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  1. What Rick there are not enough bullets to be found out in the desert that you need to provide a few hundred more?
  2. Chris ... Keep the GM1000! Sell the Eureka! Buy the 4500 and GET SOME LESSONS ON IT! It will shorten the learning curve immensely. The stock coils on the 4500 work very well so I would learn the machine first and then get the newer coils if you feel you need them with the gold you get from learning with the stock coils. Seriously the stock coils are very good. My ONLY complaint with them is that they are round instead of elliptical. I have both the 4500 and the 5000 currently and an array of different coils. I have found that the 11" round DD coil is very good in hotter ground compared to the
  3. OK ... Here ya go ... my no dicker sticker bottom line price ... all cash sales ... NO TRADES ... all pick up locally in Prescott Valley AZ. Or I can deliver at the Nugget Shooter Outing in November. If you need shipping it is on you! Minelab SDC 2300 ... stock equipment plus 3 sets of rechargeable batteries .... $2200.00 Fisher Gold Bug Pro ... two coils: 5" round DD, 10" elliptical DD included ... $300.00
  4. Happy Rainy Birthday Tom! Have to wait a couple days for that Birthday Nugget Trip!
  5. Yup! Friends, gold and yellow rocks! Fun day for sure! WTG guys!
  6. Brett I still have the one you gave me a few years back. You do great work!
  7. I hesitate to cut the shaft on any machine ... spoils the resale down the road. Just move the whole rig to the end and use the 'longer' shaft to your advantage. Reach deeper into the bushes where most never venture! Oops! Sorry trade secret ... strike that!
  8. Paul if you are seriously after gold in hot or highly mineralized ground I would strongly recommend the GM1000 with the 5" coil. Because GM1000 is a dedicated gold machine it will handle the ground better than the Equinox 800 in my experience. And when it comes to those fly poop size nuggets it will more easily find them for you. I can't tell you how many hundreds of little quail shot ... #9 pellets ... that I have found with the Monster. And yes I have found a lot of gold too but there are just more of those pesky pellets out there than there are nuggets. LOL!
  9. Good chance he has made it to rehab in Glendale I think Jane said. I would imagine he will be there for awhile. He's a tough ole bird that Ole Marine. Keep up the good fight Johnny Eagle!
  10. Chris ... wait a couple weeks like Gary suggested. I got 16" of snow out of the last storm out here in Coyote Springs (Prescott Valley North) at 5100'. The Lynx is up another thousand or so and in some places more so they probably have had at least a couple feet. Third day after the storm I still have about 8" in my yard and it has been cold here other than a few hours each day getting above 32 degrees. No doubt water is flowing in Lynx as I have seen it on the lower end where it crosses Fain and Rte 69 ... it was flowing there the other day when I went by. There was even water in the Aqua Fri
  11. Hey Bill ... Have you found a way to mount your two flags on the new rig? That's always a good way for folks to find us.
  12. PW ... It will find gold but you would do better I think with a dedicated gold machine. Had you asked ahead of time I probably would have recommended the GM1000 or the SDC2300 for the country you will be prospecting in. But if you are meticulous ... slow and low and listen very carefully to what it is telling you ... AND you get it over shallow gold you should be able to find some. I would strongly suggest that if you have more than 4-6" of over burden to bedrock that you remove the over burden and chase the bedrock. Enjoy the machine and most of all have fun! You won't get rich but the thrill
  13. Hi Lanny ... Just saying Hi to an old friend! Glad to hear you are doing well up north!
  14. I have not measured this morning but I would say we have 12-14" of snow here in Prescott Valley out in Coyote Springs which is north of town close to Mingus Mtn! Still snowing but very lightly at the moment. I'm guessing if it continues through the day like it is supposed to we will have 15" or better. What is really interesting is the wind that drove up some 3' plus drifts in my yard! Be safe out there!
  15. Hey Kyle you got yourself one great machine. Looking forward to your post and finds from using it!
  16. WOW! Look whose calling the kettle black!
  17. Good luck Mitch! G'Day Mate! or at least I think that is how they say it!
  18. All the BEST to the Ole Marine! Patrick any updates?
  19. Hey Chris first welcome to the forum. As for the coil you Need AllenJ is correct ... unless you have tight places to get into the stock coil will work well. if you have lots of tight places to maneuver around then a smaller coil is definitely in your future. A smaller elliptical like a 10" x 5" or say an 8" round coil would be my choice for tight shallow ground spots.
  20. Welcome to the forum John. Lots of meteorite guys here ... BUT ... hard to tell from a photo. Have you tried the State University Geology Department?
  21. Hogstir ... if you plan to use the Nox 800 I would suggest using the small 6" coil as it will be much more sensitive than the larger stock coil.
  22. Anyone and everyone is invited. Come on and join us ... you and your wife are welcome!
  23. Welcome Aboard ... Lots of information here! ... Especially in the past posts.
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