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  1. Geez ... You south westerners are all woosy! :innocent0002: :innocent0009: It snowed here in NH both saturday and Sunday. Not much accummulation but we are not out of winter snow until around the end of April even here on the sea coast. I have seen freak snow squals into May in past years. I just have to sit back :coffeetime: and wait. Then it is beach time for this beeper! :icon_mrgreen: The winter storms erode the beaches not unlike flash floods in the desert. Best time to go is just after the storm ends on a low tide. Best time to chase the desert nugget ... right after the storm! Fun
  2. Geez ... You guys are brutal :innocent0009: ... I don't know Mike but if he is like this Mike (humor has to follow the name "Mike" :innocent0002: ) he has to have a sense a humor! ... HANG :innocent0009: in there Mike ... and a quick recovery. Mike
  3. At the very least get a perscription for an Epi-Pen. At least with a shot from the pen you would probably have a better chance to make it out of the wilderness and get medical help! Be safe out there. Bee venon in some of us is deadly!! Mike
  4. Now Blake! Have you no shame? Shame on you! Mike
  5. Yup! That's a go from me too. I just lost my mom to COPD last week only 4 days after George's loss ... not exactly a form of cancer but close enough. Make the donation so that someday more will survive the Big C! Mike
  6. Hi George, Been awhile since I have been on the forum. So sorry to hear of your loss. It is a tough road to travel helping a loved one to pass over. Four days after you lost your wife I lost my mom. She passed peacefully, surrounded by family, on the 6th which would have been her 60th wedding anniversary to my dad who passed in 1993. They shared their 60th together. Like your wife she will be missed by us all. I share your grief my friend. Mike
  7. That looks like a great low flyin yellow bird of a b'day gift. Just remember two things ... Pedal to the metal and rubber to the pavement and you will be just fine! Mike
  8. Hi Greg, Been awhile since I could get on the forum to read or post. I've been real busy tending my mother who finally passed over to the next world last Thursday. It was her 60th wedding anniversary the day she passed. I look at it that she picked that day to go celebrate with my dad who passed away in 1993. It just amazes me how often people can 'pick' the day to go. She was 85 and had a good life up until about 3 years ago. She will be missed. She passed quietly with family around her. Now ... Thanks for the 'offer' to 'save' a corner post for me. Sounds like what my brother tries to do t
  9. Yup! I was glad to see a greater share of the guys staying on for another year or more ... Just wish I could get out there and find some of that yellow stuff just shinini in the sunlight! I figure my money is well spent to have a place to detect when I finally do get out there. Counld get out last year and doesn' tlook like this year unless during fall but come winter of 2009 I amalready planning to be there for a couple weeks at least. Maybe you could leave a corner post out so I could place it so I at least could say I did something! Chances are pretty good there will be some maintenance i
  10. Hey Grubby, Happy B'day there youngster! I beat you to 59 by just a few days on the 2nd. The way I look at it is that 59 is just another year of greatness! Hope it was a happy one. Mike
  11. Garimpo You are not far off on that avatar age. It was taken in 2001. That was also when I still had most of my hair. I got tired of seeing myself on my snowmobile so looked for one more pic of myself and that was it. I hate having my pic taken so I don't have much to choose from. Maybe I'll take a pick of the ocean surf after a winter stormnext time I am beepin down on the beach ... brrr .... this time of year it is usually 28-30 degrees with a mild 10-15 mph wind. Not my ideal beepin weather but beggars can't be too choosey. Whe you get the urge you just have to go and do it! Mike
  12. Roger the password works! Just had my first opportunity to try it out. Thanks for all your work. Mike
  13. It has all been said already Chris. But welcome from the Seacoast of New Hampshire. You will be and are a great addition to the BOD. Thank you for volunteering to help direct this motly crew!! Mike
  14. Got mine too! And my new membership card. Thanks Roger. Mike
  15. Been expecting that you would as soon as everyone had their chance to renew. Thanks Mike
  16. Hey Jim, I know it may sound real basic but I have been guilty of this also. Make sure your GPS is set in the right grid type for the map you are using. And I also make sure I am in the right time zone although I don't think that has a bearing on the GPS ... the map grid type does however. Mike
  17. I'm in your court JW. Pack it out ... I'd burn it first! Not offered as an option but I sooner go without the soiled skivies than carry them around for a week. Burn em and wash your jeans in the creek while you scrub that nasty $&%#(*!
  18. If you are not looking to get a compact pocket camera and are willing to spend a modest amount for a great camera get a Nikon D40 with the two lens package. Fabulus Macros to within about 10" with the standard short lens when you use a tabletop tripod ... an accessory that costs about $20 and gives dead still clear pics close up. Cost is between $600-700 depending on sales ... never pay full price on a camera. Someone always has what you want on sale if you don't need to have it yesterday! Mike
  19. Age does that Bill ... and they say the memory is the second thing to go! .... AH ..... I guess I can't finish my thought ... now I forgot what the first was! :innocent0009: Wish I could come out this winter. Looks like no such luck ... now shooting for fall 08! Work ... or more directly having to work ... sucks! And gets in the way of my fun!! Mike
  20. Hi Guys, I am bullish on gold ... BUT I feel that a close over $1000 will bring a small and brief correction before it climbs again. I am currently holding and won't buy until after that magic correction day or two ... and then as Jim Cramer would say"Back up the truck!" Mike
  21. Lotsa luck That sounds like a reasonable and logical explanation. I guess a "group" of guys would really have to have a compelling reason to be silent on the claim ownership. Thanks for clearing up the muddy water! Mike
  22. Hi Roger, Been off the forum a few days ... work gets in the way sometime. I know you don't remember what that is as memory is the second thing to go ... so you certainly can't remember the first thing to go!? In any event that thanks for all the work you have done on the rule changes. I think I understand the gist of them all. Good job!!! Mike
  23. I'm in agreement ... see no reason to change when we already have the best of the best! Mike
  24. hi there JB, I am in a similar mind set to Dakota Slim in that I am not so much interested in the claim ownership as offering a signature if it meant helping a fellow association member to gain more claims to offer for the club members use. I am a "virgin" when it comes to knowing what is involved in claiming a site being a Yankee all my life. As you probably know we don't have those "liberal" ownership rights that Southwesterners enjoy. No one thought of such things when we told the Crown to shove it! Offer still stands if anyone needs a signature for the sake of a signature if it helps the
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