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  1. Just a quick note here about Jayson. As I recall before he signed up for service to this great country he was very inquisitive and active on the forum. I don't recall the stories he might have had with any finds but I do remember that his youthly enthusiasm for the sport/hobby was exciting. I think he would be a great addition to the club. Mike
  2. Hi Jim, What you say makes a lot of sense. This NH boy only hunted GPAA claims and a couple of places Bill S and Chris G showed me. one was a claim that Chris and his dad owned which they have since sold. My only nugget came from a place not far from where Bill, Chris, Chris' dad Steve and Montana met my son and a couple day clients Bill had that showed up over an hour late in the LSD area. I stumbled on to that nugget the year before. If I had ideas on where to go I would certainly help the club out if I knew it was unclaimed. I hope others will be able to be better resources. Mike
  3. Thanks Chris. I hope someday I get a chance to get out there to the claim. And as an added bonus maybe even get to meet you. Mike
  4. Hey Bill ... Whatever the reason a member in good standing uses to ask to be released should be honored. If it isn't working for him for whatever reason its OK. I wish him well ... and so should the entire membership. Mike
  5. Hey Roger, Can you give us a clue as to why? Just curious. Can't do much with it here in NH anyway. Mike
  6. Hi Roger, Just thought of a possible reason for missing on my email. What email address are you sending from? If I had that I would double check that you are on my approved list. Mike
  7. Roger that would be a big timesaver for you and about as secure for our members as you can get by using a separate pass word to access the maps. It will save you getting returned email like you have had with me. I'm still looking into it. You are on my "good" email list. So I don'yt understand why it would be undeliverable. Thanks for all the great work you are doing. Mike
  8. Yep ... I just voted making it 23 yes 0 no and 27 total votes! Hmmm! I didn't see a spot for abstain! Calculator must be broken! I wish I could find a 'claim' here in NH ... yes we have gold! ... but it is all private or state owned land ... permission is hard to get because Yankees being what we are don't want people pokin around on our land taking what don't belong to them! :( ... no such animal as mineral rights to claim around this part of the woods either. Only place that is easy to have access to hunt is the beaches at the ocean early in the morning before the crowds get there. Mike
  9. darn you're getting tough on us! :innocent0009: Orders! Orders! You sound like an old supply sarge I once knew! :wubu: Roger you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!
  10. Sorry I missed out last night guys. Family matters got in the way. 85 year old mom's can be a piece of work but you got to love them!! Next time for sure. Sounds like by all accounts the first showing went well. Looking forward to the newsletter and the minutes. If I ever get to the beach again maybe I can throw a crumb of a story towards it. Good hunting aand may your pockets be lined with gold!! Mike
  11. Hi Bill and All, The chat room worked slick for me. It did take a few seconds to come up and change screens once I signed on ... unfortunately no one home to try it on. Lots of rooms in there!! Mike
  12. Bill, Count me in! ... ah ... that's a yes vote! Now I know why the charter members picked you as President! Mike
  13. Hi John, Just thought I would chime in from the rainy right coast just 10 miles from the ocean in Exeter NH. I have offered multiple times to Bill S and will say the same to you ... ready, willing and able from afar. I am in AZ but a week or two a year and have missed the last winter season much to my displeasure. I look forward to my time in AZ whether it will be detecting or helping on a club function when I am there. Until retirement in a few years, I'm 58 now, I still have to work here in NH. Just so you won't think I am grousing ... I'm telling you I'm not. I want to help, I am willing
  14. My only question is time of day ... night. Normally I am 2 hours different from NH to AZ. Now, in NH, we are in Daylight Savings Time(DST). If I remember right AZ does not use DST. Which makes it a 3 hours difference from NH to AZ from Spring to the middle of Fall. So ... do you guys in AZ have DST or MTN standard time all the time? And what time in terms of AZ time will the meetings be? Thanks, Mike
  15. Anyone named Mike can't be all bad! Welcome Mike! Mike
  16. Geez, How can you not vote for a guy after a statement like that! Mike
  17. That sounds great for me ... First Wednesday of the Month. If everyone is in agreement I'll permanently market my calendar. Just let me know. Mike
  18. Hey Joe! Welcome to the club! Looking forward to meeting you next trip to AZ! Mike
  19. Welcome to the club from the sunny NH shores along the Atlantic Ocean ... WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY too far from the gold field in the Arizona desert!! Mike
  20. Hi Bill, AGAIN! I guess I should read through all the posts and the pinned items before I make a suggestion. I have been away from the forum for a few weeks. I see you already have Jim pinned. I read all the New posts ... and there were a lot of them ... first and then read the pinned items! Thank you everyone for all the work you are doing to make my next trip to AZ more profitable ... nuggets and friendships to be had!! If there is something that can be done from still cold and frozen NH I am happy to do it ... just ask! Mike
  21. Welcome Chris! Looking forward to hunting with you again! Mike
  22. Hey Bill, How about pinning Jim's opening post for this thread. That way his contact and the forms are readily available. Missin the desert here in NH .... Mike
  23. Most any night except last wednesday of each month. If I am not mistaken most of the year you are 2 hours behind me so a 6:30 or 7:00 PM your time during the week is okay with me. Mike
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