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  1. Mike Furness

    Coming to Arizona for winter!

    BuddyK ... First welcome to the forum! Glad you have joined the best forum in gold country! metal detecting is my personal specialty and I have been doing it for some time now ... others way longer than me. It is not easy finding gold even with the newest of the new detectors. Most gold is very small with a rarity of a as you say a "big gold nugget with my name on it" ... I have yet to find big gold but have found many small pieces and they all add up. Come to our outing in November and be sure to talk to Bill Southern or myself about finding gold with a detector.
  2. Mike Furness


    BuddyK ... Saturday would be the day and stay for the evening meal at least. If memory serves me correctly the potluck meal starts about 4:00 PM ... It's a great time to meet a bunch of great if not slightly weird folks! Seriously though we all have a good time ... young old alike, new miners, old salts and everyone in between.
  3. Mike Furness

    Keene 151 Drywasher For Sale $900

    SOLD Pending payment! Thanks Saul. I replied to your PM.
  4. Mike Furness

    First fish of the day

    My trout never stayed around long enough to smoke ... the frying pan, bread crumbs and bacon fat got hold of them and just would not let go!
  5. Mike Furness

    Help on Jim Straight Book

    Forgot to note also that Jim not only signed my copy but he included a 2 page hand written note. I treasure his thoughtfulness!
  6. Me thinks your brain has to be fried ... or perhaps you have some genes from the old Native Americans! Have a great respect for what they were able to endure in all kinds of weather when they freely roamed the Southwest!
  7. Mike Furness

    Who Remembers? Doc does.....

    Don't have one and wasn't there so I am clueless!
  8. Mike Furness

    Help on Jim Straight Book

    I have the 8th but it is just too important to leave town. Sorry man ... great read and reference though!
  9. Can't tell you how many of my friends and I did that when we went to Crane Beach in MA when I was a kid! Instant tan was the idea or so we all thought! Been lucky so far only one Squamous Cell on my back ... and about 5 very small ones on my face that started showing up about 12 years ago. Very proactive now with twice a year visits the the Dermatologist 'Just Because"!
  10. Mike Furness

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    Hey ALL of you who have posted on this thread and said you are planning to come to the outing PLEASE go to the the thread OUTING POLL so we have an accurate head count so those of us that are bringing major dishes will know approximately how much to bring. And speaking of dishes to bring ... the main meat course I think is taken care of. Bill S. can confirm that one. Side dishes, deserts, rolls, corn bread etc are always a good choice. If you have a specialty food and feel like sharing ... bring it along. There is always plenty of food so long as everyone brings something. I would suggest that everyone brings their own plate and eating utensils as well as your beverage of choice. Bill S. anything to add here?
  11. Mike Furness


    Max and I will be there ... Hoping to arrive Wednesday before outing but no later than Thursday morning.
  12. Careful now RD ... lots of us are approaching 70 or already there and doing more in a day than the youngsters. Not taking offense to your comment just saying we know how to work! Just for reference I will be 70 in February ... I'll challenge you to a days hard labor if you like!
  13. Mike Furness

    New Plans

    I have newer plans too. I was going to load up today and head out first in the morning for a few days up there BUT ... a few medical issues have come up that require some close observation for the next 30 days. That being said I will see you guys at the outing. Not making any trips until this is under control ... AND it will get under control! Sucks to be getting older ... notice I didn't say 'OLD' ... but the alternative of the eternal dirt nap is NOT in my plans!
  14. Mike Furness

    Loaded on the Flatty

    ...Or the Billy's ...alright, Alright ... so I'm over tired and need to go to bed! I'm gone until to morrow!
  15. Mike Furness


    Bill does take PayPal if I am not mistaken!