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  1. 29'r The key to the macro photography is two fold. First and most obvious is to set the camera on the macro setting if it has one. The second is obvious too but not well understood. A steady hand is a must if you are to get clear pix. The smallest flinch ... even one unperceived by you ... will blurr the subject at close range. I have found the absolut best way is to mount the camera to a small table top tripod (under $25 at most Discount Dept stores camera dept ... Walmart comes to mind here.) Once mounted and focused with flash ready to fire on automatic, select the delayed shutter rele
  2. Terry, I didn't know any better having never been on a chat before .... I thought all I had to do was to type and hit speak or visa versa. When neither worked I just hit my enter key after I finished typing and voila ... I spoke ... it worked!! Sometimes if I play being dumb it helps!! Works for me anyway. Hope that helps. Mike
  3. Hi Roger, I just sent you an email with the requested information. The receipt on my end said it went through alright. Did you receive it or if you didn't then you ISP did but couldn't pass it on to you. In any event my email address is: m.furness@comcast.net Don't forget (there's that CRS again) to put a 'dot' between the m & f. As to your other issue ... my screen name on Bill's and AZO's forums has always been my real name. Thanks for all the work you do ... and no I don't want your job forever! :Huh_anim]: Bill S. told me you wanted that position so badly that it has been assig
  4. I must have been 9th or 10th to enter and had no problems whatsoever. I noticed a couple of guys leaving and then coming back. Maybe they left on their own and came back or got dumped. One thing I noticed was that when someone started typing it looked like they kept on getting interupted after each line of type. For example when BillS tried to type about 3-4 lines of text on one subject other speakers would get between his lines and confuse me a bit. I have no previous experience using a chat room so I stumbled on to the following: What I found in my writing was that I could just keep typing
  5. I think I missed the time for you guys to be there. Do I assume I only need to put a user name in and I can see anyone's chat or just my question/comment and the answer/comment to my post. As you can probably tell I have never used a chat room before ... just never had the need or desire. Mike
  6. 100 sounds about right to me too. Let's cap it at 100 for now and review it again in a year or two when we have a membership closer to 100. I am assuming we have about 50 right now ... is that about right for a guess? Mike
  7. Bill ... I'm not voting on this one as I won't make it out to AZ this Spring. Wish I could but it is just more important that I work right now!! Can I make a suggestion? If you have items that will need a vote of the membership and you know what they are in advance could you allow those of use to vote the issue to you, or any other officer attending the meeting/outing, as a proxy? You can keep the result of the vote in your vest pocket until you have your outing so that discussion will flow freely. I would not want those of us who are not there to control what is being done. I just would li
  8. Hey Bill, It just came to me ... WSPA ... sounds like whispa ... or whisper ... which means quiet ... maybe it wasn't intended ... but even the initials for the club mean low key!! I know ... I know ... I've been up to long. Going to bed to rest this old brain! Mike
  9. Fred ... Memory is the second thing to go! Obviously you have already forgotten the first!!! Mike (58 yo)
  10. You guys are all wrong!! Total is 1350 grains largest piece is 312 grains best of luck to all! Mike
  11. Bill, Your idea of 'Brrrr" may be a bit different than mine. Anything above 40 degrees is just about right to me! We've got 19 degrees and a ton of snow coming tonight. Some say 18-24 inches! I don't believe it will be that much here on the coast but you never know. Stay warm out there. Mike
  12. How about a conveniently timed lightening strike by good ol mother nature to add the elctricity needed for the transfer? Chances of it happening are slim and none but there is that one chance in a trillion!! Mike
  13. I was once in a fishing club that had life memberships and where most of the members ended up in that catagory because it was cheaper in the end. But it really wasn't because in order to stay viable we had to have special membership assessments on a fairly regular basis. The club was smal and now it does not exist. That alone is the best reason for not offering life memberships in a small venture. Just my thoughts ... Mike
  14. Hi Bill and all WSPA members. The new password worked first time through. :woohoo: I tried the old one too. No such luck. :grrr01: Yahoo! We are off and running. Now if I can only figure out a way to leave my real estate sales job in New Hampshire and make the same kind of money in AZ for the next 7-8 years until I decide to retire! Hmmmmm! :coffeetime: Looking forward to a long and successful club experience with a great bunch of folks to whom I have yet to meet in person but think I know pretty well just from the forum. :innocent0009: All the best to us!!!!! Mike
  15. Yup ... good people, a campfire and a beer make for the beginnings of great friendships at the end of the day. AZ is calling more and more all the time. Thanks guys! Mike
  16. Hi Denny, Serious problem for 'lotsa luck' ... I wish I knew more about miner's law so I could make a good suggestion. Observation and photography are going to be his best allies. I couldn't help myself when I read your bit about the checkout free-loaders ... almost spit out my cream of wheat ... I laughed so hard. I can just picture the culprits on the floor tied three points together. Bet they didn't move much once tied! Way to go!! Modern day vigilanty justice lives on!! Mike
  17. Hey Bill got my card in the mail today. Thanks. Let me know when you need my help! Mike
  18. Denny, Rancher has a good idea there. Maybe a form of silent auction of used/still usable/servicable or new prospecting stuff that some have in their garages/sheds/basements that they just aren't using anymore. Just a random thought! Mike
  19. Afternoon Bill, I finally put my membership fee in the mail today. I know I reside in NH ... BUT ... I am very willing to pick up the loose ends that can be done from a distance away. I probably won't get to AZ but once or twice a year ... but having a place to hunt once I do get to AZ is very important to me and well worth the annual membership fee. A big 'Thank You' goes out to all of you 'locals' who can put in the time for this project. I just wish I could be there too! Best regards, Mike
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