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  1. Nice "little" pot a gold you have there Bob. Glad you took the time to show to us. Living here in NH I have to rely on those of you who have the time and the location to get that precious golden rock and then show it to me. It is much appreciated ... as are the stories behind it all. About six more years to retirement but hopefully a few trips to AZ will happen before then. Thanks again for showing off the pot at the end of the rainbow. Mike
  2. Hi Martin and All, Like Terry I have no claims to offer but do believe it is a good idea. I have said it before but it bears saying again. If anyone needs an additional signature on a claim I offer my signature if it would help gain more for the club. Best to all in this new year! Mike
  3. Hey Blake, Best way I know is to go online with your bank and see if the check has cleared. I usually find my mailed checks have cleared about a week or ten days after dropping it in the mail box. if you are really concerned send it certified, return receipt requested. That way it has to be signed by the receiver and you get a receipt copy back. Probably the best way yet is to ask the bod if they received it. In any event give it a good week or 10 days before getting too worried. That's my 2 cents worth of advise for the day on Christmas Eve. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! Mike
  4. Hi Shep, Don't think you :innocent0002: insulted or offended anyone. Sometimes a post just goes into cyberspace! :innocent0009: In any event have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous prospector's year in 2008. Mike
  5. I'm a bit late getting caught up on all these threads but I would agree that the present BOD plus Chris as the 5th member would be the best for all of us. Mike
  6. Read, Understand the need for the changes and agree to all changes as stated. Mike
  7. Bob and All, I too have stayed away from this discussion because as a far removed member living in NH and getting to AZ but one or two weeks out of the year at best it really does not affect me. That's not to say I don't care ... but it really does not affect me for the time I do spend in AZ. I joined in hopes of meeting a few of you guys over time and to have a place or two that I could go and have a reasonable chance to pick up a few nuggets during my stay. I do go out on my own or have in the past because I didn't know anyone short of Chris G, Steve G, Montana & Bill S. They all have t
  8. Roger and the rest of the BOD .... May the Force be with you!! Seriously I can't imagine you guys making bad decisions for the group as I have seen little of that during this first year ... Lots of growing pains ... but calm heads have prevailed. You guys have done a very commendable job in this member's eyes. Thank you for all of your efforts. Mike
  9. Seems to me that blood relatives whether minor children or grand children visiting the claims for camping, prospecting or whatever should be a decision of the attending adult parent or grand parent. I'm not sure this needs to be so difficult as to needing a New York lawyer to discipher whether or not a person or activity can take place on a claim. Maybe a simple disclaimer and release signed by all members at the time of membership renewal on Jan1, 2008 would be enough to protect the club from liability. Before I get in trouble for not including non blood relatives let me say that if in a com
  10. Great post guys and better idea than buying a piece. I support your effort in spirit if not in kind as I live in New Hampshire. If there is somethingI can do from here please just ask. Mike
  11. Chris, You and Rex may be on to a good idea with leasing land from someone like Newmont. I think I would be more in favor of that for the near future than an outright purchase. Call me Yankee ... for you Southwesterners that sometimes means so one who is cheap ... I tend to think it could also be meaning conservative and well thought out ... Financially in the beginning a lease would mean we could get a lot more for less! I like the idea the more I think about it. With a 100 plus members there should be a few more opinions on the subject. What say the rest of you. Mike
  12. I am definitely in the "no rush camp". As far as the club buying land as a corporation ... it would be the corporation buying the land, not the members. The members of the corporation are only members so long as they pay their dues each year. No dues ... no membership. The only way I see undivided ownership that could be given in an estate/will in purchased land is if a group of members got together outside of the corporation to purchase a property and leased access for a fee or free back to the club. Details, of course, for any real estate venture for the club(corporation) will have to be a
  13. Hi Chris, I would agree with you. For clarification ... My comments were more directed to buying land by itself. Perhaps I was reading more into than I should have but I read the origin of this thread to include land for the sake of land with or without patent. I'm with you I would be all over a good piece of patented land! Mike
  14. Speaking strictly as a real estate broker, my professional trade of the last 23 or so years, I would tread slowly on the land ownership issue. I am all for the purchase or lease of viable claims of either flavor. The purchase of land on the other hand may go beyond the scope and reasonable ability of the club to take on the additional responsibilities of a landower ... property taxes and personal liability come to mind very quickly. I would rather pursue the purchase of a couple of good time tested claims than a single piece of property with a 'full bundle of rights' and therefore obligations.
  15. If you are talking strictly a referral of a non-member claimholder by a current member in good standing I would go along with that. I can't imagine a member recommending another potential member with valuable claim in hand would be unwelcomed into this club. I am aware enough to know that there may be a few small personality clashes around the water cooler but if those can be put aside for the greater benefit of the club why not bring in new members this way. Mike
  16. Sounds like a great way to encourage more claims. I would say yes for the most part. I am just concerned about unlimited growth that might open up. Are we ready for that yet? Just a quick thought to get this topic started. Generally I would favor an outing to encourage claim owners to join us. It is still our decision whether we want the claim ... to own or lease. What say others? Mike
  17. Hi Martin, Glad to hear the wife is getting better. Prayers work most of the time thankfully but then so does positive energy. Here's a little of both for you and the wife that you may have many more dys and years together! All the best Mike
  18. Hi Chris and all, I'll add my 2 cents worth on the shale roads as I drive on them in the North Maine Woods all the time. The logging companies love to put that stuff down to make new roads for there 12 foot wide log carriers(I call them road hogs because they like the middle of the road) to travel. However, they never travel more than 40 mph as Chris said. They also add air pressure to the tires. I have tried it both ways and have to agree with them although it doesn't make sense when I think about it. I run 6 ply rated tires on my 06 Silverado 1500 extend cab with 17" rims. normally I rum wi
  19. Hey Chuck what else can I say but "repeat" of the others. Terrific job. I look forward to the next issue. Mike
  20. Roger you have been drinking too much of that black coffee! :coffeetime: Lay off that stuff a little! :innocent0009: I hate to think about it but you aren't all wrong there either. :grrr01: :ph34r2: I hope I never live to see the day. Here's hoping there are still a few straws in the box. :hmmmmmm: Mike
  21. Hi Roger, I am by no means a computer whiz and maybe you have already tried this but I do send stuff in mass emails to a list of about 300 in my real estate business. For my purposes I store the list in a word doc. When I am ready to send the mail I put my own email address in the "To:" line and then copy my entire list from the word doc to the "BCC:" line. Rarely do I get an email back. The one's that do get back are usually hotmail and yahoo addresses. All the comcast, google and personal website addresses seem to go through. Try it if you haven't already. Mike
  22. Exactly the way I would have done it Bill! No questions from the North East corner of the country. Mike
  23. Grampa! Grampa! ... my turn! ,,, My Turn! ,,, MY TURN! :innocent0009: I can hear it now ... all those little rug rats scampering around lookin for Grampa's attention ... AND HIM LOVIN EVERY MINUTE OF IT1111 :innocent0002: You have every right to be proud , to brag and enjoy them! My hardy congratulations. :whoopie: :whoopie: :whoopie: Mike
  24. Hey Roger I just went to the claims usage for these claims and noted that you need to update the post to say they are now open. Your last post was in June saying they are closed. Keep up ole man will ya! :) Thanks for all you hard work. This eaterner sure appreciates all you guys are doing so that when I visit I will have a place to go. Best regards, Mike
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