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  1. Here's hoping you had a Happy Thanks Giving Stan, as well as all of you on the forum. Richard aka kgmrg
  2. RockyC It is really difficult to tell based on the photos,which some are out of focus. How do they react to an earth magnet? Filing a window would also help with the ID. You can obtain more information on meteorites, by going to the " Meteorite Research, Resources, ID,etc" posted at the top of the forum. I hope this helps, kgmrg AKA Richard
  3. Mike2014 Those of us that know Mike understand he had no malice. I have been there before and sh** happens. Mike is one of the good guys,who has the credentials to back it. I'm not trying to speak for Mike,just adding my 2cents.There are some great people on this forum, I hope you stick around and get to know them. Richard AKA kgmrg
  4. Jim I'll send you an email. Richard
  5. Jim I'm pretty sure you wouldn't remember me,but we met back in the early nineties sometime after your book "Magnificent Quest" came out. You were kind enough to give me some advise on meteorite hunting and finding the right metal detector. I would be more than happy to pass on that favor by giving you one of my Yelland dry lake finds for your collection. You can get a hold of me on the message board.Glad to see you're still hanging out. Richard AKA kgmrg
  6. Chris I had a great time and can't thank you enough for your generosity. I look forward to our next outing. Richard aka kgmrg P.S. Attached is the picture I took of you and your family,and of Tom's Jeep after finding a mud hole or two.
  7. Frank Great finds. I can't wait to get back out there when it cools down. kgmrg aka Richard
  8. Dave,Stan,Frank,& Fred Rob got a really nice Glorieta and all I got was a scare from a Mountain lion about a 100 yards from my location. Luckily the wind was blowing towards me or maybe he just wasn't hungry for mexican food. Last year Rob was visited by a large Bear,so this year we brought along bear spray... Next time maybe I'll get lucky. Clear skies/Good hunting Richard
  9. Adam Thanks. I'm not sure why the area was fenced in ,but there appears to be metal stakes setup in the center of the compound. Richard
  10. Rob Reisener and Sonny Clary invited me to hunt the Glorieta, NM strewn field. Minutes into the hunt Rob found a 70.1g Glorieta buried about a foot. What a great start, but after 3 hard days of hunting nothing else was found. Our hunting area was limited as the BLM forest area was closed due to the start of the fire season. This was my second trip to Glorieta and hopefully the third time will be the charm.
  11. Roach Dry Lake hunt. On my way home from Glorieta,NM I decided to hunt Roach Dry Lake,NV. I was rewarded with a 2.5g meteorite. Unfortunately it appears the strewn field is about to be closed. The area has been graded and cleared of the debris that had once marked the strewn field,with the exception of a single tire that had been used as one of the markers and a small patch of desert brush.
  12. Way to go Karl! Glad to see you finally made your find at Franconia. Richard AKA kgmrg
  13. Thanks Bryan I hope all is well with you and the family. I look forward to a future hunting trip with you. Richard
  14. Dave Wow! could this be you second cold find. My fingers are crossed for you. Richard
  15. Thanks Fred. It was a great day to be with friends.
  16. We were talking about you hoping to run into you. Go figure, sorry we missed you.
  17. It was a great day to hunt Gold Basin with friends ( Dolan) Dave Libuszowski, Roy Miller, and long time mentor Stan Santiago. A few small Gold Basin meteorites were found, but best of all my first gold nugget. Thanks Dave! P.S. Frank C. What do you think, will I get hooked?
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