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  1. Hi Don ... Haven't really conversed with ya in a long time. But was thinking about you recently and wondering how you folks are faring in Brazil. Getting a bit intense here in AZ with the increasing numbers falling ill to the Covid-19 ... but we will all ... hopefully ... get through this and life will go one.

    Hope this finds you well my old friend!

  2. Well I guess under the current crisis everyone is locked down or about to be and using their expendable coins for groceries and rent or mortgage. I get it. I am too! So for now I will take this off the market until things get better. BUT if someone has a serious interest and has some coins jingling in their pocket that is burning a hole in that pocket just PM me. 

    Hope everyone stays well and we'll see you on the other side of this virus! Wash your hands and be vigilant ... shelter in place is the best advice!

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  3. We just got a fresh supply of Mountain House dehydrated food on the truck today at the Sportsman's WH in Prescott where I work. folks were taking it off the hooks as we were putting it on! Strange times we live in right now! :old:

  4. Well I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I will not make it to the outing. I have the flu and not willing to share it with all of you. The good news is that it is definitely NOT Corona Virus(Covid-19). So on that note I hope you all have a great time and find some amazing yellow chunks!

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  5. We're all pulling for you Rick ... Keep the Faith my friend! I'm not a particularly religious man but do believe in a higher power and good karma! Having said that I send you good Karma and Positive thoughts! Please sing out if there is something this group can do to ease your battle! But whatever you do Battle On ... Miracles do happen!

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  6. OK ... No offers so far here or anywhere else I have posted ... so for forum members I will drop the price too $8000.00 and still include the trailer and spare parts. I just found the repair manual so that will be included as well. It's been a great piece of equipment for me but I have not been getting out as much as I used to and when I do I can usually drive the truck close enough to finish with a little walking! 

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  7. Come on guys and gals ... somebody must want a great detector that has been barely used. AND you would be helping out a great guy who is a 'bit' down on his luck. Make an offer to Rick and who knows! He might just accept your offer. Won't know until you try.

  8. 'freak' ... love that name! .   As for the RZR it has 3439 miles on it currently. That is not a lot of miles for its age. Roughly 400 miles per year since I bought it new. It has never failed to get me where I wanted to go UNLESS the trail was straight vertical and that was me saying "NOPE! Not today!" :old: LOL! Feel free to PM me if you have any detailed questions. I don't frequent the forum as much as I used to. Between gold hunting and my Kayak bass tournament season starting this weekend I have been a bit busy. Thanks for your interest.

  9. RICK ... as a good fellow angler friend of mine says all the time ... NEVER GIVE UP!!!! In the meantime sending positive thoughts and prayer your way! And one last thing ... touch base with Uncle Ron about the CBD oil ... last I knew he sells it. Beware of the cheap stuff sometimes found out there. It is not 100% pure grade. The stuff Ron sells or at least sold the last time I was at his house is the good 100% pure stuff. I would PM Ron directly if I were you. 

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  10. My trusty steed ... my RZR is up for sale at $8500 or best reasonable offer for both the RZR and Trailer as well as some spare parts. I have done most of the servicing myself including changing out all the fluids in the gear and transfer cases about 50 hours of running ago ... for me that is probably about 300 miles. This is the narrow 2 seat model of the 2012, not the full size 800S model. It has newer tires ... maybe 350 miles on the tires presently ... on it and I put a new drive belt on it when I changed the gear oils. I have a spare tire for the trailer and the RZR. The RZR has rock guards on the sides and front and rear bumpers, a half windshield and a roof as installed extras when new.  It's ready to go do some more prospecting ... I'm still using it. If you have an interest PM me or text me at 603.770.7208. I say text because I rarely answer the phone with all the robo calls out there lately unless your name happens to be in my phone from a previous contact so calling as a first action is probably not the best idea. Payment would be cash or a cashiers check. Title in the case of the cashiers check would be held until it clears. I own the RZR outright so I have the title readily available. It can be seen in Prescott Valley AZ or out in the desert working as I will continue to use it until it sells.

    RZR 1.jpg

    RZR 2.jpg

    RZR 3.jpg

  11. Mike not the same as Jim's famous book but a really good book for a new prospector is Chris Ralph's "Fist Full of Gold" book ... it is available on Amazon. Lots of very good information in that book. Chris is a Geologist and a very well known and accomplished prospector as well as a very experienced Metal detectorist.

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  12. I was supposed to go fishing for my birthday over to Lake Roosevelt but my fishin' buddy had to back out. SOOOOO ... I went to plan B ... go find a nugget for my birthday! Headed down to the RRPC Aquarius Claims (my zodiac sign is Aquarius) and began to search in one wash that turned up a lot of hot rocks and trash! Time to move to someplace else. Second spot was much deeper into the claims and a spot I had hunted a couple times before. I knew I hadn't destroyed all the old dry wash piles so began my attack. No luck for the first few ... about 10 of them to be closer to the number. I was just about to give up when I noticed one with a bush growing out of it. Four little pieces of iron trash and screen wire and then an odd little signal from my Gold Monster. Almost didn't dig it but my training was not allowing me to do that! :rolleyes: I must have moved that target around a couple of times before I finally had it in my scoop! Low and behold a nice little chunk appears after a quick rinse to show its true character. So I got my Birthday Nugget ... a 0.544 gram rough little piece that someone at least a few years ago lost off the front of their dry washer!

    Birthday Nugget 2-2-2020.jpg

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  13. On 1/15/2020 at 1:15 AM, Old Tom said:

    f you do get a new set of hand helds You have got to remember to bring them with.  Also remember what I told you never leave home without?  :cowboypistol:

        Old Tom    

    WTG Dad! Tell the youngster to come into at least the beginning of the 21st century! And yes ... bring a compass and know how to use it! Electronic gizmos are great but they run on expendable battery life. A good compass is hard to kill! An Orienteering compass is the best. Be happy to show you why! :old:

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