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  1. Hello Mike,

    I was talking to a guy today that I had just met with our conversation centering around fishing.  He had a nice aluminum bass boat in his driveway and a number of rods and reel within his garage.  When I asked him if he followed the bass tournament circuit, he said no, but would like to.  I thought of you and said that I knew of someone(you) who did that.  He gave me his card with his email address on it, and asked if you would email him and give him some ideas as to what he would have to do to join a club ?? or how he would become a part of the bass tournaments.  He is a Vietnam veteran and says that fishing is his way of clearing his head of all the bad memories.  His name is JIM MARTIN, email address is:  martin_jd1946@yahoo.com  His phone # is:  760-889-4521 He lives out in View point out of Prescott Valley.  If you can help him out with this THANKS.  Gary 

    1. Mike Furness

      Mike Furness

      Hi Gary ... I will try to contact him. Always willing to try to help a fellow Vet ... especially those with bad memories ... !

      Just for future information I fish exclusively out of a kayak. Any of the kayak tourneys that I fish are exclusive to kayaks only. However, a guy with an aluminum boat and a bunch of rods is every bit a fisherman and I am more than willing to help if I can. Thanks for the referral.


    2. LowPoint


      Thanks Mike,  I forgot to mention for you to put something like:  FISHING TOURNAMENT as a heading that would catch his eye and (I guess) not be some advertisement attempting to "Lure"-him-into-something.  Gary

    3. Mike Furness

      Mike Furness

      Got you covered Gary.


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