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  1. Was thinking the same Dave ... albeit a bit older than you were at the time!
  2. If I had Fred Mason's recipe I might give it a try!
  3. Bump ... Both still available as of Monday morning!
  4. Looks like we have a lot of bean counters ... ah ... I mean bean cookers here. Maybe I will skip my chili and opt for something else. Any requests???
  5. Selling my last 100 oz bar for $100 under whatever spot is for the day we agree to the exchange. You can see the serial number of the bar in the picture below. That is the actual bar that you would receive. Today the value as I write this it is $17.57/oz on Kitco averaging the bid and the ask. ... or $1757.00. If sold today I would sell it for $1657. If you are interested please PM me. Delivery would be made in person and for CASH ONLY!
  6. I will be bringing my Chili if I can figure a way to keep it cool from Wednesday to Saturday. May have to freeze it and keep on ice and reheat Saturday.
  7. Did I miss a week? Not the date on your notice is 10/22/2019!
  8. Going being fluctuating a bit, high and low, between now and November ... November is when I really get going. Just have to pick and choose before the cooler weather stays here for the "season"!
  9. Good luck out there! And be careful!
  10. Happy Birthday Patrick ... Sorry I can't post what would out do what Frank posted ... this is a family forum after all! Make it a great day! And BTW ... where are you these days? PM me if you don't want to be found by the crowd!
  11. Good video ... But at about the 8:50 mark they called the GM1000 the GPZ7000 ... twice!
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