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  1. Mike Furness

    New to this Forum

    Hey Beatup ... Glad to see you here. When are you and Eric going to be in AZ?
  2. Mike Furness

    My Broken Heart Nugget

    Done that a couple times too Martin ... sometimes I think when I get that close I should use a pinpointer ... just don't have one of the most recent pointers so I will probably break another sometime!
  3. Mike Furness

    Minelab GPZ7000 detector For Sale

    Gary ...What does that have to do with my GPZ7000 for sale?
  4. Mike Furness

    After the outing

    Weekend of March 22-24 2019 ... I think is the date it will be.
  5. Mike Furness

    Minelab GPZ7000 detector For Sale

    Just thought it needs to be bumped. Getting well into the prospecting season now ... I will consider reasonable offers ... and might consider reasonable trades of S&W 357 model 27, 686 or 627 plus cash. If you have a proposal for me please PM. For a full price cash offer without trade I will give a lesson on the machine to help with the learning curve ... ( I teach for Nugget Shooter in case you are unaware).
  6. ICMJ or 'The Prospecting and Mining Journal' is always a great read. I look forward to it every month! Been getting it for about 8 years now and a friend gave me his back issues of about 20 years. I learn at least one new thing every issue so for me it is a great bargain!
  7. Mike Furness

    Saturday nugget shooter hunt

    LowPoint ... Gary ... I think RRPC has something going on next weekend.
  8. I hope you will all post some of your pictures here. I am going to start with one of my favorites taken Sunday morning as everyone is packing up ... even the kids enjoyed the spoils! It was a fitting end to a fabulous outing with the Nugget Shooter Family and our friends from the West Valley chapter!
  9. Mike Furness

    LSD Outing Completed

    It's OK Patrick ... Under the circumstances you had other things on your mind! Hope all is well with you now!
  10. Mike Furness

    Full time prospecting?

    I'm not sure I saw how you intend to be mining. Detector, drywasher etc ... how do you plan to harvest the gold?
  11. Mike Furness

    Good wife

    Leave it to you Bob to put a kink in the works! ... You always seem to have a funny way to look at things!
  12. Mike Furness

    Good wife

    Personally I am looking forward to helping all that may need it! I think Bill has refined it to a science and I have just been there absorbing all of it. I'll be there with him helping you all to understand this great tool! You will have a chance to get one on one I am sure with Bill Southern, Debbie Smikoski from Minelab, Kevin Hoagland from GPAA, Doc of Doc'c Detectors and finally the 'grasshopper' of the group, me, Saturday morning. It will be fun and I am sure you will walk away with a much better understanding of the Monster! And guys with wives ... bring them along ... maybe just maybe between all of us we can create a new prospecting partner for you!
  13. I've had 4 cuts on my head and face. One on the back of my head, two on my forehead and one just below my left ear. All were Squamous Cell. First forehead cut was well over ten years ago ... back of the head was the latest just last year. None of them were the mohs type but fortunately for me the pathology back to me a week later was all clear on all counts. If and when the next one comes I will ask about the Mohs procedure now that I know about it. I worried they didn't get it all each time ... sounds like worries over with the Mohs procedure.
  14. Mike Furness

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    Bribes, tariffs, taxes and customs to name a few ... way to many opportunities for things to go missing! I know I won't ship anything outside the Continental USA aka Lower 48!
  15. Mike Furness

    OLD IS ....

    I had to steal that one Rick ... It's on my FB page now! Thanks for the evening laugh!