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  1. Did I miss a week? Not the date on your notice is 10/22/2019!
  2. Going being fluctuating a bit, high and low, between now and November ... November is when I really get going. Just have to pick and choose before the cooler weather stays here for the "season"!
  3. Good luck out there! And be careful!
  4. Happy Birthday Patrick ... Sorry I can't post what would out do what Frank posted ... this is a family forum after all! Make it a great day! And BTW ... where are you these days? PM me if you don't want to be found by the crowd!
  5. Good video ... But at about the 8:50 mark they called the GM1000 the GPZ7000 ... twice!
  6. Must say I had a very good day in one of Bill's favorite places. We got a little gold ... you will have to wait for the video Bill made to see his gold but here are my tiny pieces for your viewing pleasure. The gold season has begun!
  7. Garik ... One of the few RRPC claims(LSD as a whole not necessarily just Sando) I have spent a lot of time in. Were you there today or recently? That whole area should have decent gold. The key will be to look for the areas the old timers(old timer dry wash piles) played in as a starter.
  8. Thank you for jumping in Skip!
  9. Nice nugget Tom! I just tried to edit out your trommel vid on top ... somehow couldn't find the resource to get rid of it for you. Maybe Skip can do it if he sees this if you still want the first video gone.
  10. That second song got me! Thanks for the post Ron and the reminder to live to the e you and 'D' soon.
  11. Good Luck on the new grounds! Ah ... Kinda old to have wisdom teeth removed ... we need all the thought process we can muster at our older age! Losing two storage units is going to cost in memory retention!
  12. Easy Boys ... I know it is all in fun right now .... BUT .... !
  13. Wyoming Digger ... GENERALLY speaking using a larger coil will give more depth but have somewhat less sensitivity to smaller gold at that increased depth and be more prone to false signals from hot rocks. Careful and correct ground balancing technique is key to the Gold Monster. However that being said ... If you suspect larger gold at depth than by all means use the larger coil. Don't be afraid to experiment with the GM1000.
  14. Morlock ... as a kid about 12 I was sleeping in a jungle tent hammock and woke to those little SOB's crawling all over me. Try it you might feel the same way as I do!
  15. Spiders don't bother me, nor do scorpions BUT EARWIGS ... Now those little bastards make my skin crawl!
  16. BD you are one fine gold gettin' machine! Great day's work ... ah ... night's work!
  17. BMc ... I am a believer in equal opportunity for all! However there is a point where it goes down the slide of no return. I haven't been on the forums much this summer but I have noticed a bit of negative behavior that just doesn't taste good! Soooo ... Just trying to prevent that slippery slope from appearing. BTW ... Not aware of me laughing at attacks on you ... if I did I apologize. In any event until Bill or Skip tell me to knock it off I will be making an attempt to prevent personal affronts when I see them. This is a family forum and those of us that have a bit of age and experience should be setting a positive example ... not the opposite! Thanks for understanding my position on this.
  18. BMc ... This is just a mild warning to knock off the personalizations of ... in this case Bedrock Bob. This is how forum wars are started here and it won't be tolerated. Further posts of negativity to any member of this forum will result in a formal warning and removal of offending posts. Enough said. Thank you.
  19. Bedrock Bob ... You crack me up!
  20. I guess I can now close out the two 'reports' I have been monitoring after what Skip said publicly. Keep it clean guys ... this thread is encouraging and enlightening showing that folks who disagree can be civil! We need more of this in this world.
  21. A little off the subject but that first picture looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost smiling and winking at us all while he is thinking "what are these guys going to come up with this time?" LOL!
  22. Day or two late on my part ... BUT ... Hope it was a great birthday!
  23. Don't worry about all that gold ... if it were true gold price would 'soar' to $2.00 a pound! Law of supply and demand folks! But that is obvious to all of us! We are all just dreaming about the quantity at the current price of gold ...not the resulting drop in value!
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