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  1. Happy Birthday OT! And may you enjoy many more! Happy New Year!
  2. Without a doubt the Equinox 800 is the way to go! As a user and instructor for same I would say for an all around detector under $1000 it can not be beat. And as you know Chris I have tried a lot of them!
  3. Just another reason some of us still dig every target!
  4. Here are three rock shops that could help you with local NH rocks. Santerre's Stones and Stuff, Epping NH Dondero's Rock Shop North Conway NH Maine Mineral and Gem Museum, Bethel ME Very hard to tell exactly what you have from a picture alone ... so if you live in NH try one of these shops. Or perhaps do a search for 'Rock Shops' in your home state. Most are pretty friendly folks and willing to help new rock hounds with ID. Good luck.
  5. They look good Doc! I could test one out for you to give it a really good honest stress test. Just as a suggestion I would like to see a small saw tooth edge on the side. It would help in the recovery of the GM1000 dinks when scraping that hard pan and only wanting to take fractions of an inch off at a time. Being a right handed 'scooper' I would like to see the teeth on the left side of the spoon as you hold it, scoop side up and handle pointing back at you. If you need my address to send the sample just say so in a PM and I will get it to you. Thanks!
  6. Positive thoughts and hope for a full recovery! I hate to hear about 'runners' ... had one get me back in 1974 in Boulder CO ... college student ran the light and I crashed my Kawasaki Z1 into his broadside! Fortunately when I hit and laid the bike down I was only going about 15 mph ... skid mark was about 15' long and cop said I was probably doing about 35 mph (which coincidently was the speed limit). College kid got a slap on the wrist! Never was issued a ticket and had no insurance! Anyway hope your friend heals fast!
  7. I would guess that in the last 10 years I may have seen 5 or 6 snakes that could have done damage ... how many others were there and I didn't see I have no idea. Of the ones that I saw only two gave warning and only one tried to strike ... but fortunately missed his mark. He would have gotten a mouth full of plastic had he hit because like Doc I wear gaiters all the time. And for the same reason as Doc. Those Prickly Pear spines I used to back into while getting back up from digging are no joke!
  8. Terry we actually had more and larger snow storms here in PV last year than did my fishing partner in Barrington NH. Not what I was expecting moving to AZ in 2011! And Global Warming ... Hell NO ... each winter has been colder than the last and earlier to start the below freezing temperatures.
  9. Bluebird sky here in PV right now. Expecting 3+ inches of snow Thursday night then turning to rain over night continuing into Friday! Are we having fun yet?
  10. Great price for that machine! I recently sold one without the cover or adapter for a little more money than what you are asking ... so whoever is looking at this one is getting a bargain for this price.
  11. That makes for an almost automatic offer of a comeback at a later date. Maybe he will have you come back and detect again after processing a bit more of the bedrock material. in any event good hunting and a great gesture toward the claim owner.
  12. For those of you who have not had the joy of a Teddy Bear Cholla(aka Jumping Cholla) encounter may I suggest that a pair of good tweezers or tight fitting needle nose pliers is a must have. I have also found that carrying a small hair comb is a benefit. The comb will allow you to get the Cholla ball off and then it is easier to get the remaining barbs.
  13. That's going to be a great deal for someone! Maybe a Christmas present from some spouse or SO for some lucky prospector who has been more nice than naughty this year!
  14. Ron you and Dodie get well and be there in March. Never know if you do get out between then and now we may run into each other. Cheers! Heal fast and live life to the fullest! Missed you guys!
  15. Should list this in the classifieds forum. You may get a better response.
  16. SDC 2300 is SOLD! Gold Bug Pro is still available as of this minute.
  17. Hey if you don't think it is worth much I take donations!
  18. Nope ... just a flat rock of which there were many here thanks to the schist bedrock. I saw that as well when I was digging.
  19. OMG ... You sold the rib crusher!?
  20. Gotta love those bird shot targets too! Nice job on the gold!
  21. No such thing as ugly gold ... love them all! but then again I'm old and single and can't see as well as I used to!
  22. I rolled a rock out of the wash ... and out popped this little guy. Very translucent and had a body about an inch long! One of his kind nailed me a few years back ... glad there wasn't a repeat of his relatives effort! If I am not mistaken this is called a 'Little Brown' by some but its official name is a 'Bark Scorpion'.
  23. About 3 hours of raking and chipping out bedrock released these little fellas from their eons of bondage!
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