area,it seems Jim had lost his .3 g iron back where we had parked. I could tell that Jim was not happy and I hated to disappoint him, but I had no plans to return to Franconia until the weather cooled down. Ok, I'm sitting at the bar drinking a refreshing beverage(budlight), smoking my favorite cigar and playing video poker :cigar: . I began to feel guilty and thought to myself if I do well, I'll go back to search for Jim's iron. I did really well so the next morning I was back to Franconia. You know the old saying "one good deed(turn?) deserves another". I called Jim to tell him I would look for his iron, which he said would be packaged in a clear plastic baggie with a white number strip inside. As I drove up to our usual parking spot with my drivers door window down I heard a distinct sound of a rattler. Now, there was this big bush next to my jeep and I thought to myself perhaps the rattle snake was in there ,but I couldn't see it. I stopped the jeep and started to step out with the sound getting louder. I decided to call Jim just in case I got bit. Jim's response was move the jeep (dummy) which I did. Low and behold I see this very fine 3 (?) foot long rattle snake with what looked like a diamond pattern racing toward the bush. I tried to take a picture with my PowerShot camera,but in my nervous state it slipped from my fingers and fell between the seats. With that said, on the ground where the snake had been was Jim's iron, packaged as described. Jim ,who was still on the phone could only hear my nervous( from fear) laughter. I hate snakes! Jim was over heard saying did you get a picture? Obviously I didn't. If you have read this far it is only fair to apologize for this long drawn out story,which only stands on my word alone. I did find a second .9g iron for my troubles. To me it was a win-win situation. I won in Laughlin, Jim will get his lost iron, I didn't get bit and I got a small iron to boot. Could you do better? :shrug: Richard AKA kgmrg
  5. Ruben Thanks for the invite, I'll be there. Richard AKA kgmrg
  6. Jim and Wendy Congrats on another successful hunting trip :whoope: :whoope: Richard aka kgmrg
  7. Stan Thanks, I look forward to getting together with team Hershey. Richard aka kgmrg
  8. Clifton Thanks! I appreciate the support. Richard
  9. Jim You know I feel like a million bucks. To find something so rare, and to wonder where it has traveled to finally reach our planet is amazing. The finds you made are truly interesting. How old do you think the Levi Strauss buttons are and could there be a meteorite hunter running around with his fly open? :hahaha: Richard
  10. Great finds Jim and Wendy,especially Wendy's third piece of the puzzle find. Wish we could have hooked up, but again maybe not. I wouldn't have made my finds. Thanks again Jim for the advise. Richard aka kgmrg P.S. Can't wait to hook up again with you and Stan.
  11. I made arrangements to meet Jim and Wendy at Franconia to try our luck, while the cool weather was holding. I must have had a senior moment, as I forgot where we were suppose to meet.Unable to reach them by radio I decided to search on my own. Anyway, after a long fruitless day I headed back to my jeep, when I got a text picture from jim showing his finds for the day.I was jealous, but happy for Jim and Wendy.I decided to call them to pass on my congrats,and bellyache. After receiving some good advise from Jim. I went back to search an area where I had previously made a find and sure enough it payed out with a nice CO. Jim must have been sending out some good vibes, as my luck had changed. I send praise to Jim :wubu: The next day was a short one, as I had a long drive back to Riverside. My luck was still holding as I found 2 small irons 30 feet from each other. One was on the surface the second buried about 2 inches. :spinnin: Total finds: CO 60.2g Irons 1.84g/ 2.26g
  12. Congrats Wendy! :whoope: Timing is everything along with a little luck and experience. A late Happy Mothers Day, Richard aka kgmrg
  13. Congrats on your finds. I had a similar Mojave Green experience several years ago at Cadiz. I must have walked right on top of it, when I felt something hit my boot. It wasn't till then that the Mojave Green began to rattle. I was a bit shaken-up as I expected the snake to warn me before I would get too close. :whaaaa: So, I guess at this time of year you need to keep one eye looking for meteorites and the other for snakes . Be safe, Richard aka kgmrg
  14. Wow! I hate snakes. Did the Rattle Snake let you know he/she was there before you came up to it? Thanks for the info, Richard aka kgmrg
  15. Jim/ Jason Great job! :wubu: Unfortunately I was there Monday and Tuesday hunting like a dog, and came out empty handed. :*&$*(: Well, it must be time to report that Jim and Jason cleaned out the place. The signs will be posted at the freeway exit CLOSED, due to lack of meteorites. Notice will be sent to Stan by special delivery. Richard aka kgmrg
  16. Jim Outstanding! You are on hot streak. Richard
  17. Great job you guys. Now I'm breaking out with the shakes and Jim says the only cure is to go meteorite hunting. So with that said, I hope I have as much luck as you guys. Stay safe, Richard aka kgmrg
  18. who's in the mood for a hunting trip to Franconia on Monday May 02? I think this will be the last chance to find the big one before the summer heat comes. Stan/Jim/Jason? Richard aka kgmrg :spinnin:
  19. Hey, I've seen that dog before. She's usually out-running everyone in the meteorite fields. Great story, my best to Wendy and her partner Hershey Richard aka kgmrg
  20. Clifton This is not the first time jim has out done me. He's good at what he does. Thanks for your support. Richard AKA kgmrg P.S. I'll attempt again to post a pic
  21. OOPS! Some people have problems with posting. I'm working on it,but hope to correct my faults before they kick me off the forum.
  22. After spending most of the day alone avoiding snakes ( only one Red Racer?) : :???: I finally made my second find at Franconia, Only to be out done by Jim the next day see his post 04/26/11. It's all good My find: 26.86 grs.
  23. Jim I just finished wiping the tears from my eyes. To say great job and enjoyed being there with you on your great find. Richard AKA kgmrg :*&$*(:
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