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  1. Old Salt, Pardon my ignorance but what is the "gray sheet" and where is it found? I inherited a small cache of various coins ... most of which are US silver coins. Some few clad coins I assume are face value I am sure. As the personal representattive of the estate I am charged with selling them and distributing the cash since none of the heirs wants to just take them. Thanks, Mike
  2. Hey Michael, No offense my friend but here is a "Classified" forum within this form for items for sale. This part of the forum was supposed to be for Electronic Gold Detecting posts if I am not mistaken. Why don't you move your post where it belongs. You might even get more action on it. Just my :twocents: !! Good luck with the sale. Mike
  3. 29 Prospector ... Bob it got so confusing because we have had ideas ... which is good ... from the membership which is like a giant committee. And like any committee things can easily stray from the original path. Once at the end of the path there often times is a totally different direction being followed. Now that is not all bad. I'm glad to see all the ideas and creative thinking of the group. And I do hear what you are saying about the simple idea behind the WSPA being a fellowship of sort where members could get together for an outing, have some fun and maybe a good chance at a chunk of y
  4. Mike C.,Denny, AZ4AU(Mike), Unc Ron and All, I wish I could be out in AZ rather than NH to help out but can't other than a possible couple weeks in the fall and/or winter. I still have to work here for a couple more years at least. I am a pure neophyte when it comes to filing claims, researching claims etc. However, when I am there I can spend some time chasing locations and maybe gain a dink or two. That might help with the gas! If we looked at having a piece or two of heavy equipment what might be the ramifications with having to file a POO or dealing with the tree huggers? If some are co
  5. Never once in 4 + years as a member on this site have I had any problems logging on. Maybe I just live right! :innocent0009: Mike
  6. Bit of a tear jerker .... but a great story! Thanks for sharing it. Mike
  7. Yep ... Here in the Northeast we are into the 4th day of a heat way ... The coast of NH is 96 degrees last time I looked about 15 minutes ago. Problem here is not the heat so much as the humidity and air polution! Cold front comes in tonight ... hopefully tomorrow brings low 80's and cleaner air coming down from Canada. Mike
  8. Geez guys ... Listening to you to reminds me of going out to dinner with the Octagenarians (that's 80 years old or older for the non-Latin crowd)! :grrr01: :grrr01: All they talk about is the latest med they just got started on or the latest pain in the ass relative who is butting into their personal affairs! :Huh_anim]: :innocent0009: You guys just need to get better and fast so you can get out on the dusty trail of those golden nuggets! :icon_mrgreen: So Ol' 29er and Grubby you guys have the long hot summer to mend your ways :innocent0002: ... This Fall we are expecting great finds
  9. Nice looking NON-gold! :innocent0009:
  10. Geez Ron ... I would take 72 degrees today here in NH. It is only 58 and a bit of a breeze. Tomorrow however, through Mon-Tue is supposed to be in the 90's and maybe reach 100 in interior sections. Oh yah ... forgot the humidity is scheduled to be in the 90-95% area. Just getting out of bed in the morning one could be drenched in sweat!! But then as we say here in New England ... wait 5 minutes and she'll change! Mike
  11. Mike I can't say it strongly enough. Keeper the way she is. You definitely have a real beauty there! Mike
  12. Hi Bob, Welcome back to the real world! Remember to mind the nurses ... they will tell you how and what they want from you! :innocent0002: :innocent0009: Looking forward to the new stories. Mike
  13. Roger there is nothing so precious as friendship. Sorry for your loss ... your double loss ... my friend! Mike
  14. That beautiful nugget on the left looks like it should belong to the State of NH ... looks just like the outline of the state borders! Great finds! Congrats guys! :whoopie: :whoopie:
  15. Hey Alan, You meant to say that coin represents what a silver dollar buys today ... right?! :innocent0009: mike
  16. ABSOLUTELY!! ... Grubstake ... Gary ... get well! Mike
  17. Hi Bill, Go get'em ... and take that nasty little insect you got flying around your name with you. Surprised he hasn't migrated to other parts of the page or brought in some buddies to play with! :innocent0009: Mike
  18. Great Job Ron! ... But I have to say that ole fiberglass 14 E nuggetfinder is BUTT UGLY! ... AND you unabashedly put your name on it ... Who the h--l would want to steal something that ugly? The GOOD thing about though is you proved that it WORKS! :icon_mrgreen: :whoopie: now go out there and get some more! Mike
  19. Hey Bob ... looking for and getting more attention is not done this way! :innocent0009: Get well soon. We need more of your stories and there are a few more golden rocks out there that are screaming to be dug up by you! You are in my prayers! Mike
  20. Hey Roger, How about telling us how you really feel about the position! :innocent0009: I haven't been on the site for a few days so was catching up when I read your retort ... ah report ... on your position. I must be part sadistic because I burst out laughing half way through and was still laughing at the end. I know it is sometimes a thankless job ... so here it is ... Thank you so much for stepping up and doing what most won't or can't do. I appreciate all your efforts! :whoopie: :bowdown: Still chuckling! :innocent0009: Mike
  21. Ron I'm happy to sign from a far ... I live in NH and frequent AZ but a couple weeks out of the year at present. Roger ... I agree with your idea, principles behind it and the expenditure of club funds to reimburse dollar for dollar member expenses for acquiring claims with the long term lease and quit claim back to the club. I also offer my signature hwen and where needed. I also concur that members should not make a profit from a direct result of the club actions. Hope this helps in some way. It's hard to contribute from this far away but I am certainly willing to do so. Mike
  22. Now Unc .... Is that one day growth or a two day? :confused0013: Makes a difference you know! :innocent0009: Mike
  23. That's OK Merton. Glad to see you have a sense of humor! I wouldn't exactly say I am reach either. At 59 I don't see full retirement until I am 83! I feel your pain ... but I plan on having a little fun along the way. Hope to meet you folks someday. Mike
  24. Merton, Marsha and Marstin, Welcome to the club folks. Prospecting as a family hobby has got to be fun! Now I have to ask because it struck me that your names all begin with M ... Did your parents have a lot of stock in the 3M Company? Sorry I just had to ask. If you do as well as 3M has done over the years you will do very well indeed!! All kidding aside a hearty welcome to all! Mike
  25. Part of a reply I had over on AZO for the same topic when CG asked how high will it go. So long as the US $ continues to weaken against the other world currency you will see two things happen. The first is your question ... yes the value of gold will continue to climb. How high? I am not sure. Some say as high as $2000 oz. I don't believe we will see that level this year. I would not be surprised to see $1300 - $1500 US before all is said and done. I would be a buyer of bullion on the dips if any below $1000. The second issue that really affects all of us is the price of crude and therefore
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