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  1. I've had 4 cuts on my head and face. One on the back of my head, two on my forehead and one just below my left ear. All were Squamous Cell. First forehead cut was well over ten years ago ... back of the head was the latest just last year. None of them were the mohs type but fortunately for me the pathology back to me a week later was all clear on all counts. If and when the next one comes I will ask about the Mohs procedure now that I know about it. I worried they didn't get it all each time ... sounds like worries over with the Mohs procedure.
  2. Bribes, tariffs, taxes and customs to name a few ... way to many opportunities for things to go missing! I know I won't ship anything outside the Continental USA aka Lower 48!
  3. I had to steal that one Rick ... It's on my FB page now! Thanks for the evening laugh!
  4. Daniel ... First welcome! ... All you have to remember with miners is that if there is food to be had and they are hungry they will eat! There is always a vast variety of food as everyone has their own specialty! Bring something that you like and the rest of us will judge you based on how good the food is that you bring! Just kidding a bit with you a bit! Seriously contribute what you like to eat ... we probably do too!
  5. Looks like a sleeping bear to me! Nice nugget and congrats to the finder!
  6. Cool ... a fighting man's scar to be had! Great to know you are now cancer free Doc! Scary stuff what ole soleil gives us beside light and warmth!
  7. Nothing better than a father and son hunt and a very successful one at that. Congratulations to the boy and his first bull! And thanks dad for taking the time to pass hunting on to the next generation!!!
  8. Hey Jack ... Glad the seller was the pro UTV mechanic ... I was just hoping he was not a shade tree variety as many times that comes out bad. UTV's aren't difficult to work on but they also are not cars. We rely heavily on good workmanship on our ATV's and UTV's because they tend to take us way off the beaten path ... nice to have them bring us back too rather than a long hot walk!
  9. I was up dang it ... Just hadn't gotten on the forum ... was playing in the stock market trying to keep it from killing me totally! Bad stock market! Bad! Bad!
  10. Hey from my perspective this has turned into a very enlightening thread! So hijacking can sometimes work into a positive as it has for me!
  11. Good choice Rick .. 4x4 shaft driven if I recall ... small enough to get into the back of even the compact trucks like the Tacoma and Ranger.
  12. Jack ... I'm thinking like the others this may be a bit pricey even with a rebuilt motor ... ask to see the mechanics itemized billing to see what was actually done if you do pursue this one. Also take a hard look at the front and rear suspension as well as tire wear. Looks like the fronts might need replacing very soon and with all of these vehicles you should replace all 4 at the same time ... look at the date stamp on the tire ... when it was manufactured ... if older than 5 years you will start to have serious problems with cracking here in the desert hot dry air and intense UV rays from the sun. The 'small' Polaris Ranger is a great vehicle BUT this one seems like it is price to perfection and it ain't perfect by any means.
  13. What are you using for tires and on what vehicle? That sounds excessive to the nth degree!
  14. Good let's fill him up again! Only kidding ... have a sarcastic bone traveling through me right now ... been conversing with BB in a different thread! You all can understand that right!?
  15. You have done it to me ... You have peeked my interest in maybe doing a few more of these. I'm sure walking around the desert with my metal detector I am bound to find likely pieces ... just haven't been paying attention. I enjoyed doing it when I was a few years back .. time to get back to it! Maybe if they are good enough I could even turn a few into cash ... that's always a good thing right!
  16. Well Dave beat me to the punch again! Dang!
  17. BTW ... Just curious but how did we get from Meteorites (as a title of the post not necessarily the content) to walking sticks in the same post?
  18. Happened last year too! But they will actually be camping on AZ AU#2 ... a GPAA claim not far from and just North of Jack Ass Flats.
  19. Hopefully this will post but here is one made from a maple root with a right hand grip! Was made for my father ... we burned his name into the side of the cane.
  20. Bob ... I for one would be interested in seeing some of your walking stick creations and carvings in general. I'm lousy at making both but have tried my hand at making walking sticks out of maple saplings when I see a good one when out in the woods back in New England. And old much older friend and neighbor showed me how he used to do it and I just took it from there. Just no real items I would be proud to show him if indeed he is still alive.
  21. Edge ... Question begs to be asked ... no gold? Why are you there?
  22. Looking at the poll for the outing just moments ago I see we have at least 64 folks coming ... ONLY 36 more needed to get to 100 ... this is going to be a GREAT outing!
  23. Sorry to hear Bill ... and that sorry former forum member ... well guessing she is just not worth much as a person! !
  24. Rob ... You have a commitment on Saturday and must honor it! Be there!
  25. You're an ole workhorse you are Gary! Nice job! And the payoff was well worth the effort!
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