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  1. John B you sure are a crack up! :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:
  2. Thanks Ron. Will do that in the next couple weeks. Mike F
  3. Hi Bill, What is it that you like about the commanders over the nuggetfinder? If you prefer not to start a donnie brook here on the forum you can PM me or use my direct email M.furness@comcast.net. mike F.
  4. Hey Unc, I just tried to contact you on your map site. I have been having a little trouble here in foggy NH ... maybe the fog is all in my head ... so I doubt it is on your end. I think the squirrels are gathering nuts for the winter and screwing with the wires in the power shed! aka outhouse! Seriously I was wondering if you were going to update your 2008 Winter Season Maps to 2009 Winter Season? Do you wait until all the claims have been updated (Deadline for filing is near or maybe been by not sure) later in the season or do you think they will stay pretty much the same for 2009? I won'
  5. Hi Jerry(Jet521) Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make it out this Fall. I will be out this winter however. that one is in the books. Thanks again for the very generous offer for the room and board. Mike F
  6. OUI! OUI! Mesieurs! Tres bien! Tres bien! Bienséant! :grrr01: :grrr01:
  7. Glad to have you back Bill! We missed your regular contributions and your wit ... it's a little dry sometimes ... you would make a Northern New Englander because of that. I know you were in the background but nothing like having you on the front lines with the rest of us. Looking forward to a few nuggets posted by you soon! Yes? Mike
  8. Some folks just have dumb luck :whoopie: ... Me ... I have to work att it! :confused0013: :hmmmmmm: Congrats to the finders! :whoopie: :bowdown: Mike
  9. It probably goes without saying ... but I feel compelled to say it anyway. A detector is only the tool. For the most part the tool will work for the job at hand. It is the operator that is the issue. I find that a lot of operators don't take the time to learn their machines. They expect instant results right out of the box because someone they know or heard from over a forum has had great results. What makes the likes of Montana, JP, Chris Gholson, Rob Allison, Lunk and many others so successful is that they take the time to learn the ins and outs of the equipment. Bottom line ... whatever ma
  10. Ah ... Del ... Ah ... where did you say that "on" button was? All kidding aside, being lost in the desert or top of a mountain in extreme, or even not so extreme, weather will kill you in short order if all you do is go round in circles. Before long panic sets in, clothes come off and you "run" out of life like a crazy man .... because at that point you are! I like being this side of the turf ... green side at my feet blue sky at my head! Safe trails to all, Mike
  11. Hi Sawmill, I certainly second that statement about common sense. The more I teach hunter ed for the NH F&G the more I find that adults(so called only because of chronilogical age) and kids alike have little to no common sense. I know it is a learned trait but no a days it sure seems to be lacking. And some of my frustration is that I grew up in the woods and learned at an early age to be prepared ... I wasn't even a boy scout! Another part may be that I am getting older and opinioned! ... I'll be 60 years young in February. A short story scenario to go along with yours ... The NH F&
  12. Hi Guys, I don't think I have ever been out in the "wilderness" with just my GPS. I always carry a compass and a map of any areas I am not intimately familiar with. Carry extra batteries too but knowing how to run by the compass and the GPS is the only way to travel if you go electronically as the primary aid. A good compass and the knowledge of how to operate it will get you back to the road your truck is on if not right back to the truck. And if you don't want to carry the 'extra wieght' of a compass and you wear a dial faced watch you can find SOUTH very easily. Here's how: Point the HOUR
  13. Hi Jerry, It's looking more and more like I may have to pass once again. Work and personal life always seems to get in the way of the best laid plans. :grrr01: A few more years and the work won't be a problem ... personal either come to think about it. :hmmmmmm: :coffeetime: I am definitely coming the AZ in the winter 2009 for at least 2 weeks. I should know about October by the middle of this month. I thank you again for the offer. It is very generous of you. :whoopie: :whoopie: Mike
  14. Hey Roger ... Don't be giving the farm away so soon! We may just vote you in again! :Huh_anim]: :grrr01: :hmmmmmm: Mike
  15. First off Bruce ... Sorry for your loss. I understand the work load having lost my mom this March and now act as her personal representative to settle the estate. For those who have never settled an estate this is a thankless but very necessary job ... and it takes a ton of time if it is anything other tahn a bank account and a little cash to distribute. As to the subject of this thread I would like to see all types of claims. I am new to gold prospecting ... in the last few years ... but not new to metal detecting on the beach and parks. I have done a small amount of panning back in my days
  16. Hey Bob I think it goes on number of posts or so I have observed. No doubt about your experience there "young gun"!! Mike
  17. Thanks for the offer Jerry. Still trying to make the dates work as most, I guess, are at this time. I'm definitely going to be out that way in late Jan into Feb for at least 2 maybe 3 weeks. Taking this extra time in October might cut into that time if I don't plan it just right. Thanks again for the hospitality. What other hobby can you get an offer like that from a perfect stranger. Nuggetshooting has caused me to meet a lot of great people that I would never have been able to reach out to without my love of the desert and swinging the magic wand. Mike
  18. IS THERE A DIFFERENCE? :confused0013: If so I haven't noticed! :icon_mrgreen: :innocent0009: :woohoo: Mike
  19. Thanks Tom. Haven't decided to fly and rent a vehicle or if I can take two weeks or more off I may drive out so I will have my own truck. Either way it gets more expensive by the day to make it the 2800 +/- miles. Mike
  20. Denny Thank you for stepping up. Bill, whatever clouds sit over your house will eventually get worked out by you and family. My wish and hope for you is that it be sooner than later. May Lady Luck find and smile on your home and your family soon. Mike
  21. Fred, Thanks for the GPS coord. I could read yours with a mag glass. Mike
  22. Ah Billy Bob ... it might be a little like the blind leading the blind. :innocent0009: However give me a gps coordinate and I will go anywhere ... and get there and back again too! Mike
  23. Old Salt I am but a short day or two walk :innocent0009: from Phoenix ... Exeter, NH! Thank you for the inside info on the gray sheet. I do have a coin dealer nearby who has worked with me before on my beach finds. I am a mere 6-7 miles from Hampton Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks, Mike
  24. Hi Bill, I would love to attend if I can. Now just because I am a bit anal ... comes with old age :confused0013: ... bear with me now :innocent0009: ... that comes over the October 17 through October 19 weekend if it were to start Friday and end Sunday. Correct? I would hate to fly out from NH and miss the date by a week before or after. :grrr01: And Gold Basin is located where ... near what town? At this point I am only familiar with Wickenburg, Rich Hill, LSD areas. Thanks, Mike
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