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  1. The beginning of the end will be in November .... I hope! Mike F
  2. Yup ... Playing with the birds and the bees ... ! Mike F
  3. That is a possibility. I'll be back in CO during the 4th and headed back to AZ around the 8-10th ... driving. I may just have to look into a side trip from CO to OKC. It would be a hoot to meet you in person. Let me give that one some thought and a little planning. Mike F
  4. Don ... I knew I could count on a response from you! However I didn't expect it to be almost immediate! When are you heading back to the USA for a visit ... we still haven't had that beer yet ... or do I have to come all the way to Brazil to get it? Mike F
  5. Reg ... Believe it or not that clears up a few questions I have from time to time. Thank you for the non-technical version! Mike F
  6. it's not so bad when the gals wear the pink flip flops but when the guys wear them you kinda question ... Ah Garif you ask me it looks just a little strange .... ! :hahaha: And of course so long as this forum lives it will never be forgotten! Mike F
  7. I don't believe the initial charge is that much ... maybe before they moved from Vegas ... but the Chicago shopseems to be more reasonable and willing to help. When I get back to AZ in July if I remember I will check with Chicago to see what a checkup on an out of date machine like the GpExtreme is. I'm in NH now on a bass and striper mission with my kayak. Remind me about the middle of June and I will check it out. Mike F
  8. Fred ... I would agree with all you said ... the L-ion on the GPX5000 is vertually bulletproof as well and last a long time ... more hours than I can detect in a day anyway! I suspect it would take somewhere between 10-14 hours to discharge the stock L-ion on my GPX4500 or 5000 as I have had the detector on a full 8 hours without a lost of service. When I do a battery check late in the day of a long day in the field I am usually down to 7.7v or 7.6v ... it warns at 7.3v and shuts down at 7.2v I believe. Mike F
  9. homefire ... is that like a quart! Mike F
  10. HJ ... That is an understatement if I ever heard one! Mike F
  11. And to think Chris G wrote that in 2001 when he was a mere 24 or 25 years old ... I think he is 35 now since he is the same age as my older son. Mike F
  12. Fred ... On my GPX5000 ... and previously on my older GPX4500 ... I use a double external speaker that was one of the very first made by Montana for AZO back in my GP3000 days (2003-2005+/-) ... I have never outlasted a battery in my longest of detecting days. I really don't think they draw any more than a high quality set of head phones. And I agree with everyone else a spare battery makes sense even if only to stay charged and ready for duty but never called upon. Made the mistakeof taking only one to Quartzzite last December ... paid the price with a dead and defective battery ... lost a good last day of detecting on that trip. Mike F
  13. Definitely get a mono coil for that Extreme ... I prefer the NF 14 Advantage elyptical mono ... or if it is smaller gold you are trying for the 8" round Commander mono from Minelab is a killer coil for the small stuff. If it doesn't hit on the 8" Commander mono and all your connections are solid send it to Minelab for a checkup. The small expense of doing so will pay dividends for your confidence level when you know all systems are go! Mike F
  14. K9 ... In this age of the internet and online or cloud storage Minelab has put all their manuals on line except for the manual that is shipped with each detector. I would not shy off the best detector in the world because of a few pieces of paper. They are readily available on the minelab website for those who need or want a second book. I printed mine on 8.5 x 11 standard printer paper with two pages of the manual per page approximating what the original book size is. If one doesn't want to keep in a full size 3 ring binder all one has to do is cut the pages in half and get some binder bolts from Staples, Office depot or Office Max to hold all the pages together. As I see it ... Advantage here is size of course ... but ... it also allows for a 'blank" page for every printed page of the manuall for notes regarding issues specific to that manual page facing it to the left. Great way to keep notes on the different "finds" you make experimenting with the detector ... And then keep it away from critters who might want to rip and chew! Mike F
  15. I would take Shep up on his offer to try a few different coils. Mike F
  16. Ron ... I call it Half-hiemzer ... meaning no disrespect to those fighting that terrible disease or the caregivers of those suffering from the disease! Leaving things out in the field seems to be more common for me now than say 10 years ago. The repurchase of lost equipment program I am on though helps the economy to grow. Thanks for your not necessarily willingly or volunteer participation! Mike F
  17. Hey Boo ... Time to get off the practice field ... it's game time ... go find some gold! Mike F
  18. Yup ... one of the better training videos I have seen ... disarm and protect. Any leave no prisons to speak ill of you! Mike F
  19. Allen ... Great story and the video to match ... WTG! Mike F
  20. When I did reload ... plan to start again soon ... I started out with an RCBS Rockchucker ... great single stage starter machine but it was too slow for the number of rounds I wanted to reload at a given sitting. I shoot as many as 500-1000 rounds a week in spurts of 3-4 weeks and then nothing for a few weeks. Anyway the Rockchucker was replaced by the Dillon 550 ... you can't go wrong with it if you are into high production like I was. If you want absolute precision in larger or longer modern cartridges then the single stage Rockchucker Supreme is the way to go ... for example if all you want is 200 rounds of 300Weatherby then the Rockchucker supreme is the press for you. However if you want 5000+ rounds of 9mm and 1000 rds of 30-06 and 20,000 rds of 5.56(.223) all in the same year then the machine for you is the Dillon 550. In short I will be buying a 550 soon ... tired of buying the long price and storing all this brass ... and not being able to take advantage of it. Bang ... Bang ... Bang Mike F
  21. Hey John ... Just a note for clarity on my post regarding the Rhino product. When I said a smooth finish I am not referring to it being like a window glass but rather a texture like say a naughahide leather substitute BUT the surfaces on the texture are very much a smooth almost glossy surface on the Rhino product as opposed to the rough and dull surfaces of the LineX product. Probably as a camper bottom where snow never hits it ... makes no difference I suspect. But when wet by snow or sleet I'll take the LineX over the Rhino every time from past experience. There is a reason why most auto dealers in snow country back east are switching out of the Rhino and into LineX ... both are readily available in competing markets ... LineX is the product of choice for building contractors and snowmobilers who load their machines into the bed of their trucks. Each to their own I guess ... just my experience as an old Yankee Northern New Englander! Mike F
  22. Boo ... I respect the methods of the other guys but I would start out with the 8" mono in the creek bed and bank areas directly above ... it will allow you to "methodically" clean the surface of all trash and gold and will probably get you 6-8 inches into the creekbed. The problem I see with the 11" or larger is that if the surface 6" or so is very trashy the thrash not the mineralization will be the problem for the 2200 as you will be hitting on multiple targets confusing you with the signals the 2200 will send to the head phones ... or external speakers(my preference). You will not miss ANY targets in that first 6" with the 8" mono (assuming it is the 8" Commander mono or 8" Super Gold Search mono that Mineleab supplied) if you go very slowly and listen carefully to the threshhold ... those tiny breaks in a smooth threshhold may be targets and are worth further investigation especially if they are repeatable. DIG ALL REPEATABLE targets! Be sure to Ground Balance frequently in that mineralized soil. Good luck ... Mike F
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