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  1. Thanks for the clarification on my post! It's going to be a good time !
  2. That would be more likely the two legged variety!
  3. Somehow Patrick I was going to guess you would be one of the first to respond! Look forward to seeing you again!
  4. Go to the 'upcoming outings' forum for an update.
  5. The Nugget Shooter Spring Outing is on for the weekend of March 22-24 2019. That is Friday Saturday and Sunday at Dome Rock, I-10 Exit 11, Quartzsite AZ! We will be camped on the South side of the highway. Events that will happen that I am aware of so far: Saturday morning will be an informal lesson on the GM-1000 and the Equinox 600/800 for those who want to learn more about those machines. We have done a few on the Gold Monster now so I assume ... have not talked to Bill about this idea as I just now thought about it ... but we will probably spend more time on the Equinox 800 than the Gold
  6. Thanks guys for all the B'Day wishes! Old Tom will make you fulfill that promise ... one of my favorite hard liquors! Terry ... ah ... what can I say ... she had other things to do! And Uncle Ron ... ole FB put you in jail over a 'rag' comment, ehh! Thanks again guys!
  7. No Terry ... Way too small for even the best "carrot" type pinpointer in my humble opinion. However, I have not tried the Minelab 35 as yet but all others that I have purchased or tried failed at small nuggets.
  8. I agree with Fred ... No real reason to shoot the snakes. I have seen a few while nugget shooting with my headphones on. Never been chased by one ... Mohaves are aggressive but never had one chase me. If you are paying attention to your coil you or at least I will see the snake before damage is done. You are smart to wear the gators at all times if only to prevent an attack from the cactus!
  9. Great job guys! And it looks like a good days wages as well! OH to be 40 years old again!
  10. Yes ... March 22-24 2019 ... not sure but pretty sure at Dome Rock in Quartzsite.
  11. Hey Doc ... Does it look like this one from LSD? A few years back not far from the windmill. It's an 1874 that I showed in a picture with a 1.42 grain nugget back in 11.03.2017. The gold dollar was found a couple years before that nugget.
  12. Welcome Todd ... looking forward to the knowledge share ... both ways!
  13. ...And so many of us go out into the vast wilderness by ourselves! I know I do anyway! I have to assume many of you on this board do the same.
  14. Hey Martin ... Had that happen a long time ago hunting in North Western Maine ... The North Maine Woods ... Spent the night as you did but in the morning a logger happened by on his way to the choppin he was working. Nice guy ... not only did he jump my truck but shared his thermos of STRONG hot coffee! Those French Canadiens sure know how to make good coffee. So we had some laughs during coffee 'break' and then went our separate ways. Two or three years later I ran across him again and asked if he remembered me ... ay-epp! he says! We talked for a few minutes and then I went to the back of my
  15. Happy New Year 2019! I have 4 detectors I would like to see someone get some benefit from. I would be happy to give anyone who buys one of these machines a lesson on how to get started so you can go and use it right away if you pick the machine up locally. (I teach with Bill Southern here at Nugget Shooter so you will be getting what you need to get started.) All prices are cash or pay pal (friends and family please). Cashiers checks would be OK BUT I will have to wait until it clears the bank before releasing the detector. Shipping if not picked up locally is on the buyer and will be est
  16. Looks like a nice helical fletching on the vanes. And I like the traditional nock notched into the arrow shaft rather than the more modern plastic. Well done!
  17. Happy Belated Birthday Jim ... hope it was a fun day!
  18. Happy Belated B'Day Mitchel ... Hope it was a great one!
  19. Good stuff there Doc! I have resolved to look at this new year with the glass half full rather than half empty! And to see the positives in all items that I come across whenever possible! I am not naive enough to think all will be so but if I look chances are I will be able to find it! Thank you for your words of wisdom and kindness!
  20. Not CHEAP Dave just frugal ... your money better served in your pocket! Home Depot has plenty in their pockets!
  21. nice Nugget Mike ... Had the same on a battery once. Can I assume you are using a GPX series from Minelab. If you are all I did was leave my detector running with a 'fully' charged battery. When it ran down and shut off the detector I recharged and it was good from that point on.
  22. Speaking of places getting trashed ... The last time I was up by the GPAA JJ and Soldier Boy, RRPC Mary Francis claims I noticed a few abandoned tent campsites that had at least a month or so trash still remaining including a broken down 2-3 man pop-up tent. Looked like they just got tired of being there so just left leaving all their trash and cheap equipment. it's a no wonder we get closed out of good places when this crap takes place.
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