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  1. Yup! Trails End! Interesting place ... I stumbled onto to it once about a year or so ago. I guess I didn't get near enough to the dozer to notice the bees.
  2. not too far from Palace station ... it is a bit remote though. Can't for the life of me remember the name though. Was a hard rock mine ... that shaft is about 240 feet deep and has a couple addits off of it.
  3. Good job Frank ... Even if you were stone deaf I think you could find 'em. I've seen you hunt!
  4. WTG Gary ... Looking to get out more now myself now that I have a couple things under control! Getting older sucks but the alternative ... sorry not interested!
  5. Welcome to the forums Jarl ... I won't repeat Bedrock Bob but will back him up ... to a point! Yes we have a few of us here that deal in a bit of sarcasm but it is all ... well mostly ... in good fun!
  6. Skip ... Just went by the total number the poll posted didn't add to verify ... In any event I stand corrected. I'm really not that bad with numbers ... after all they ran out of math classes for me in high school!
  7. Rick ... azdigger ... I just did mine the other day and had no trouble at all. I did mine with Google Chrome as the browser.
  8. As of this moment it looks to be 31 folks have signed in to the attendance poll for the Saturday night feast! Please if you are going to attend and have not signed into the poll at the beginning of this thread PLEASE VOTE YOUR NUMBER ATTENDING! It will help with how much of the main course ... meat in particular and Chili in my case ... we need to make and bring for everyone to enjoy. Rarely if ever have we run out of food but we have run out of the main course of meat. And you won't want to miss out of the smoked pork loin!
  9. Hey fishing8046 ... I guess I don't understand your post. I didn't post a size but what was posted in the picture of Boulder dash's hand is VERY typical of what the GM1000 will find. If you don't want to believe me that is fine ... I'm just an old prospector who doesn't have a clue of what he is doing! ... however I do know what I have found in the past with the Monster. What I would suggest is a direct question to Bill Southern as to how small he has found with the Monster ... and whether he could find with the Monster what Boulder Dash and his GB2 ...I am assuming ... found. You might even ask him to what depth he has found some of his poke. You might be surprised!
  10. I always have the Monster with me now ... Not every place is right for the 7000 or even the 5000 and both have been taking the back seat lately in favor of the Monster or the SDC2300. Been in some very shallow ground with small nuggets in mostly less than 6" of depth.
  11. Doc ... and she 'allows' you to follow your passion! She is a keeper for sure! But I'm singing to the choir! Stay happy my friend! See you at the outing in November!
  12. Melody ... Welcome to the forum. The first question to answer is to ask if that find is on a claimed piece of ground. If you find the ground has a current mineral claim on it you shouldn't be prospecting there without the claim owner's permission. Many will give you permission if you ask. Some want a small percentage of what you find and many just want to know where you found the gold on their claim. But the first thing to do is find out if it is under a current and valid claim. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to find a prospecting club in your area. Go to a meeting, meet some of the folks and ask a lot of questions. They are a wealth of information and one of the best places a novice can get started on the right foot.
  13. YUP! Slim to none ... but a chance! Just remember Most times slim is out to lunch and you may just be left working with none!
  14. Unfortunately there are a lot of look alike caribiners out there for sale. If you read the fine print stamped into most of them they are not for climbing. The real ones are usually stainless steel and have a twist nut lock on them not just a swinging gate. Pay $15 each or $1.59 each ... pay me now or pay me later! (Remember the old STP advertisement!)
  15. I have found gold in 'snow' fields ... but not every snow field has gold. The only way to find out is boots on the ground and time! Wish I had a better answer for you.
  16. All the best to you Jerry ... Get well soon! Or at least out of the hospital and on with life!
  17. Nice job Andy! now about the gall bladder ... at first how did you know it was a gall bladder ... not kidney or appendicitis as an example? Previous issues? Just curious ... I always try to do field analysis on myself before talking to the doctor! Some times I'm right and sometimes not right!
  18. You''ll just have to take your chances! Most of us older guys don't remember what feathers you ruffled as all our feathers are in disarray anyway!
  19. BuddyK ... First welcome to the forum! Glad you have joined the best forum in gold country! metal detecting is my personal specialty and I have been doing it for some time now ... others way longer than me. It is not easy finding gold even with the newest of the new detectors. Most gold is very small with a rarity of a as you say a "big gold nugget with my name on it" ... I have yet to find big gold but have found many small pieces and they all add up. Come to our outing in November and be sure to talk to Bill Southern or myself about finding gold with a detector.
  20. BuddyK ... Saturday would be the day and stay for the evening meal at least. If memory serves me correctly the potluck meal starts about 4:00 PM ... It's a great time to meet a bunch of great if not slightly weird folks! Seriously though we all have a good time ... young old alike, new miners, old salts and everyone in between.
  21. SOLD Pending payment! Thanks Saul. I replied to your PM.
  22. My trout never stayed around long enough to smoke ... the frying pan, bread crumbs and bacon fat got hold of them and just would not let go!
  23. Forgot to note also that Jim not only signed my copy but he included a 2 page hand written note. I treasure his thoughtfulness!
  24. Me thinks your brain has to be fried ... or perhaps you have some genes from the old Native Americans! Have a great respect for what they were able to endure in all kinds of weather when they freely roamed the Southwest!
  25. Don't have one and wasn't there so I am clueless!
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