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  1. 2 hours ago, TnGroundhog said:

    Is deal number 2 still available?

    Yes it can be. I was about to pull the rest of the offers this weekend but if you are truly interested in #2 I can make it happen. I had decided to keep the 4500 and use it with the GM1000 for this season and maybe sell in the spring. Let me know what you want to do. You can private message me if you prefer to keep the details private. and I see this is your first post so welcome to the forum.

  2. Maybe you two should shake hands and agree that you most always will disagree in some regard. Get over it guys! Get broader shoulders and like a duck with water let all the tom foolery roll off your backs. However, in defense of you both, I will say sometimes your banter back and forth is entertaining in an odd sort of way! LOL! :inocent::hide::pop:

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  3. Well not exactly a big welcome back to the gold but the Monster did not disappoint! My first trip back out since my knee injury and 2 hours was enough. Oh ... Almost forgot ... the nugget was a whopping 0.24 grains! LOL! Paid for the gas to get out of the driveway but that is about it! Bigger and better next time!

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  4. That's a great specimen Bill. Well done. Can't wait for doctor to release me to do more outside ... aka desert walking. Been able to walk about a mile on the flat lately without lots of knee pain so doctor says August 1 I can do short 'over-land' walks. For me that means I get to swing my Monster again!!

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  5. Hey Bill ... Cheaper by far than the latest kayak I just ordered from Old Town, Sportsman Big Water 132 PDL, that won't be delivered until October! Fishing season is over by then ... at least the tournament season! But that's OK ... gold season is well into it by then. LOL!

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  6. I am the oldest of 4 siblings! 2 sisters below me and a baby brother ...  all of us are now well into our 60's with me at 72. I love both of my sisters dearly even though we don't always agree ... in fact rarely but that's a story for another day! many times I have been called various names by them 'Dick' being one of the milder terms of 'endearment'! LOL!

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  7. I'm way late to the topic but just for the record I don't feel that even a locked password protected separate forum for politics would work without repercussions of some sort because like most politics folks have their ideas and most aren't movable if at all! I would not have voted 'for' such a forum. I vote 'NO'!

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  8. Almost 20 years since my first intro to gold detecting ... had been detecting back east back in 1988. From finding my detector from back east ... White's DFX ... not working well at all in gold country to my first true gold detector the Minelab GP3000, then the GPX 4500 and 5000, Minelab, GPZ7000 and a few others in between. A Gold Bug Pro, a Minelab SDC 2300, Minelab Equinox 800 and finally my current favorite for gold the Minelab GM1000. A HUGE change from the 3000 to the 7000 in depth and sensitivity to small gold to say nothing about those beautiful larger nuggets we all seek ... and then there is the rejection of mineralization ... AKA hot/cold rocks. WOW ... All of that in a mere 20 years! And now Minelab comes out with the GPX6000 that from what little I have seen from videos is better than all of those others in its own way. Much of my collection is gone now for one reason or another but I may just have to add one last detector to my herd. That 6000 is pulling at my need strings! LOL! Have a great day guys and gals and be safe out in the desert this summer!

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  9. On 6/28/2021 at 9:23 PM, Polar Bear said:

    I’m curious if the upgrades are really that much better?   

    If it still works well and sounds as if it is I would keep it. And I would also be looking for a good GPX5000 if I could not see to paying $6000(USA) for a new GPX6000. From what little I have seen on videos so far the GPX6000 is picking up gold that all the other detectors have been swung over and missed. So yes the upgrades are well woth the choice to upgrade your equipment.

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  10. On 6/25/2021 at 1:12 PM, Stillweaver hillbelli said:

    There're dental colleges in Phoenix valley...they need practice

    Not looking to give someone a practice session. I have the upmost faith in my orthodontist here in Prescott! :D

  11. On 6/25/2021 at 6:32 PM, Mike C... said:

    He's probably trying to sell so he can get the latest and greatest deeper beeper :inocent: :200:

    Nope Mike ... the 6000 is going to have to wait by the wayside. My gums and teeth are more important to me right now. And what I am doing should prevent at least for the most part getting mouth cancer. Don't want to play games with the Big C! :old:

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  12. On 6/25/2021 at 1:46 PM, TomH said:

    I will take the scoop! 

    Glad your selling everything. More nugs for me :)
    Seriously,  hope everything works out for you Mike.
    Tom H.


    Sorry Tom :rolleyes: ... still have the mighty Monster :D and will find me more gold with it as time marches on. And then there is still the Eq.Nox 800 for a bit of treasure if the mood strikes that direction! So you see I will still be in the game ... just with the smaller gold ... OH! ... and isn't most of the gold smaller? :Diggin_a_hole:

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  13. Guys and Gals I hoped I would never have to post this but I just found out today I have some necessary/serious gum/teeth surgery and no insurance to cover it. So! Here goes!

    Deal #1

    GPX 5000 with both the 11" stock mono and DD coils, Doc's Screamer app, 4 cam batteries for the amp, the original Li-on battery, harness, 2 Koss UR-30 headsets(one is well worn on the muff pads and the other is almost like new), curly power cord, bungee cord, AC line charger for the Li-on battery. $2500.00 I prefer not to ship (shipping and insurance is way to expensive these days) but will meet up with someone within reasonable distance from Prescott Valley. #1 is SOLD


    Deal #2

    GPX 4500 with the 11" stock DD coil and 8" Mono commander coil, Li-on Battery, A/C line charger, Koss UR-30 headset never used and still in wrapper, Harness barely used as I had a different harness I used with this detector, Curly power cord, bungee cord, ML rubbish bag. $2000.00. Here again prefer not to ship but meet up within a reasonable distance from Prescott Valley

    Deal #3

    Coils and shafts and more ... 10" Commander DD elliptical coil, 14" Nugget Finder(NF) Advantage DD Elliptical coil, 14" NF Advantage Mono open frame Elliptical coil, 14" NF Advantage Mono solid elliptical coil, 16" NF (not advantage but back one generation) mono open frame round coil, 3 lower shafts, 2 Bunk's burro picks, one set dual wired speakers for GPX units, 1 pair Snake Guards size large never worn, ML hat and glove package (new). All for $800. I prefer not to ship but will meet up within a reasonable distance to Prescott Valley.

    Deal# 4

    Deals 1, 2 and 3 as a package for $5000. I will throw in a couple videos and books about gold prospecting with a metal detector.

    I will post up some pictures soon. Please PM me for more info. Thank you.

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