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  1. I haven't posted gold for awhile so thought I would show off these little gems the Easter Bunny brought to me over the weekend. Combined weight at just under a half gram found with the GM1000 setting in Deep Auto 1. Both were found about 3" deep.

    Easter Weekend 2019.jpg

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  2. Only the best for the Ole Man! He  is a tough ole bird and will come through fine I am sure. In the mean time he has my best wishes for a speedy recovery! So do I assume it was a Pulmonary Embolism caused by a Pulmonary Thrombosis in perhaps a leg? Just a guess ... my sister had that years ago as a delayed reaction to a water skiing accident. They put her on blood thinners for the better part of a year. She recovered fully from it. My bet is your dad will too!

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  3. 15 hours ago, fishing8046 said:

    What about hunting one setting up from the black square on deep?

    That is the hottest setting on the machine. I have not found many place ... just a couple with mild ground ... that I can efficiently hunt in that setting. If you want to try a hotter setting than Auto 1 try Auto 2 ... all bars and center blacked out. If you can't balance the machine there you won't in Manual 10 either. Just as a guide no matter the setting ... if you can not balance the machine you are going to miss targets hunting in that setting. 

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  4. Fishing8046 I train for Bill Southern and think a lot like he does ... after all he trained me on this machine! We both dig all targets! The indicator going left and right and back again is only telling you that there is a target there and it really doesn't know what it is. The only target I don't bother to dig is the cold rock that has a very distinctive growl to it compared to a more gold sounding target. On the monster you will not be able to tell the difference between lead, gold or a hot rock ... I have found at least with my miserable unaided hearing that they sound the same and therefore I can not pass them up! I have to dig. Do I dig a lot of trash? YUP! Do I dig a lot of micro nuggets as a result? YUP! Does 437 nuggets to make an ounce sound like tiny nuggets? LOL! yes that is how many my last ounce of gold from the monster took to make an ounce! If you are hunting in Auto one and deep like Bill and I suggest doing whenever possible you will find that the machine properly balanced will fall out of balance fairly quickly and needs re-balancing often. Remember that the machine needs a 'sampling' of the ground not just the traditional up and down balancing that we have all used in the past. So if you get a target that is fooling you and they will ... take the coil slightly off to the side and re-balance with the correct method and go over the target again. Same result then there is definitely a target in the ground ... dig it up! As an aside I have dug gold targets that stayed all the way to the left on the meter until I was on top of it and sometimes not until I had it out of the hole did it indicate full to the right. Dig all of your targets. Swing very slow ... creep is a good pace ... low to the ground and scrubbing the ground if necessary. If the machine talks to you it is telling you to get out the pick or scoup and go to work!

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  5. Kyle great job on the specie! Let me, if I may, caution you going forward on something I find happen with many after their first nugget. One of the big issues I see all the time is the excitement over that first nugget carrying through to the next hunt. What that tends to do is to make the miner swing faster and cover ground in a very erratic manner. Next time out with the GPX concentrate on going SLOW and if you are thinking you are going slow enough try just a bit slower. I know that sounds corny but believe me as an instructor I see it all the time. The other and just as important is that no matter the coil in use practice over lapping the coil coverage on the ground. If you are using a mono overlapping 1/2 the length of the coil is important. You need not to over lap the DD coil as much but over lapping it as well insures that that deep nugget just off the edge of the coil as you pass over it is heard on the next pass. In other words concentrate on covering the ground in front of you 100%. It is not how much ground you cover but how well you cover the ground you are on. Lesson and sermon over! Good luck and I look forward to your next nugget pics.

    One last thing on the GM1000 ... you need to be ground balancing that machine often ... especially when hunting in all metal/deep mode! I strongly suggest hunting in Auto 1(that is the first time the center turns black on the sensitivity) and deep mode whenever you can. Hunting in gold mode will lose you depth.

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