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  1. Geez guys ... Listening to you to reminds me of going out to dinner with the Octagenarians (that's 80 years old or older for the non-Latin crowd)! :grrr01: :grrr01: All they talk about is the latest med they just got started on or the latest pain in the ass relative who is butting into their personal affairs! :Huh_anim]: :innocent0009:

    You guys just need to get better and fast so you can get out on the dusty trail of those golden nuggets! :icon_mrgreen:

    So Ol' 29er and Grubby you guys have the long hot summer to mend your ways :innocent0002: ... This Fall we are expecting great finds from both of you two after your extended "time out"!


  2. Geez Ron ... I would take 72 degrees today here in NH. It is only 58 and a bit of a breeze. Tomorrow however, through Mon-Tue is supposed to be in the 90's and maybe reach 100 in interior sections. Oh yah ... forgot the humidity is scheduled to be in the 90-95% area. Just getting out of bed in the morning one could be drenched in sweat!! But then as we say here in New England ... wait 5 minutes and she'll change!


  3. Great Job Ron! ... But I have to say that ole fiberglass 14 E nuggetfinder is BUTT UGLY! ... AND you unabashedly put your name on it ... Who the h--l would want to steal something that ugly? :laught16: The GOOD thing about though is you proved that it WORKS! :icon_mrgreen: :whoopie:

    now go out there and get some more!


  4. Part of a reply I had over on AZO for the same topic when CG asked how high will it go.

    So long as the US $ continues to weaken against the other world currency you will see two things happen. The first is your question ... yes the value of gold will continue to climb. How high? I am not sure. Some say as high as $2000 oz. I don't believe we will see that level this year. I would not be surprised to see $1300 - $1500 US before all is said and done. I would be a buyer of bullion on the dips if any below $1000.

    The second issue that really affects all of us is the price of crude and therefore gasoline. Again, declining US dollar equals higher oil prices which mean higher prices at the gas pump. Now aren't you guys that have those big diesel Ford Super Duty's happy? Diesel out this way is about $4.20 a gallon with regular gas at about $3.10.

    The solution ... FIND MORE GOLD! Good luck. That's my :twocents: on the issue.


  5. Geez ... You south westerners are all woosy! :innocent0002: :innocent0009:

    It snowed here in NH both saturday and Sunday. Not much accummulation but we are not out of winter snow until around the end of April even here on the sea coast. I have seen freak snow squals into May in past years. I just have to sit back :coffeetime: and wait. Then it is beach time for this beeper! :icon_mrgreen: The winter storms erode the beaches not unlike flash floods in the desert. Best time to go is just after the storm ends on a low tide. Best time to chase the desert nugget ... right after the storm! Funny how that works!


  6. Hi George,

    Been awhile since I have been on the forum. So sorry to hear of your loss. It is a tough road to travel helping a loved one to pass over. Four days after you lost your wife I lost my mom. She passed peacefully, surrounded by family, on the 6th which would have been her 60th wedding anniversary to my dad who passed in 1993. They shared their 60th together. Like your wife she will be missed by us all. I share your grief my friend.


  7. Garimpo You are not far off on that avatar age. It was taken in 2001. That was also when I still had most of my hair. I got tired of seeing myself on my snowmobile so looked for one more pic of myself and that was it. I hate having my pic taken so I don't have much to choose from.

    Maybe I'll take a pick of the ocean surf after a winter stormnext time I am beepin down on the beach ... brrr .... this time of year it is usually 28-30 degrees with a mild 10-15 mph wind. Not my ideal beepin weather but beggars can't be too choosey. Whe you get the urge you just have to go and do it!


  8. If you are not looking to get a compact pocket camera and are willing to spend a modest amount for a great camera get a Nikon D40 with the two lens package. Fabulus Macros to within about 10" with the standard short lens when you use a tabletop tripod ... an accessory that costs about $20 and gives dead still clear pics close up. Cost is between $600-700 depending on sales ... never pay full price on a camera. Someone always has what you want on sale if you don't need to have it yesterday!


  9. Age does that Bill ... and they say the memory is the second thing to go! .... AH ..... I guess I can't finish my thought ... now I forgot what the first was! :innocent0009:

    Wish I could come out this winter. Looks like no such luck ... now shooting for fall 08! Work ... or more directly having to work ... sucks! And gets in the way of my fun!!


  10. Hi Guys,

    I am bullish on gold ... BUT I feel that a close over $1000 will bring a small and brief correction before it climbs again. I am currently holding and won't buy until after that magic correction day or two ... and then as Jim Cramer would say"Back up the truck!"


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