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    Fishing in the Morning

    Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!
  2. Mike Furness

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forums!
  3. Mike Furness

    Feeling Brand New

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Older technology but still finds the gold. Reducing my inventory of detectors. Have way to many! $250 picked up in Prescott Valley AZ or will ship for $300 into lower 48 USA.
  5. Mike Furness

    Sunday morning hunt

    Not wishing Bill get nothing but it bodes well for both the student and the teacher when the student out produces the teacher! WTG Girl!
  6. Mike Furness

    Sunday morning hunt

    Nice job! ... and did you out score Mr. Bill again?
  7. Older Keene 151 Hydrostatic with hot air ... can be converted to the new style 151S with a kit you can buy from Keene. The motor has been replaced with a new Honda GCV 160 overhead cam gas motor with only a few hours on it ... I would guess less than 10 hours so it is virtually new.. The original expanded metal gris has also been replace by a stainless steel square mesh giving it more efficient flow through for your gravel. I can not ship this machine but am willing to deliver within 50 miles of Prescott Valley or you can pick up here in PV.
  8. Great detector and I have found a lot of gold with it. I'm getting older and this machine is just a bit heavy for this almost 70 year old. If you have been wanting one but just didn't want to pay the $8000 price tag for new here is your chance to pick one up for $6000 if you pick it up in Prescott Valley AZ or it can be shipped for $6060 in the lower 48 USA.
  9. Great VLF machine particularly in shallow ground and bedrock and gets that tiny gold you have been missing. This machine includes both the 5" round and the 10" elliptical and both have coil covers! Why sell it? Reducing my inventory ... just too many detectors! $450 for pickup in Prescott Valley AZ or will ship for $500.
  10. Coil for use on Minelab SD, GP, GPX series detectors. Why am I selling ... Don't use it where I hunt 98% of my time. Great coil for open spaces such as Gold Basin, Quartzsite or Rye Patch to name a few. $225 if picked up in Prescott Valley AZ area or $250 shipped in lower 48.
  11. Mike Furness

    New Plans

    Hey Patrick ... Where are you guys going to be camped? The usual GPAA claim ... or ...?
  12. Mike Furness

    New Plans

    Well ... All I can say to that is iffen ya don't have any money ta lend ya don't haf ta worry about gettin it back! That way you can always remain friends!
  13. Mike Furness

    New Plans

    Billy ... Billy ... Billy ... Don't you know by now that you can't say things like that in front of that girl!!! You she is going to want to go there now! You get yourself in such trouble!!!
  14. Mike Furness

    Made it in the magazine!!

    What he said before I forget where I was going with this!
  15. Mike Furness

    The Q

    I may just show up a week or so before the outing and then get to the 'Flat' Wednesday or Thursday before the outing. Going to be at the outing for sure but any excuse is a good one to go to the Q ... NOT you Q Doc ... been once in my life and that's enough! Could be with enough folks we could have two outings in a row back to back! Well I mean I am retired so I should have the time right?
  16. Mike Furness

    The Q

    Hey Doc ... What do you mean "used to be"? The village is a level camping area off of the Tom Wells Exit 5(?) I-10 west of Q. Many of us have camped there.
  17. Mike Furness

    Made it in the magazine!!

    Skip ... Don't feel like the lone stranger ... besides George forgetting something of importance is a learning experience ... and just remember Henry just because you ... now where was I going with this!?
  18. Mike Furness

    Pocket Mining

    Great read Martin ... Another notch in my education! Thank you!
  19. Mike Furness

    Newcomers beware

    Wyoprospector ... You have received volumes of good advice from a number of us either by listening to our own progression or direct hints and helpful tactics! You have rejected them all it seems. You say you have experienced many different locations and that you are retired so you have time to go where ever you want and pretty much when you want. Let me spell it out for you one last time! GO WHERE GOLD NUGGETS HAVE BEEN FOUND IN THE PAST! And once you get there find someone who is willing to teach you ... perhaps even for a small fee ... how to find gold in that area. Club claims are great IF YOU TALK TO PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE AREA! Contact the club and talk to the local club president ... he or she can and will put you in contact with people who work the claims on a regular basis and are willing to teach you how to find gold in the area. That is the beauty of the club claims. Bill talked of the San Domingo area ... GPAA and RRPC(Road Runner Prospectors Club) have the majority of the club claims in that area. Have you ever talked to anyone in either club who is well versed in the area claims? I think not or you would have detected gold in the San Domigo area. I know you are not buying that we are all trying to help you here ... I get it! You're 62, male and stubborn! OK! I'm 69, male and stubborn, born and raised a Yankee from Northern New England now living in AZ. I learned from the best ... Bill is one of them, one of my teachers ... He knows his stuff and is VERY WILLING TO SHARE HOW TO FIND GOLD and show you how to make your detector sing ... BUT and that is a very BIG BUT you must be open to receiving what is being taught. He is not, I am not and any successful prospector/miner is not going to take you, an unknown, to one of our honey holes so you can find your first nugget! Please reread all the positive posts above ... forget the last few bitter posts ... concentrate on the positive ... CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE just for a moment and you may just find inspiration and a new attitude that will help you find what you are looking for. I wish you all the luck in the world ... you can do it ... it is within all of us to do it if we REALLY WANT it bad enough.
  20. Mike Furness

    Newcomers beware

    Wyoprospector ... I started using a detector in 1989 shortly after my divorce and I was detecting parks, beaches and antique home yards back in NH. In 2003 I decided to try gold hunting, talked to a few folks and bought a GP3000 Minelab from an Arizona dealer offering training with the purchase. First day out ... training day ... I found all kinds of tiny junk ... no gold ... and I was at Rich Hill! On the third day out by myself in a new to me but suggested area I found a 3.2 gram nugget. Not bad for a beginner huh? After that I didn't find another for 2 years. However during those two empty years I had some expert unofficial training from folks like Bill Southern and a guy named 'Montana' aka Bob Dansie. Those guys were my mentors. I spent a few all day ventures with Montana learning perhaps the most important lesson of all ... "Low and Slow"! I was swinging my detector like a beach detector ... pretty darn fast! Since then I have found hundreds of nuggets with a variety of detectors. I now teach others to use their detector along with Bill Southern and like all of us in this hobby I am constantly learning. My latest instruction has come from talking to Bill and to Kevin Hoagland ... always open to new ways to be successful ... ALWAYS HAVE AN OPEN AND RECEPTIVE MIND! Hope this little snippet helps you ... best of luck finding that first nugget. It's out there waiting for you!
  21. Mike Furness

    Need help with choosing a detector

    Good Post and thought process Andyy ... I for one knowing what I know now and if starting anew would get the GM1000 Gold Monster first and then a GPX5000 or GPX4500 ... The GPZ7000 is a great machine but so far has been a bit of a let down for me ... probably because of the areas I hunt have mostly 'micro' gold! I got caught up in the hype of the machine and just had to buy it ... and that is when it first came out at $9,999.00. Don't get me wrong ... It has found me some gold but not nearly as much as the Monster has found me.
  22. I knew I would hook someone in on that!
  23. Love the model A Bombers ... Here are my favorite threesome that are in my box at all times.
  24. Mike Furness

    Hunting rifles!

    That's a beauty for sure Luke ... the wood on that gun is beautiful! She's a keeper even if you don't hunt it.
  25. Mike Furness

    TOO HOT....

    Patrick ... I think i am going out tomorrow ... Friday ... locally ... you still in the area?