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  1. Bob ... I do normally go and participate with the instruction end of things. The campfire sessions are the best though! Stories and lies, big gold and lies and more stories and lies! LOL!
  2. Well done Mike! The tiny stuff definitely needs the 5 inch hockey puck. But as you found the larger elliptical coil does well and slightly better on the 0.5 gr and larger pieces at depth. Definitely cover more ground with the larger coil and that is the trade-off as I see it. I still believe that to 'catch' it 'all' the 5" is the ticket. Or perhaps better said find the areas with gold with the larger coil and clean-up with the smaller coil. Again great job and information we can all use!
  3. Congratulations Doc! 50 years is a true accomplishment these days. And that pretty wife of yours must be a saint to put up with you! Oh ... and BTW ... Thanks for the clarification! LOL!
  4. Thanks for the warning Bill! It is the right decision under the current conditions!
  5. Hey Gary ... Finally got a chance to view some of the forum. I think I have passed that volcanic feature before. Can't remember the exact location but it sure looked familiar. Good video BTW! keep it up! Just as an aside as we get older we tend to forget things ... at least I do on occasion. Don't be too hard on yourself forgetting the camera. Last time out I forgot the rechargeable battery for the Monster ... good thing I had the backup in the box ... it saved the day! Let's both at least remember to bring plenty of water this summer!
  6. Funny ... I have three or four of my scoops painted orange for when I was doing a lot of lessons. I have a blue one and a green on painted fluorescent orange still missing in LSD! LOL!
  7. The link worked for me. Just took a couple seconds into the video to get the sound.
  8. Mr. Bedrock, sir, you would be correct in your concerns for all three. The bottom one is of particular concern to me. I don't believe that many people understand what is going to happen in the very near future with the value of money and the continuous printing of paper dollars. If the current monetary policy continues or is accelerated we are most likely heading for a depression. We have all been through a couple recessions in the past 20 years or so but not many if any have been through a true depression. That being said there are a few things folks can do right now to help prepare for what may come to pass! I don't want to post doom and gloom here this morning but with everyone out of work and businesses shuddered there is a real possibility of an extended recession if not a depression in the very near future. Here is a list of what has been suggested to do in advance by many to help when the depression hits: Pay down debt. ... Boost emergency savings. ... Identify ways to cut back. ... Live within your means. ... Focus on the long haul. ... Identify your risk tolerance. ... Continue your education and build up skills.
  9. Heat came on quickly here in Prescott Valley Patrick ... Maybe head more up into the mountains. Snow in the Bradshaws should be gone by now I would think.
  10. Just a quick warning that this topic will disappear if the personal bashing continues. Keep it civil and on point if you want it to stay!
  11. I have numerous USB outlets in my truck as original equipment from the manufacturer. Any of them will charge that battery with the supplied(from Minelab) cable.
  12. Shared a camp with Fred from time to time. He was a great guy and a good friend. Max, my Black Lab, will miss his specially prepared hot breakfast of egg and bacon that he prepared every day at camp just for Max! R.I.P. Fred ... until we meet again! Condolences to the family!
  13. OMG ... So sorry to hear that! He was always a great guy to meet out in the field and share a camp with! He will be missed!
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