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  1. Dave You are a magnet when it comes to the big finds! Congrats Richard
  2. Terry Persistence does pay off. Congrats on your second find. Richard
  3. Frank Congrats! You truly deserve this honor. :wubu: Richard aka kgmrg
  4. Dave Thanks for a great Hunt. You were a fantastic host. I'm not just saying that because I found a 178.1 g chondrite. It was the company and the bonding. Yeah that's it. :hahaha: Anyway, Thanks again Richard
  5. Jason Congrats on your gold find. It seems no matter where you go you always come back with something good Richard
  6. Terry Now that I've wiped the tears from my eyes, very nice video and congrats to the couple. Richard aka kgmrg
  7. Jason Congrats! I don't think skunk is in your vocabulary :hmmmmm: Richard
  8. Congrats Dave And Jason on your nice finds. I hope some day someone will invite me out to hunt Gold Basin Richard aka kgmrg
  9. Thanks guys , I still can't believe my luck. Jason You're still one of my meteorite hunting Heros :wubu: Richard
  10. Frank I can see why you didn't make it out to Franconia. Really nice finds congrats! Richard aka kgmrg
  11. Jim Pretty good for a "rough" video, even with Jason in it
  12. Jason Congrats on your finds! There is no place where those space rocks can hide from you. Looking forward to joining you in the field again. Richard aka kgmrg
  13. Dave Thanks. It seems the last time we spoke You were taking a picture of me holding my 57g Chondrite, and you know I was proud of that find. I have yet to come down from the thrill of this once in a life time find. Maybe I need to try Gold Basin. :lol:
  14. Jim Thank you. The bonding was the best part of the trip. I would have never found that stone without the help of my friends,which I am grateful for. I look forward to our future adventures with Team Hershey.
  15. Jason AKA Bam-Bam I had a great time,but glad I left when I did,as I needed to get home. My eldest daughter is still recovering from her surgery. Anyway, I appreciate your help,and hope we can do this again soon. I would like to check out other falls in AZ. like those we discussed around the camp fire.I hope Stan found some good ones. My best to you and your family and a Happy New Year. Go Team Hershey, Richard
  16. Frank Thanks again. I don't think I'm that lucky,but again it doesn't hurt to wish for bigger and better. :lol: Richard aka kgmrg
  17. Thanks. Yes it was on the surface and that is a corner piece laying along side the main stone.
  18. On December 29 Team Hershey (Jim/Wendy Wooddell, Stan Santiago, Jason Snyder, and I ) were hunting Franconia with several other hunters. A number of good size finds were being made,but it seems I was not so lucky. I had gone over to see one of Jason's finds and he suggested a location I should hunt. No sooner than I started swinging my new Gold Bug 2 that I spotted on the surface the find of a life time a 456 gram Chondrite. Wow! What a great way to end 2011. Happy New Year to all and good hunting for the coming year. Richard aka kgmrg Picture depicts a corner piece adjacent to main mass
  19. Frank Terrible joke,but glad somebody is posting. Isn't anyone make finds out there? I for one enjoy hearing when someone makes a find no matter how small. Big is better to help keep the adventure alive. To you and all HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Richard aka kgmrg
  20. Dave Congrats on such a great find Every time I hear that Gold Basin is dried out, someone proves it wrong. Thanks for keeping the dream alive, Richard aka kgmrg
  21. Roy Great job documenting Jim's big find. Perhaps we can get together in mid November for a hunt at Franconia. Richard aka kgmrg
  22. Frank Congrats Some day I hope to hunt GB. Richard aka kgmrg
  23. What a great weekend at Franconia. Thanks to all who participated and especially those who helped out. Jim/Wendy Wooddell, Jason Snyder, Dennis Miller,Ben Fisler,& Dave Dolan, who offered me some great advise.There is not much I can add that the others haven't already said with the exception of Robby's story of his small OC find and his Dad's snake encounter. A bit of advise Bob, stop playing with those Green Mojave snakes! :yikes:To all that attended the hunt and are celebrating their Birthday in October: Dennis Miller, Robby Hoover, and the ones who couldn't make it Bryan Couch & Erik Fisler HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Stan you were in our thoughts, take care, and I hope to hook-up with you soon. Richard aka kgmrg My finds for the weekend: OC 53.0g OC 52.5g OC 7.7g Iron 0.5g
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