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  1. Morlock ... as a kid about 12 I was sleeping in a jungle tent hammock and woke to those little SOB's crawling all over me. Try it you might feel the same way as I do!
  2. Spiders don't bother me, nor do scorpions BUT EARWIGS ... Now those little bastards make my skin crawl!
  3. BD you are one fine gold gettin' machine! Great day's work ... ah ... night's work!
  4. BMc ... I am a believer in equal opportunity for all! However there is a point where it goes down the slide of no return. I haven't been on the forums much this summer but I have noticed a bit of negative behavior that just doesn't taste good! Soooo ... Just trying to prevent that slippery slope from appearing. BTW ... Not aware of me laughing at attacks on you ... if I did I apologize. In any event until Bill or Skip tell me to knock it off I will be making an attempt to prevent personal affronts when I see them. This is a family forum and those of us that have a bit of age and experience should be setting a positive example ... not the opposite! Thanks for understanding my position on this.
  5. BMc ... This is just a mild warning to knock off the personalizations of ... in this case Bedrock Bob. This is how forum wars are started here and it won't be tolerated. Further posts of negativity to any member of this forum will result in a formal warning and removal of offending posts. Enough said. Thank you.
  6. Bedrock Bob ... You crack me up!
  7. I guess I can now close out the two 'reports' I have been monitoring after what Skip said publicly. Keep it clean guys ... this thread is encouraging and enlightening showing that folks who disagree can be civil! We need more of this in this world.
  8. A little off the subject but that first picture looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost smiling and winking at us all while he is thinking "what are these guys going to come up with this time?" LOL!
  9. Day or two late on my part ... BUT ... Hope it was a great birthday!
  10. Don't worry about all that gold ... if it were true gold price would 'soar' to $2.00 a pound! Law of supply and demand folks! But that is obvious to all of us! We are all just dreaming about the quantity at the current price of gold ...not the resulting drop in value!
  11. Best suggestion if you are unfamiliar with area terrain is to join a club. There are lots of small clubs throughout the gold country. The biggest is the GPAA. It is cheap to join and there is a lot to gain from doing so. Beyond that NO ONE is going to give you a specific location.
  12. Welcome! Ask away in the appropriate forums. Lots of folks here with answers to most questions. Most know some ... no one knows all! LOL!
  13. Hey Bill ... Put a pair aside for me ... I'll get them when I return in September. Thanks, Mike
  14. Gary just reverse the first two numbers to 85 add the zeros and you have what I have on my 2015 ... 85000 miles!
  15. great job on that engine Dave. Nice and clean ... way we used to build race motors before computers took over running the engines! ... back to the 70's!!! LOL! (Just saying that makes me sound and feel old!)
  16. Day late and a gold nugget late but hope you had a great Birthday!
  17. Lanny me boy you are quite the yarn spinner! Great story. As for the lesson learned ... NO ... it is not that going back a second time is not worth the effort as some might think ... but that the extra effort does indeed payout over time.
  18. Almost makes me want to come back to AZ for the summer instead of staying here in NH ...almost! Great job guys!
  19. Rest in Peace Jim ... Sorry we never got to meet in person but so glad for our electronic com and our phone chat. You will be missed by many and you leave such a huge void in our community by your passing. I will be forever grateful for having known you!
  20. Well done Tammy ... You are becoming a really good nugget shooterette!
  21. YUP! Was down there last fall shortly after the monsoons were done ... maybe late September. Deep dig holes and trash all over the place. I knew that eventually if it wasn't cleaned up ... and who would do that? ... it would be make off limit to all the panners and sluicers that spent time there. Going to happen to Lynx too if people don't start cleaning up after themselves. Carry it in you can carry it out and a little more if you find it. Not a difficult concept but people are too lazy in many cases ... they think "oh well someone else will be along to clean it up" or "the rains will wash it away!" And if the rain washes it away where do you think it all goes? It doesn't automatically and magically make it into a dumpster! I know I am stating the obvious but if we as users continue down this path more will be taken away and pretty soon we will have no place to go legally! 'We' are truly our own worst enemy when it comes to preserving our right or in some cases like Rose Creek our privilege to use the land.
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