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  1. Spiders and snakes do not freak me out at all ... BUT ... Earwigs do!!!
  2. Happy Belated B'Day Shay! Hope it was a great one!
  3. Happy Belated B'Day Doc ... Just getting back to the forums after the weekend of Easter Egg Prospecting! LOL!
  4. I haven't posted gold for awhile so thought I would show off these little gems the Easter Bunny brought to me over the weekend. Combined weight at just under a half gram found with the GM1000 setting in Deep Auto 1. Both were found about 3" deep.
  5. Just for the record If anyone is wondering if I am not running the 8" Commander on my GPX5000 I will be running a 14" NF Advantage.
  6. Only the best for the Ole Man! He is a tough ole bird and will come through fine I am sure. In the mean time he has my best wishes for a speedy recovery! So do I assume it was a Pulmonary Embolism caused by a Pulmonary Thrombosis in perhaps a leg? Just a guess ... my sister had that years ago as a delayed reaction to a water skiing accident. They put her on blood thinners for the better part of a year. She recovered fully from it. My bet is your dad will too!
  7. Looks like she is pregnant already! This guy may be a day late and ... welll ... short! LOL!
  8. As far as filing a claim is concerned the April 2019 Prospecting and Mining Journal has a basic information article on how to do it.
  9. Now that's a handful of nuggets! Great work!
  10. Fish ... I think you found the secret! The machine does talk to you if you will only listen!
  11. Great Vids Chris ... Many can get a lot out of those ... just got to sit and listen with an open mind!
  12. Funny that you say that I lost one up there the first year I had my GPZ 7000 ... probably about 4 years ago now when they first came out.
  13. That's a good one for sure ... I bet you get one twice that size or better before the end of the year! You have that Monster dialed in!
  14. I like the rubber coating on those teething rings! Sorry that shape just reminded me of an old fashion teething ring ... not one of those more 'modern' binkies!
  15. That is the hottest setting on the machine. I have not found many place ... just a couple with mild ground ... that I can efficiently hunt in that setting. If you want to try a hotter setting than Auto 1 try Auto 2 ... all bars and center blacked out. If you can't balance the machine there you won't in Manual 10 either. Just as a guide no matter the setting ... if you can not balance the machine you are going to miss targets hunting in that setting.
  16. Fishing8046 I train for Bill Southern and think a lot like he does ... after all he trained me on this machine! We both dig all targets! The indicator going left and right and back again is only telling you that there is a target there and it really doesn't know what it is. The only target I don't bother to dig is the cold rock that has a very distinctive growl to it compared to a more gold sounding target. On the monster you will not be able to tell the difference between lead, gold or a hot rock ... I have found at least with my miserable unaided hearing that they sound the same and therefor
  17. Great Story! Add it as a chapter in the book!
  18. Kyle great job on the specie! Let me, if I may, caution you going forward on something I find happen with many after their first nugget. One of the big issues I see all the time is the excitement over that first nugget carrying through to the next hunt. What that tends to do is to make the miner swing faster and cover ground in a very erratic manner. Next time out with the GPX concentrate on going SLOW and if you are thinking you are going slow enough try just a bit slower. I know that sounds corny but believe me as an instructor I see it all the time. The other and just as important is that n
  19. Sure Doc ... Now you do that after I have sold my GPZ!
  20. Hey Uncle Ron... Protein if the shyte hits the fan!
  21. You might try an area like Chino Valley ... about 10 miles or so to the VA Hospital in Prescott.
  22. Hey Lanny ... When does the book come out?
  23. Glock 19 is a great carry gun especially for inside the waistband concealed carry. And the best thing is the it shoots better than its cousin the Glock 17 in my mind. If you are considering a Glock for personal protection and CC this is the gun to own.
  24. What Rick there are not enough bullets to be found out in the desert that you need to provide a few hundred more?
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