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  1. Max, I didn't think you were that heavy of a drinker to have seen all of those things you thought you saw. :zapped: Next thing you know its going to be pink elephants.
  2. Hi Larry, I also live in Yuma and for me the nuggets are few and in between. I cant remember how to send a PM but was going to contact you thru that so keep a look out on your messages.
  3. Boy, those are very nice. I am green with envy.....
  4. We were going to go out today, but yesterday the jeep crapped out on me and had to have it towed back to the house. It is an electrical problem and it is going to take me a while to fix it I am affraid :grrr01: . So I guess the only beeping I am going to be doing is in the back yard :icon_mrgreen:
  5. Not familiar with the Mesquite placers but live here in Yuma. Unless you are talking about the Mesquite Mine area. PM if you are interested getting together while you are here. Hal
  6. Hey Allen you are most welcome would love to get out and do it again some time.
  7. Met with Allen in Mt Sunday for the first time and we headed out to the Cargo Muchachos for some detecting. I thought that we might be in a good spot and then we decided our attack strategy. :innocent0009: I started hitting targets right away one right after the other :icon_mrgreen: . No matter where I went I had a target, well it ended up that all of my targets were fragments from hand grenades. We ended up being right smack dab in the middle of one of General Patton's grenade ranges. I guess it might end up being a pottential area since there is so much trash there and once that is cleaned up the nuggets might show up. I felt bad for Allen that we ended up in such a trashy area, oh well there is always next time.
  8. Hey Allen, I live in Yuma would enjoy going out with you. When are going to be down in our little part of heaven?
  9. Great job those are realy nice....
  10. Way to go on the14 nugs. I figured Quartsite to have been hit hard and hunted out with all of the winter visitors that go there each year. I guess it goes to show you that no place is really hunted out. Lets see some pics of the Nugs.
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